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Friday, June 23, 2023

Feast or Famine

 Hello friends.  Does it happen to you....there is either nothing on your dance card or it's full!  Not complaining...makes life interesting. Although a wee bit chilly here in my part of the world, the days have been glorious! So very nice to be out in the fresh air and sunshine. I've had a lovely day out with family to the other side of our beautiful Moreton Bay. A foreshore stroll was taken, some retail therapy and a delicious brunch as well.

I took myself off recently to one of my favourite spots for lunch and a bit of navel gazing and had a delightful Kookaburra keep me company.
June's Sunday Stitchers came around on the calendar. I was on morning tea duty with friend Helen. We usually like a theme.....we decided on WINTER. June being the first month of Winter down turned out well and tasted very nice too!
De had this gorgeous quilt for show and tell....oh and she also made her lovely top!
On Wednesday night my Daughter surprised me with concert tickets to see Michael Buble`. And it was fantastic....we had a great time!

The 3 seats in front of us remained empty so we had a fantastic view! And to top the night off Queensland won the State of Origin Series.....yes!!
When not gadding about I have been completing my #roxysjournalofstitchery scroll...Down the Garden Path. 

As you can see I made a little tag to finish it off.
Here's the finished piece unrolled.....

The spool was a gift from my fellow Sunday Stitcher Anita x
I am now able to focus on my BOMs....hopefully! Lol!
Artwise I have been quite busy....with 2 fairly big....for me....pieces thst I am currently working on.....a sneaky of the latest. 
So I will show you more later down the track.
My recent efforts have been directed to a project called #toondahharbourpostcard project. TOONDAH HARBOUR in our beautiful Moreton Bay is currently under threat from a proposed gigantic development....consisting of thousands of units and hundreds of boat moorings which will destroy incredibly vital habitat for critically endangered Eastern Curlew and many other migatory shorebirds species who summer here. Juvenile curlews remain here whilst the adults journey to the Artic circle to breed. The area is part of the RAMSAR CONVENTION TREATY which lists wetlands of international critical importance! But still it seems Gigantic development companies can skirt around this treaty. 
The project I have participated in is creative postcards sent to State and Federal environment ministers to try and halt this criminal destruction! If they get away with this NOTHING is off limits!
My two contributions, featuring the beautiful and amazing Eastern Curlews. 
If you feel like you want to be can draw, sew, paint a postcard. @kategorringe-smith on Instagram has details.
Hopping off my soap box now but making no apologies.
Ok I am now sitting in the dark....this novel took longer than anticipated to write lol!
Wishing you all a lovely weekend. 
Be kind to one another,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

June Is Busting Out All Over

 Well so the song goes anyway. I hope you are all well. I feel as if it's ages since I posted. What have I been doing.....a bit of this and that but it seemed to have kept me busy!

I had lovely visitors who bought me sweet flowers.

I have read a thick book.
Basted a quilt....
Began hand quilting it but that had to cease, due to me hurting my shoulder thinking I was still 27 years old!
I have eaten celebratory cakes as this lass and this lad each had special birthdays!

Very proud of them both.
I had a night on the town with my see Julia Morris.....very naughty but very funny. I have never needed a big laugh more....On the way back to our car we were treated to fantastic fireworks....the reason for them is still a mystery! But a delightful finish to our evening.
Bragging here......but honest truth. My Daughter is a born teacher of little people. She goes above and beyond to make sure her little people have the best experience in her class. I stole these photos of her at Under 8's celebrations recently! She is a much loved teacher despite having children of her own that have difficulties.....I  so admire this woman! The second photo is with Norm the Wonder Dog who you will have read about here before!

As my arm is sore I have spent time working on another snippet scroll. This one was inspired by Roxy Creations and fellow Sunday Stitcher Anita. It's called "Down the Garden Path " My progress so far using the following prompts.
I can't seem to leave it alone. But the next instalment of Homespun BOM has arrived so that has to be prepped for stitching......and the scroll is waiting in the wings for now.
My Hiking Kea has gone to it's forever home and is very happy and loved there.
Whilst having a bit of a scribble....a little party of Superb Fairy Wrens appeared and are now coming to life on my board. I felt the male was too full of himself up on that old fence post so I added an interloper in my final draft.....a young male into the mix to keep old mate on his toes lol! He's the one with the blue tail feathers.

Loving working on these sweet but cheeky birds.
Well June is the month I always buy pink Carnations in memory of my Grandmother's birthday.... she was and remains an inspiration for my life.
A little something for you  to ponder before I go.....
Take care and hug those you love.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx