....ohh and pencils and paper

Friday, June 27, 2014

Frosty Morn!

Oooohhh! A bit chilly here this morning folks! Thankfully the sun is now shining beautifully and it is warming up nicely. But this will definitely be me today.
But first I have to do a bit of tracing....can't show you what because the recipient will be looking.
I am very pleased that my "Tilda" swap pressie is all wrapped up and ready to go...
So that means I want to start thinking about the next one which just happens to be one of my favourite things
ooooooooooo  spots!! Love dotty, spotty things! But oh what fabric to choose?
Big ones, small ones, itty bitty ones??? Decisions! Decisions!
Ok must dash. I have some work to do before I can play with the above.
I shall leave you with these very cute little Bunnies practising my favourite Yoga flow.

I wish you all a fantastic Friday.
Namaste and blessings
Michelle xxx

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Almost a Finish and Blogger...Grrr!

Well folks I have completed all the quilting on my Magazine project.
The binding has been cut...
and stitched on..
Pinned and already for hand stitching down. I love that bit! I am going to save it until I go stitching with the girls tonight ( not much concentration needed, so more talking can take place). Love my stitching Wednesday nights....
Instructions are also written and all in their little envelope.....Happy Bunny Dance HERE!!!!
Back to the other secret project and more hand quilting.
You may (or may not) have noticed that I have added yet another page at the top of my blog. It is a little gallery of photos that you gorgeous stitcher's out there who have stitched my designs have sent me. I cannot take credit for this idea as it came from my lovely friend Shez Thank you!  I unfortunately haven't kept all of them and have been able to retrieve some from old posts, so please if you aren't there I apologise. Also if you are unhappy to have your work featured there just let me know privately and I will remove it. So if you would like to pop in and take a peek. Thank you everyone for constantly showing me that what I do means something to you. I appreciate each and everyone of you xxx
It seems Blogger is having a huge problem with a glitch that prevents you from reading blog posts in your reading list which is how I read all your wonderful posts. Apparently they are working on it but not quick enough for me. So if you haven't received a comment from me for awhile this is why! I am looking at other options but time is not available to fluff around with this at I shall see what you have been up to a little bit down the track.
Namaste and blessings,
Michelle xxx

Monday, June 23, 2014


Monday has arrived with a flourish once again. I am very late with my FNSI efforts and I have to say after my huge cleaning marathon I didn't do a lot but I did make a start on some hand quilting.
I can't show you too much more but I really am liking this project and it is a little stash buster to. All fabric and wadding came out of my stash....patting self on back here!
I allowed myself a little treat of course....
Actually! I think this little Bubba says it best!
I just loved this....but I digress! I am in a lovely swap group and we are presently preparing to send off our parcels in our Tilda swap so I thought I would tease just a little as I am so thrilled I have finished on time!
Hhmmm? Wonder where the postie will drop this off?
"Can You Help" Last post I meant to mention this but.....senior moment! Forgot!
Debbie from Sweet Little Cottage has all the details about how we can help people dealing with the trauma of having a Premie Birth. If you would like to help pop over to Debbies HERE to find out what you can do.
Have a lovely rest of your Monday,
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Nice Day Out and A Big Tidy Up.

Yesterday I took myself out for the day to visit my best friend Ann who now lives 2 hours away. We had such a lovely time and I loved seeing what lovely creations she has been making. Of course I had the camera handy. Look at this gorgeous box...
Inside are these beautiful tags.....ohhh loved it!
Loved this little box and tags too...
Can you see a little theme of interest on my know I love a pretty tag so I adore many!
It is so much fun to play in Ann's craft room....she has such cool things! Ann gave me lots of hints and help on how to embellish my art work and my mind is swimming with all these new ideas!!!
See those great ribbon racks? Ann's clever hubby made them and I got to bring one home..YAY!
I don't have quite as many as that!!
But they look oh so  pretty all together now. I am so grateful for my lovely ribbon rack.
I also got to meet and get up close and personal with Ann's Grand doggy who now lives with her. He is a retired Police Dog and is very fussy who he is happy to be around. We became good friends, Odin and I.
He doesn't look it in the photo but he is a big boy but so gorgeous and handsome.
I had such a lovely time with lots of laughs and talking, not to mention a delicious lunch. I am so blessed to have such a friend. When we are together it is like we saw each other 5 minutes ago.
Ok Today I could not put off facing the ridiculous and disgraceful state of my sewing room so I dived in almost literally. It has taken me the whole day and does look somewhat better with lots of throwing out and sorting for the op-shop.....clean and tidy shelves!!!! Yay!
Very weary here....
Furry Logic always says it so well!
Tonight if I can stay awake I am joining in at Wendy's for
Hopefully a nice shower, warm pj's and a cuppa will revive me and I can settle down with some quilting with all my on-line friends. Are you joining us?
I seem to have subjected you to another long winded post but daily small posts are just not happening around here lately so if you have hung in there until the end I thank you.
That's it from me, have a wonderful weekend all.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Weekend That Was

