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Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness Give Away Is Now Closed!

I will get my daughter Melissa to draw the winners tomorrow (April 1st) and post the names then. Good Luck everyone and thank you for participating and supporting me.
Blessings Michelle.

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody

My daughter Melissa and I share a collection of Cherised Teddies. Mine are mostly all the Tea Time and Picnic themed ones and hers are the rest. They all still live at my house I might add even though she is married and has her own house(I'd miss looking at them if they left, but don't tell her that).
Yesterday after having such a nice time with the girls, eating pikelets with strawberry jam and cream I thought I would invite the little Cherish Teddies from "Strawberry Lane" to come along on the picnic.Jenna is the stitcher, Thelma is  on the quilt, Diane is in the cart, Tara has the bowl of strawberries,Ella the watering can and Matthew is the cute little chef with the strawberry shortcake who was accidently left out of the group shot (sorry Matthew)
For more picnicers be sure to visit Melody at

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stitching at my Place.

Today the lovely friends in my stitching group came to my place. We had a lovely time as we always do when we are together. Present were Jacky, Kay, Lorel, Sandra, Gaye and Moira (Denise, Ann and Bev were missing in action). Kay was very pleased to see Tea and Cakes in the furry flesh so to speak.
We always get out the nice china when it's your turn and it feels so nice to use it. I always use my "Old Country Roses" and other favourites. It makes me feel nice to know that I've shared it with my special friends. I did get alittle stitching done, but it was mostly talking and lots of laughing.I love the time spent with these wonderful women who are my friends.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All done!

A few of you lovely people out there expressed an interest in seeing "Tea and Cakes" finished so here it is. I couldn't seem to get a real good photo. I think I need to get a new photographer.I will try and take another photo when my quilt holder is available and agreeable to holding it up. Now that I have 2 finished I can start something new, maybe even a few.

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Today I have a little poem in honour of Melodys return and a table cloth that my grandmother embroidered and crocheted the edge on. Her crocheting always amazed me as she couldn't read a pattern and did it by sight or copying. She called them longs and shorts instead of trebles or double crochet. The pink and white cup and saucer was her favourite (it's Colclough) and the fruit set was my grandfathers (Clarice Cliff only recently discovered that). He was a minister as I have shared earlier and they always had people stopping by for tea. I feel really connected to my grandmother when I look at the embroidery and like to think my love of stitching was passed down from her.
The Ditty:
The week has rolled around again to Melody's Tuesday Treasure.
Where we can share the special people, places and things that give us pleasure.
We take guided tours down each others "Memory Lane",
Finding smiles, chuckles and sometimes tears again and again.
We're certainly not part of the "throw away set".
You're more likely to hear us say "there's life in it yet".
Custodians of keepsakes from yesterday,
We ensure their stories don't just fade away.
Some treasure isn't always old.
Stories of beautiful experiences or special people often unfold.
So thank you Melody for the chance to share,
The humorous, the everday, special and rare.
For more lovely treasure visit Melody at

Monday, March 28, 2011

Good morning Monday

Well I am really excited I am sewing the binding on "Tea and Cakes" this morning. I have hand quilted it within an inch of it's life putting the last quilting stitches in at 11pm last night. I'm off to yoga shortly. I hope I don't fall asleep in relaxation. It will be so nice to stretch out after being hunched over the hoop. I'm looking forward to stitching the binding down. I love that bit. My friends think I am crazy but I love sitting quietly and observing the quilting as I stitch. Crazy as it sounds it gives me a great deal of pleasure and ain't that what life's about. Finding your own JOY. Have a great Monday. Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, March 25, 2011

Favourite things Friday.

Oh! Someone help me I think I am addicted to this blogging caper and I just love these occassions to find things that You love, treasure or are thankful for. So much nicer than focusing on the negative.
Anyway here I go again- I have chosen my little chiming clock that my husband gave me as a gift as I always wanted one that chimed like my Nanna's and it does. It makes it seem like home now. Silly I know but it does. Scoot over to Shay's to see my Favourite things

Floral Friday

My Day lilies are in bloom. Does that count???? If you want to read and see something special go to Bronwyn's Floral Friday post at

Colourful Friday

Copper! Wow! What a challenge this was. I only found 3 items and I think I could be cheating with two of them. The first is my coppery looking Buddha, the second items used to be called coppers but I'm not sure if they were actually made of copper and these are Australian pennies and a halfpenny button. The last is my Angel windchime given to me by my lovely God daughter Sheridan when she was a lot younger but I still treasure it. Well at least the challenge woke me up but I do have to go and tidy the mess I made looking for Copper things! pop over to Robyn at Daisy quilts to see what everyone else has found.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody

