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Monday, July 16, 2012

G'day Victoria!

The rain Gods smiled on us again while we packed up this morning and then the skies opened up as we made our way towards Victoria. We decided to break our journey at Portland and then took a drive out to Cape Nelson to see the light station we could see in the distance. It was a 13km drive. The reason that this photo is on a lean is that I couldn't keep the camera still because of the strong wind.
Apparently you can stay in the cottages that are here for holidays or weekends. I loved this house.
It was so windy we nearly got blown away when we got out of the car and I then understood why the huge wind turbines were dotted on the surrounding hill tops. If there is something I really love it's a wild and rocky coastline. The sound of the untamed sea lashing the coastline is so exciting to me.
Of course I had to get as close as was safely possible and the colour of the water was gorgeous....a beautiful turquoise green. I could have stood and watched for ever even though it was very windy and cold.
There is a lookout a little further along  the cliff where you can see over into the gorge below and Gary was having a very tentative look.....he is not fond of heights at all.
The light station was built in 1884 after 2 shipwrecks below the light house site, the first in 1837 the 3 masted barque "Isabella" which is the name sake for the lovely little cafe down the path from the lighthouse. By this stage we were almost frozen so took refuge in the cafe and had a lovely lunch washed down with two yummy hot chocolates while looking out over the cliff top vegetation through floor to ceiling windows and being entertained by a sweet little Fairy Wren hopping to and fro who just seemed to be enjoying his audience. A real little show off!

After one last look at this awesome example of nature's incredible power we were back on the road again.
I must live in a hollow log, truly as I never realised just how huge those wind turbines are until I got a close look at several. HUGE!
As we travelled towards Warrnambool we were very pleased that the showers had eased and after we set up we were astonished to see SUNSHINE!!!! So excited were we to see it we even took a walk on the beach front even though it was a wee bit chilly it was still very nice.
I love the rugged nature of this part of the world and I am really looking forward to visiting the Great Ocean Road once again shortly. Until then I was quite happy with the Warrnambool foreshore.
I really love discovering wonderful places when you least expect it and that's just what happened today....Loved Cape Nelson!
Take care,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Welcom and sorry our weather is not so good at the moment. Hugs

  2. Like you Michelle I love the wild windy sea...
    Pleased you had a nice day even though it rained.

  3. Welcome to Victoria! I hope there will be a few nice days for you. Enjoy the Great Ocean Road!

  4. it sure does look Windy Michelle,love the ocean pics and boy i could go a hot chocolate also,lol.xx

  5. I am also with you , love a rocky coastline and we have plenty of those ,stay warm and keep those photos coming;-0 hugs Sheila

  6. Welcome to Victoria Michelle. The weekend's weather forecast is looking good at the moment so hopefully you will get some sunshine!

  7. It's an amazing coast line...

  8. welcome to Victoria!!
    We were down Portland way earlier in the year and went through Warnambool. It is just gorgeous. Lots of antique, bric brac shops too.

  9. That's certainly some rugged coastline but a very beautiful spot.

    Mmmmm hot chocolate...

  10. I have just caught up with your last couple of wonderful posts Michelle,I had to check my photo of the Port Nelson Light House, I think we must have been standing in exactly the same spot, beautiful pics of the fabulous coastline and Rainbows. Cheers Rosalie.

  11. Great photos of the windy sea shore I did enjoy seeing these. I n the last photo behind the ship what was I seeing.

  12. What stunning coastline!!! I'd love to stay in that house, wow. I love that pic of you Michelle, you look SO happy!

  13. Awesome photos Michelle, WOW i am so looking forward to driving the Great Ocean Road one day...... You are sure seeing a LOT of this beautiful country of ours.


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