After feeling somewhat like we had a huge dose of cabin fever yesterday we decided on a spur of the moment drive. You know when Mr R. says a ain't just down the road!!! Warning! Long Post!
We just followed the bonnet of the car and we ended up at Spring Bluff not far from Murphy's Creek. We had visited not long after the 2011 floods and were shocked at how it had been damaged.
Spring Bluff is an old restored railway station. I thought I would show you what happened in the floods first. I am sorry they are a photo of photos...
It looked like this before the floods...
But I have to say it looks pretty amazing again now....
Mr R. relaxing before our afternoon tea up at the Cafe which is an old Queenslander...
Where a very delicious hot chocolate was consumed....
Inside on this branch sculpture a little female Fairy Wren flirted with the silver fake bird and kept us entertained for ages. Just when I got the camera out she decided enough was enough and out the door she missed her...
The grounds are lovely for a picnic or a bite to eat in the Cafe...they have their very own waterfalls....
In Spring the gardens are a picture and we noticed that they are all planted out ready to grow and bloom for the season. I was however smitten with this gorgeous Camelia bush.
Huge flowers!!!
A little Statis (I think that is right) was a picture too.
Roses never  fail to make you smile..
So for an impromtu visit, all in all a glorious afternoon. We were just so happy to see it looking so much better than our last visit. I hope you enjoyed coming with us.
P.S. I did do a little stitching....a spot of applique!
Have a wonderful week.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx
PPS. I have a new heading at the top of my blog called Art Journals where I have shared some of the pages I have been playing with. You are welcome to go for a little visit if you choose xxx

Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's Finally Here!!!!!

Did you happen to hear joyful singing and shouting and whooping about an hour ago??? Well it was yours truly. You see for 2 very long years, in fact the minute I read the last page of this book...
I have been waiting with bated breath for the next installment from my very favourite Author of all time Diana Gabaldon and an hour ago I got it in my hot little hands....
Yay! And triple Yay! I am so excited! Can you tell? I have my Celtic Family bookmark (yes I know it is Irish but there is a large dose of the Scot in there too) already to mind my pages...
I cannot wait to join Jamie and Claire within the pages and if you are a fan you will understand me.
Ok enough excitement for one day, back to quilting!

Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments last post about the new designs and for your support in wanting them for your very own selves.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xx

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Two NEW Patterns

Good morning everyone.  Today I am excited to tell you that I have finally got cracking on some instructions and I have two new patterns ready, My "Country at Heart" Alphabet is all set to go.
If you have a little 'country' in your heart I am sure you will love it.....
The price has remained the same $14.00 Aus. Just email me if you are interested in purchasing it.
The other pattern is called "C" is for Christmas. It is a  framed hexie runner. As I am planning on taking a blogging break next month I thought I would release it a little time for Christmas in July!
A little close up...
This pattern is also $14.00 Aus. I accept payment through Paypal. I hope you like my new offerings and I have to say I have lots more to come in a little while. So stay tuned!
I have loved creating these designs.
Big hugs to Raewyn from Love to Stitch and Kerryn from The Country Yard for their inspiration.
Back to my quilting folks,
Enjoy your day,
Namaste and blessings,
Michelle xxx

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Still Quilting & Show & Tell.

Good morning everyone. It is simply a stunning morning here with beautiful sunshine. The sunshine looked so beautiful on my variegated hibiscus. If you could see the state of this garden (still on the list) but this little beauty just shone this morning.

I trust that if you had a long weekend that you enjoyed it. Mr R. was on call and so we were restricted somewhat to what we could do. It was quiet and relaxing with no calls. By yesterday though we had had enough and cabin fever was setting in so escaped up to the Park for an early morning walk.
It was cool and quiet....just lovely! Until we were besieged by the hoard of "bootcampers" noisily pounding around the tracks and expecting us oldies to get out of their way. It didn't lesson our mood though. We came home feeling much revived.
I am afraid I am becoming a very boring place to visit stitching wise as I am still quilting my little fingers to the bone with not much worth showing......
For some unknown reason this quilt seems to be taking me forever. I do however have some lovely show and tell for you but first I thought I would give you a laugh. I am being very brave and sharing my first ever drawing for a stitchery. I wanted a gift for a friend and decided to draw it myself. I stitched it in redwork first to see what it looked like and then stitched hers in blue....want to see??? Are you sure? well here it is.
It still sits in a chair off my kitchen. In fact I thought I was so darn clever I put it in a redwork quilt I was stitching at the time. LOL!...FYI my friend still has her version too!
I think it is lovely to have early projects which document your progress and as they say "From little things big things grow" Later a much more refined version was featured in Handmade magazine.
Which brings me to the promised Show & Tell and my dear friend Cheryl from Cheryl's Stitchings Cheryl has been working on my pattern "Down Reindeer Lane" in fact I would go so far as to say these little reindeers bought us together as friends. That and our mutual obsession about all things Christmas. This design is like "Christmas Bakeshop" and has a special place in my heart. Well maybe Reindeers, Christmas and Gingies could be why!
Cheryl has stitched DRL so beautifully. I love their family portrait...such cute fabric.
All the other blocks....
Cheryl got the quilt top all together just recently and it looks wonderful!
I love it! It made my heart happy to see it. Thanks Cheryl for giving me permisssion to share your lovely work. Cheryl has a  blog too and if you click on her name above you can visit her.
Well folks! Back to my quilting hoop for me! Have a lovely day.
Blessings Michelle xxx