Today another of my little pandas (also called pandy) is ready to come on the picnic. He is only 6 inches on tippy paws and he loves to sit in "old Grampy's" big tea cup. My husbands Grandad always drank his tea from this cup. It's The Old Mill series from Meakin and is huge so Pandy is very comfortable. Pandy is a Sticky Paws bear and I bought him at a bear show but I can't remember which one. He is filled with glass beads and is quite heavy. He's a sweetie and  he can't wait to play with all the other bears today. I hope it's not to hot though as it's tipped to be 33 degrees here today. He'll need sunscreen and a hat.
If you would like to meet all the other bears going on todays picnic hop over to Melodys Please get well soon Melody.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amidst the wreckage

Just a quick post (got some deadlines) to show you what I found when I was brave enough to survey Dr. Hacken - a -bush's (husband) handiwork from 2 weekends ago. The red caught my eye. They have opened up even more this morning. Beautiful Bromeliads in flower. The Doctor is not entirely forgiven yet but the broms have made me feel a little better about it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Present from the postie!

My pattern from Jody's Crafty Creations (Tiger) which was the giveaway at Cookies and Cream (AND I WON) arrived today with a lovely card from Sandy. So thanks Sandy for the giveaway and thanks Jody for the lovely design.

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

First of all I am so sorry you are unwell Melody and I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you are feeling better soon.
My treasure this week is a tale attached to this quilt. It's a bit long so I hope you will bare with me.
Whilst I was stitching the blocks for this little quilt my best friend Ann and I along with some other friends had been invited to our friend Diana's new abode for a morning of stitching and lunch. As I wasn't sure of the area I rang her and asked directions. She passed on the directions and said she had to pop to the shop as she had forgotten something but should be back by the time we got there. So off we set Ann and I with myself confident I knew where I was going. I should mention here my dear friend Ann has a pet peeve with me and that is that I hate wearing my glasses. So I am very pleased with myself as I have followed my hastily written directions and we arrived at our destination. The house was a little unkempt (not like Di at all) but we put that aside feeling a little judgemental. There was no car in the garage and no answer when we knocked so we took Di at her word that she wouldn't be long and sat down at a patio set to wait in the winter sunshine. I took out my stitching (blocks in quilt pictured) and began to stitch while we waited, Ann got out her treasure from her recent holiday to show me and we waited. And waited. And waited. No Diana! The man over the road came out to look us over and we thought "what's wrong with him" but kept on with our chat and actitvity as we were having a lovely time spread out all over this little patio table. After a really long time we became worried and decided something must have gone wrong. I got out my little phone book to ring Di on her mobile and out fell my directions. Ann picked them up and  then looked down the road to the street sign and back at me with a horrified look on her face. We're only in the wrong street!!!!! (no glasses on my part) So we beat a hasty retreat 2 streets on to the right address  where we  both lost the plot and couldn't stop laughing. We were having such a lovely time on that other persons patio waiting for Di Who was around the road waiting for us.
Everytime I look at that quilt I can't help but smile. I still haven't lived it down!!
Sorry about the photo it's overcast and  I can't seem to get the light right.

Monday, March 21, 2011

10 more days to enter March Madness giveaway!

If you haven't left a comment for my March Madness giveaway there are 10 days left before I draw the 3 winners. The giveaway is for a copy of my pattern "sewing notions bear" tote bag and a little surprise gift. I will have 3 to give away. You just need to leave me a comment expressing your interest to go in the draw.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Have you got a quilt rack - giveaway

I have just seen on Sheila's blog about a giveaway for showcasing your quilt rack at or
My quilt rack was made for me by my friend Bev's husband Michael and she handpainted the ends for me. It is mad out of recycled wood and is very sturdy and I love it. As you can see it is always burdened down with quilts.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Misty mountain

We decided because it was showery in Brisbane today we would go for a drive up to Toowoomba and out to Highfields for lunch. We had a delicous BLT at a cafe called Marzy's coffee shop. My husband and I are passionate BLT munchers so we know a good one when we get one. We then had a piece of homemade coffee and hazelnut cake for dessert. OHH! Devine! After we hauled ourselves out of our chairs I felt an overwhelming desire for new fabric so we headed off futher up the road to the Village Green where the Quilters Angel patchwork shop lives. I sent Husband off to buy the handmade chocolates from the old schoolhouse cafe and I had a wonderful time. I bought some lovely fabric and some beautiful trims. It is a gorgeous shop and I always come away very inspired.
My aim was to also take some lovely photos to show you how pretty it is up there even when it's showery but I didn't count on the misty rain and not being able to see anything as my 1st photo will show. We came home via a little town called Esk and had to detour around a very fast rushing creek photo2. We took a photo of Wivenhoe dam photo3 and can't believe how full it  looked even after recent releases. We also felt a sense of sadness for all those who lost their loved ones and homes in the devastating floods.
It is such a beautiful spot  with lots of lovely arts and crafts and nice coffee places so if you get a chance you should go for a visit. I know visitors enjoying what they have to offer would certainly be appreciated. Photo 4  some of my booty. All in all despite the rain and mist we had a great day and now I'm off to enjoy a cuppa with my handmade choccy. No wonder I am a well built girl.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Floral Friday

My flowers are not real ones but I love these roses. The plates were painted for me by my Mum (very special) and the yummy fabric I bought at Thread and Ginger patchwork shop at Victoria Point.
For real beauty visit Bronwyn at Korumburra quilting

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Simple Joys.

