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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stepping Back in Time.

Gary was very keen to visit Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum and as we tend to support each others sightseeing must do's I agreed we should visit it. Then I discovered that a story that really interested me....the magnificent Minton China life size peacock that washed ashore in the Loch Ard shipwreck of 1878 undamaged was housed at this museum......sooooo guess who suddenly became very enthusiastic. And it did not disappoint. It was truly beautiful.

I think I must have watched it revolve a dozen times and as an old retired potter I studied every inch with awe. It is just a miracle that apart from a little damage to the beak it was in perfect order when unpacked from it's wooden case on the shore. It is now insured for $6 million.
There were only two human survivors from the Loch Ard Shipwreck. A passenger Miss Eva Carmichael and cabin boy Tom Pearce. Tom survived because unlike most sailors of that era he could swim. He made it to shore and then swam back out and rescued Miss Carmichael.....amazing story. We decided to join in with a tour of the complex with one of the volunteers who was dressed in that period.
I took so many photos and I have spent ages trying to decide which ones to share especially in the Lighthouse Keepers cottage but I decided to just show you the only quilt I could discover... a hexie one on the bed.
The tour was really well worth it and then we discovered in the yesteryear village there was a tea room.
We didn't have to convince one another and I was quick to find the warmest spot in the place.
Their speciality is Homemade Vegetable Soup with Damper.....yes 2 please!!! it was so delicious and hit the spot at once.
Gary didn't have to be told twice to tuck in.
After lunch we wandered around the large complex and checked out the 2 lighthouses on site and the restoration work on a Tasmanian ferry "The Rowitta" and visited the resident sheep and some other volunteers who were in costume and spinning the wool from these sheep. Lovely ladies to chat too.
I really enjoyed my visit here and it was great value.....$16.00 per tour with guide and the ticket is a pass for 2 days. It really is a credit to those who created it and run it.
I wanted to see more of this shipwreck coastline so we ventured to the foreshore and went for a walk and we noticed wooden steps on an island very close in shore. We discovered it houses a colony of fairy penguins who several short years ago numbered only 10 due to fox and feral dog attacks and people unknowingly stepping on burrows and crushing baby penguins. It was decided to stop access to the island and to install Maremma guard dogs to look after the penguins. They are an Italian breed and great at looking after animals. Now thanks to their isolation and the work of these lovely dogs eliminating predators the penguin numbers have risen to 140 in a short time. Aren't they gorgeous?
Of course I had to include some more "rock & ocean" shots and I had to get as close as I could to it all much to the disgust and horror of the photographer....Who is that daggy woman down there?????
These photos were taken on our walk along the cliff tops.
and also....
Lastly I would like to dedicate this beautiful bloom to my best friend Ann and her family and send her all my love and sorrow for her loss. I am with you in spirit.

Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Wow Michelle, you & Gary are having such an amazing time. That is truly astonishing about the peacock, and of course a stitcher will always notice a quilt anywhere, especially a hexy flower quilt! Safe Travels♥

  2. Great post Michelle. I love those kind of Museums. Will you be heading to Ballarat? Sovereign Hill is also a museum where you step back into time!

  3. Another fabulous post Michelle. Looking forward to your next post. Hugs,

  4. A six million dollar peacock. I was blown away. It's so pretty.

    I love history and that part of the coast is littered with old stories about ship wrecks and tales of bravery and tragedy.

    That quilt really is lovely.

  5. lovely pics ther Michelle i havent actually been to the museum,my hubby's neice works there.xx

  6. You have travelled quite a way since I last checked in Michelle but I am still enjoying your posts. You make Armchair travel a lot of fun!

  7. Just catching up on your posts. You are seeing and doing such a lot of interesting sight seeing, I am very envious. In this post you are looking quite cold, it has been cooler here of late but I'm sure not as cold as down south. Overcast today, where has our sun gone. Look forward to your next adventure. Hugs....

  8. Poor Gary looks very cold!That peacock is amazing and you are certainly seeing some wonderful things.

  9. Awesome photos and great stories, I am loving reading your adventures.

  10. Dad must be cold to be wearing a scaff, my goodness!!

  11. The peacock is fabulous. I may have to make my way there one day. My maiden name is peacock and I love all things peacock. I has been a joy to follow your travels.



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