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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quorn S.A.

After a very noisy but toothless thunderstorm last night the morning heralded beautiful sunshine for our trip out to Quorn at the foot of the Flinders Ranges. It was a lovely drive out and as we approached the ranges the undulating hills were covered with small bluey green bushes which seemed to be uniformly spaced apart. It looked like some giant embroiderer had embroidered French knots all over them. I don't know what they were but I was fascinated. The Flinders Ranges are just beautiful. No photos as a certain some one had a train to catch.
Here it is the Pichi Richi Explorer with the Flinders Ranges in the background. Journeying from Quorn to Woolshed Flats return. In 1879 the Port Augusta to Quorn line opened and was once part of the Great Northern Railway travelling to Alice Springs in 1929. The last train through Pichi Richi pass was in 1956. Quorn was a junction for several rail lines and was a very busy place in it's hey day. The Railway Station building was so lovely and is in wonderful condition. A credit to it's dedicated volunteers.
Gary was very excited as he waited for the steam engine to come from the yards and then took ages deliberating which would be the best carriage and finally a decision was made and as you can see he is one very excited passenger. He loves the smell of a steam train. A bell was rung at the 5mins to departure time a tradtion that began through the war years to alert the soldiers enjoying one last beer in the 4 pubs that they had 5 minutes left to get on the train.
I chose not to accompany Gary today as I wanted to check out the town (believe me I have been on many steam train rides in my married life) and can you tell by the look on my face what I was thinking whilst I waited for the train to pull out. No! Well I was thinking "hurry up so I can find the nearest coffee shop". Naughty I know. I didn't know Gary had zoomed in and captured my rapt expression. Sneaky!!!!
Anyway that is just what I did at a cute little cafe called "Quandong Cafe"
The scones looked so lovely and fresh I decided I would treat myself. So I chose a table next to the warm woodburning stove and enjoyed the best scone I have had in a very long time. Topped with homemade raspberry jam (a favourite of mine) and cream. The coffee was pretty good too.
After this yummy sustenance I set off to explore the town. There were lots of beautiful old buildings including this one which is the S.A Bank Building.
Sadly though a lot of the beautiful old buildings were looking very shabby, neglected, many closed or boarded up. It was such a shame. I asked the lass at the Cafe had it always been a cafe or did it have a previous life she just shrugged and said she didn't know. It must have been really something in bygone days.
I headed back to the car and finished reading "Shifting Fog" which I throughly enjoyed. I then took out my stitching to await the train traveller. I don't know how Gary does it but he always ends up chatting to the engine drivers or guards and they are always really interested to know his Great Grandfather was the conductor on "The Prince of Wales" train when he visited Australia and his Grandfather was a signal man at Park Road for 40 can see it is in his blood.
So who's a VERY HAPPY little train traveller??? One last thing. Can you tell he is a Queenslander? He was the only person in shorts. It is a family joke. He will have coats and jumpers on but will be wearing shorts. Loves his shorts. So all in all an enjoyable day.
Blessings Michelle xxx
PS We are now into our 4th week travelling and have travelled just over 6,000 kms.


  1. Great post Michelle. That scone looks very yummy. It's so sad when old buildings like that sit vacant.

  2. Yep I would have the lovely Devonshire tea/coffee than go on a train ride too...

  3. you can see who is a happy chappy,lovely pics Michelle,take care.xx

  4. Michelle, I think you are posting even more often that normal - glad you are getting some time to stitch too.

  5. I love reading your blog. I am a quilter, stitcher and RVer that loves to travel and sew. I read your blog coming from somewhere so far away with all the foreign sounding places and then I see the pictures and realize that we are all really the same just located in a different place. I enjoy hearing about your travels.

    Great post!

  6. I'm with you for the tea and scones...

  7. The Pichi Richi is a superb little train. Been on it many years ago. Would have enjoyed both the train ride and the scones.

  8. Your hubby & mine are very like minded, always in shorts(we're Qlders as well). We've travelled the world in shorts. Really enjoying reading about your trip.

  9. Lovely post, this is going to be such a wonderful record of your trip. How lovely that you can enjoy it together!

  10. How fantastic that you are getting closer and closer. Fingers crossed you will be in Melbourne on a Wed, Sat or Sun so Sam can take your husband to Diamond Valley Railway while its running. Off to read all your other trip posts. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures.

  11. Glad you both enjoyed your day , the scone and raspberry jam looks yummy.


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