The instructions for "Simple Joys" are all done, printed and in the packet. Yahoo!! I even impressed myself as I had no end of trouble trying to print the photos for the patterns. But it's all done and is  now available for sale for $14.50 p&h included within Australia. If you are interested email me at for payment details.
Have a great day.

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody

'My Old Bears'
My old bears have been safely packed away,
But they whispered "can't we come out to play.?".
"We'd love to go on Melody's picnic today!"
They told me don't worry about falls and worse,
'Cause they'll just bring their very own nurse.
They are all set with treats to share, a rug and their mugs,
And can't wait for all the teddy bear hugs,
To sit under a shady old tree,
Sipping their sweet honey tea.
Sounds like teddy bliss to me!
I received these two bears for my 2nd birthday from two different relatives and I have never been without them. They no longer have their eyes and have had the fur loved right off them but I can't part with my old playmates. They will be 56 years young in July. (now that's telling isn't it)
Their "Nurse" friend has been adopted by me because her mother is retiring to the coast and is downsizing and didn't want her to live with strangers. (I adopted some of her friends as well which I will share another day) She was purchased at the Melbourne teddy bear show a number of years ago. My friend and I travelled down to Melbourne especially for the show. I don't know her maker but I have always adored her so she is a very well loved adoptee and so useful with the senior citizens in the hug.
If you would like to join the picnic hop over to Melodys at

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stitching day by the bay with Gaye

We met at our lovely friend Gaye's home for stitching this time. Gaye lives a hop, skip and a jump from the bay. She collects beautiful old china as well and she kindly gave me permission to share with you all her gorgeous wall of plates (photographer is a bit off). She has a passion for old wares and their stories and this wall is just a small portion of her treasures. We had a great day as we always do when we are together. Rhubarb and apple tart certainly increased our festive mood. YUM! As I had my camera Gaye suggested I go down to the jetty to take a couple of pics. We laughed and discussed the chance of the tide being out. Guess what?? The tide was out!! lol. I did take a photo to share even though it's not looking it's best. It is a really lovley spot. Redland bay also is a koala habitat and I noticed they now have signs telling you if there is koala activity. Sorry it's not a good photo either.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sorry everyone! Computer stopped working before I got the pics uploaded. I took the photo of the poodle sign to show my daughter as it reflects the personality of her Very naughty black poodle Sophie. A disgruntled prom queen she is!!!

Tuesday's Treasure

Last week 3 friends from my quilting group and I went for morning tea at The Enchantery cafe situated inside the Woolloongabba Antique Centre. We had a beautiful morning tea sitting at mismatched chairs at an old restored table and amongst cabinets of the most exquisite old china. We toured the centre first looking at all the old pieces, oohing and ahhing about some things, laughing and remembering others from our childhood or our Nannas houses. I managed to find two little pieces to bring home. A little silver dragonfly brooch with little pieces of black onyx on it's body and a little sweets dish to add to my cranberry and white collection.
We had such a lovely morning which I will treasure always along with these beautiful ladies - Sandra, Ann and Gaye who are the true treasures I am blessed to have as friends. We had such a good time we are going back for a return visit with the rest of the gang.
To see more Treasures visit Melody at

Monday, March 14, 2011

My poor garden!

How do you convince a very nice man that there is a difference between selective trimming and wanton distruction of shrubs. Whilst waiting for the footy to start Hubby decided he would gives things a little "trim". My poor garden looks like a maniac has been let loose through it with a machete. I actually liked the look of my slightly overgrown looking subtropical garden. I worked hard to achieve that effect. What is it about a bored man and a pair of secateurs!!!! ARGHH!!! His only redeeming act for the day was to find one of my little orchids which had been blown out of it's host tree last weekend. It's lucky I still quite like him after all these years.
Back to more quilting after some chores. Have a great Monday everyone!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I finished my new wallhanging

Well Hubby is on call and so we are somewhat tied to the house (I'm not I just feel sorry for him and I did sneak out to buy some spotty fabric) anyway I have finished my new little wall hanging "Simple Joys" which features 3 of my favourite things - A quilt, A bear and a teacup. I feel there is a bit of a theme starting to develop here. I think I am going to paint a little word sign as a quilt hanger. Still deciding. I'm excited it's one more off my TO DO list. Now it's back to quilting "Tea and Cakes".

Friday, March 11, 2011

Floral Friday

Lovely Lavender. This photo was taken on holidays in Tasmania at Bridestowe lavender farm . I thought I had died and gone to heaven it was so beautiful and the smell. Devine!! as I don't have lots of lovely flowers in the tropics I thought I would share this with you. Visit Bronwyns Floral Friday at It will brighten your day.