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Friday, August 31, 2018

Hello Friday

I felt the need this week for some R&R......Rest and Reading.....and a bit of playing with my can see that HERE  The need to hop off the spinning world and retreat within the pages of a book for a bit was very I did....two in fact!
Not life changing reads but enjoyable just the same....I am blessed or cursed....not sure which, to be a very quick reader and no I don't skip bits lol! The down side is the book goes by way too quickly. Anyway I had a lovely time.....just what I needed to refresh and restore. Do you need that sometimes too?
Two little tags for Ruth's Quilt managed to get done in there somewhere. 3 to go!
And I have prepared my UFO CHALLENGE for this month.
Something that gave me a huge amount of joy this week is my King Orchid flowering. It's known also as Sydney Rock orchid and Sydney King Orchid....I have always known it as King orchid.
I noticed recently 2 flower spikes had appeared which was an increase on last year.
Each day it opened a little more to my delight.

Until most of the tiny little orchids had opened.....

They are so pretty and delicate
I get so excited because I had waited 14 years for it to flower until 3 years ago.
Nature never ceases to enthrall and delight me!
So that's me caught up......enjoy your weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, August 25, 2018

August Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks

August Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks were the colour ORANGE......
I found a couple of suspects in my stash.......a couple of these circles are a wee bit lumpy. No idea why as I use the same templates each month but I can live with it. So I can mark August circles as done!
Progress is happening on my Leanne Beasley Ruth's Quilt tags.....only 5 TO GO!
I don't know what it is about these little tags but I have really enjoyed stitching them....I think the fact that they are so portable helps.
We have had a few showers of very welcome rain here but really hoping our poor farmers get the lions share and my garden enjoys another drink.
My plans are for some art this weekend as hubby is busy working on painting our entryway to make it a lot lighter and brighter....after lots of prep work, undercoating is happening.

I can understand why people change houses every couple of years.....because old houses are forever needing something! Which always means money!
Whilst I have been writing this post I have been enjoying delicious Greek treats....sent home with me by the lovely girl who cuts my hair....such a sweetie.....her Mums baking......Mr R. was sent home his share too. So spoilt!
Her Dad also sent me home with lettuce and Greek cucumber seeds for my garden.
Already planted and fingers crossed. Old fashioned sharing and kindness cannot be beat.....feeling happy and blessed.......and pretty hair into the bargain.
Have a lovely weekend folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, August 20, 2018

Sunday Stitchers

Yesterday was our August meeting for Sunday Stitchers and once again our UFO challenges and Show and Tell was wonderful. Some of our stitchers out did themselves.....this post is very photo heavy!
Allison made 2 of those jelly roll quilts, some lovely placemats and lap quilt.
Cheryl,  beautiful blanket, sweet pincushion and gorgeous quilt!
Inca's delightful mini quilt, beautiful stitched cushion and wonderful Lucy Boston.
Susan's lovely cross stitch, Tatyana's very cute Christmas teddy cross stitch, De's delightful quilt and Marilyn's amazing WIP.
We had three wonderful charity quilts, 2 from Helen and 1 from Inca. Awesome job ladies! Bottom snaps are of Linda's lovely little Christmas stars.....the tin under her arm contains more in various stages of construction.
I wasn't at our last meeting so I was the belated "birthday girl"......thank you girls for all my gorgeous fat delicious!
My show and tell was last month's UFO CHALLENGE.....which was to finish Blessings quilt! Phew...made it!
This month's UFO CHALLENGE was my Yoko Saito block.....

This month is number......
Which just happens to be another Yoko Saito block *sigh* glad I did that prep on Friday no excuses!
Whilst chatting, eating some delicious treats and having a good old giggle I worked on my 4 star blocks for the next border on Brinton Hall.
I only had to applique the red centres on so was quite happy to get them done as I had to leave a little early.
So that was my very enjoyable Sunday....oh apart from also being my Wedding gift to my beloved was waving him off to a day at the Australian Super Bikes in Warwick with No.1 Son and Grandson. So we both had a very nice day finished off with a lovely dinner together......a look back down memory lane.

Before I buzz off I want to show my exciting if somewhat meagre first bounty from my container vege patch.
We have enjoyed more Cos lettuce, Italian parsley and dwarf French Butter beans. I think Mr R. is afraid he is going to find Italian parsley in his morning porridge lol!
Have a delightful week lovely folk.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, August 18, 2018


The months seem to be flying by or is that just me! Last night we bloggers all stitched together for August's
My efforts were a bit erratic as I got seduced by my other pencils which you can read about HERE I seem to lose track  of time lol!
So I was a little late getting myself organised to start. I wanted to keep my momentum going with my Yoko Saito blocks so I prepared  two more blocks.
Templates made....
Some tracing...
And fabric choices for applique made. So already to go again. I didn't feel like starting working on these blocks just
I then finished off the evening basting a couple of clamshells
and joining them into the next row and pinning them in place ready to sew.

Even though I was a bit all over the shop I really enjoyed my day and evening and what I got done.
Big thanks to WENDY at Sugarlane Quilts for hosting us and bringing us all together.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Out and About

Good morning on this glorious Brisbane winter's morning.....beautiful sunshine streaming in through the windows whilst I write this post to you.
I got to share our beautiful weather with my friend Liz from our southern states, here to visit family this week.
We set off and stroked a bit of pretty fabric. Some came home with me.....
After that time for a coffee and chat. I took Liz to a very nice cafe with an amazing view of our city...bit hazy but still lovely.

The cafe is at the Mt Gravatt lookout and the cafe is called the Love Well Project.

We had a delicious Devonshire Tea.....
Which we throughly enjoyed along with a catchup about life and stitching.  A lovely morning with lovely company.
I will definitely be coming here again.....with Mr R. You see along with many other young Brisbane courting couples, we used to come up here for a kiss and a cuddle when we were dating lol! It used to be very busy.....premium lovers lookout!
I have to more little tags to add to my growing pile of tags for Ruth's Quilt by Leanne Beasley.....
Most of my stitching has been on my UFO CHALLENGE list project.
Slow going but progress is being made.
Apart from stitchery the right hand side is sewn.....
I love needleturn but these tiny bits are teaching me patience or pointing out that I am lacking in that department......also the old adage....finished is better than perfectly unfinished! I placed a 5c piece next to the leaves to show you their size.

I am having a quiet weekend. Keeping the Mister company as he nurses his very sore mouth and more stitching on my Yoko Saito block and a play with my pencils. I often relish being quiet. How about you?
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx