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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Still Breathing!

Yes I am still breathing....just! Or so it has felt like the last week or so. This flu is taking some getting over. Consequently not a lot of anything has been happening here. I have become a  bit of a "lurker" in blogland keeping up with all your doings. My poor Lucy Boston blocks got abandoned halfway through joining a block of 4....
Just when it was getting interesting! I am so pleased to discover that you do get into a bit of a rhythm with them so I have hopes that I will at least have a nice wall hanging if not a full quilt.
With Lucy tossed aside I decided I fancied a bit of embroidery which always cheers me up. Add a pretty heart and viola!

I love embroidery on pretty felt. I also love the sweet cotton lace that I buy from our Fee's.
My lovely friend Lorel gifted me some gorgeous French General fabric for my Birthday this week.
Soooo pretty! There was also some lovely Tim Tam chokkie bites but they are no more....I needed them to help me recover! That's my story anyway!
Lastly I wanted to show you the sweet little Willowtree girl I bought in my birthplace. Each time I look for a little memento when we visit but nothing ever seemed just right....until "Forget-me-not". She seemed just perfect and is good company for my "Angel of the Spirit"
I hope you are having a very nice Sunday doing something you love.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Under The Weather

Good morning everyone. We are lucky enough to be still enjoying lovely rain on our gardens here.
The bird bath is full and overflowing, which the resident magpies just love.
I on the other hand have managed to come down with a nasty virus and have spent a lot of time like this little bloke.
I haven't done much stitching because the steriods I am on make me really shaky and trying to concentrate on stitchery or quilting is erk but I did make another attempt at the 'ye olde granny squares' and I have to say I am happier this time around. I was using the wrong size hook and changing that has helped a lot...
I think it is going to take me a very long time however to have a rug as I am very slow. But is was nice to have a change and do something different. I crocheted a lot when I was a young woman but seemed to have forgotten where I put the "how to" in my brain!
Last week before the bug crossed over to my side I finished quilting another little bear. This little lady is dedicated to a lovely lady called June who gave me my best friend and was always so lovely to me. She was a beautiful needlewoman and quilter, always looked emmaculate and stylish and loved the colour lavender (hence the lavender cardy) and when I came to draw this block she came immediately to mind and nothing else would do!
Hopefully I can get back to the quilting soon....wavy lines are not attractive when they should be straight.
I have had a go at joining my first Lucy Boston blocks and I think I may do a little more on that today.
I was impatient to see what they would look like. I am loving the vintagey look of the blocks....they look a little dull but are richer in person.
Thats it from me. I wish you all a lovely weekend.
Be kind to YOU and others.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Tilda Swap Arrived!

I belong to a lovely group of ladies in an online friends group. Our latest swap was Tilda themed and as I had been away my partner.....gorgeous Barb held on to mine until I returned.
The postie bought it today!!!
A beautiful doll dressed in pretty Tilda fabric with her very own piece of barb's lovely crochet work.
Isn't she lovely! She told me she wanted to sit on my rocking chair. I also received other lovely goodies too.
A very pretty journal ( you know how I love a new journal) cute Tilda buttons and lovely soap.
My sweet tooth is also very happy.....
Could I perhaps persuade you that they are still in pristine condition? No? I didn't think so! Of course not I have had a bit of a sample already.
Thank you dear Barb for spoiling me so and being patient and holding on until I returned home xxx
Today is a special day for Mr R. and myself as today is our Wedding Anniversary.
Unfortunately my Mister has a severe case of flu so not much of a celebration happening. But at least we got to spend the day together.... We are extremely grateful to have found each other so early and still have each other. Do you know why I love these?
Because I carried them in my Wedding bouquet and they graced the top of our cake.
On the stitching front I am afraid it is more hand quilting.....
I love this little cutie too!
Enjoy your evening,
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Saturday, August 16, 2014

FNSI and Extras

I wanted to have a bit of break from hand quilting so I pulled out my Lucy Boston blocks which have been very neglected. I had several pieces already basted for a new block so I stitched them together.
I also started adding the background lozenges to one of the blocks I had already started that on. Oh boy is this going to be a loooooong term project. I am beginning to worry that I'll be taking this one to the retirement home with me.
I wonder if I would be satisfied with a Patchwork of the Crosses table centre. I think that I am going to have to make sure I keep chipping away at this one. I do know it will not be a bed sized quilt of any size.
I do find EPP very relaxing however. Mr R. and I watched the movie Amazing Grace while I stitched which was a truly beautiful film.What a very wonderful man he was.... and I managed a Tim Tam to keep up the strength. Did you join us over at Wendy's? I will be going visiting to see what all the other girls got up to.
Now I know I did promise that holiday snaps were over but I forgot to show you the Yarn Bombing on the tree outside reception at Takaraka bush resort where we camped.
There was a basket of wool and knitting and crocheting needles on a table on the deck and if you felt you wanted to contribute you could.
Campers could often be seen sitting at the table chatting and knitting away. I was really sorry I am not a knitter.
I did have trouble explaining to Mr R. "what it was for????" and "why would you stick that on a tree??"
Do you remember this bag that I made for lovely Peg in our Tilda swap?
Well I really enjoyed creating it and thankfully Peg loved it too, so I thought maybe other stitcher's might like to make it for one of their lovely friends or themselves so I made another one in another colour way and asked Country Threads Magazine if they would like it and they said yes......looky here!
I do love that fabric...
Now you can stitch too. It is in the latest issue of Country Threads.
This morning I was up early as I heard little sprinklings on the roof and I had wanted to replace some Azalea bushes in my new garden that I lost whilst away. I had already purchased them and was planning on putting them in over the weekend. So I sprang out of bed (well groaned and creaked actually) and got them planted....didn't even bother to get out of the PJs... the neighbours have their doubts about me anyway so what the hooo! Three new bushes and a sweet little native grevillea are now enjoying the soft rainfall we are having.
Just need another layer of some mulch and hopefully they will start to thrive.
A quiet day here for me which I will enjoy. I hope you are doing something that you enjoy as well.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Friday, August 15, 2014

Show & Tell and Other Bits.

Happy Friday all. I have some lovely show and tell for you today. Friends Shez and Jeanette have been busy.
Jeanette has stitched "C" is for Christmas framed hexies table centre.
Jeanette also mad a little ornie too! Love it Jeanette and thanks for sharing your lovely work.
Shez  has been stitching her fingers to the bone making a Gentleman who is a favourite of mine "Walter" I named him after my father who has passed because I wanted him to be a part of what I do.
Shez has made several and it made my heart glad to see them.
I have with permission borrowed these piccies from Shez. Here they are in various stages of construction.
Shez is so clever with her photography. Thank you so much lovely ladies for sharing.'
The postie visited me AGAIN today and left me gorgeous parcel from Illene who is one of my lovely Birthday club friends. I received a beautiful piece of French General fabric and a very pretty Pink ribbon pencil ( which is very poignant to me)with a lovely card all wrapped up in gorgeous fabric...ohhh! How spoilt am I. I shall enjoy creating with my gorgeous new pencil.Thank you so much Illene...big hugs xx

I have been doing a little embroidery and it is a secret something for a secret someone. So ssshh!
And also another little bear block is quilted. I really like this little girl.
Tonight I will be joining all the other blogging ladies over at Wendy's for.
I have absolutely no idea what I shall be working on. I will decide when I get home. You see I have a date with the "Marvellous Katie" and her mission if she should choose to accept it is to turn yours truly aka as 'bush ratty' into 'city chic'. She does love a challenge. Thankfully for me. So if you have linked up too I look forward to stitching with you.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone. We will be close to home as Mr. R. has a big dose of the lurghy!!
Blessings and Namaste,
Michelle xxx

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Oh My Goodness....

My lovely friends and the postie have made me smile over the last couple of days. My birthday has been a long celebration due to yours truly deciding to go bush. Want to see what was in my mailbox?
Anthea sent me a gorgeous piece of fabric and absolutely indulged my love of all things red and dotty with my beautiful card and tea towel. Love it! Such a yummy parcel. Thank you Anthea and feel better soon xxx
My dear friend Melody knows me very well and knows how I just love a gift that gives twice. Beautiful handmade pouch and crocheted tape measure cover made by crafts women in Vietnam were in Mel's lovely package. Their work is beautiful. The pouch did contain chokkies but grandson Cooper helped me polish them off in quick time. There was also a very cute owl pen and notepaper with the most gorgeous card. Thank you so much Mel you are a sweetheart xx
My lovely friend from up on the mountain Fiona left me speechless ( I know hard to do) when I saw that she had made for me Marilyn's beautiful satchel. I loved it as soon as I saw it.
I have borrowed this photo from Fiona. Inside were lovely threads and very pretty hanging heart...ooh and a little purse to stash my fabric dollars and cents in. There are lots of pocket to pop all my supplies in and I can assure you it will have all my necessaries in there quite soon.
Thank you Fiona. I feel totally ruined by everyone. That's not all yesterday's post bought me a beautiful birthday card from the very thoughtful Sue in the UK....Sue knows I adore all things Beatrix Potter and I was thrilled to receive another special card featuring her exquisite artwork.
Thank you so much Sue for your thoughtfulness.
A big thank you to all my lovely friends for making me feel very special and well loved. I treasure each and every one of you ((((0))))
Before I go I just want to say a big thank you to a lovely lady know as Aunt Bea who leaves me beautiful comments and as she is a nonreply blogger I cannot respond to say thank you. So....thank you Aunt Bea. Your comments make my day xx
Ok that's me done. I have a couple of Show & Tell items for you next post.
Take care of you.

Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Monday, August 11, 2014

Finally Sewing!

As promised finally some sewing. I took my bears away to quilt and enjoyed quilting in the outdoors.
I have managed to quilt 5 blocks. I decided to just quilt in vertical lines and a little ditch quilting.
I am quite happy with how it looks and doesn't take away from the stitchery too much. Don't you just love scrappies!
The Bears were very patient while I finished off the quilting on my last Secret Sewing project....just the binding to go. Woo hoo!
Short and sweet today folks. I hope you are enjoying your day.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Part 2 and Some Friendly Natives

Here I come with Part 2 ready or not. As I said we did lots of smaller walks one was out to Baloon Cave which features a smaller section of Indigenious art.
The walk along Mickey Creek was a favourite of mine too.
There were lots of lush ferns, rock pools and crevices to explore.
I was very taken by the beauty of the Rock Pool walk that we did from the Ranger headquarters at the park.
The reflections in the water were so gorgeous mid afternoon.
When we did the 14 km walk our last off shoot was to what they call the Moss Gardens and Violet Falls.
Water seeps from the rocks constantly and creates these hanging gardens of moss.
These are Violet Falls which is but a trickle because of the drought.
I felt really proud of myself after the effort of that long walk and thought myself done with the strenuous stuff but Mr R. then informed me that he really fancied having a go at the 960 odd steps (yep you read it right) that take you up to Boolimba Bluff to over look the Gorge. 300 metres of which is very steep and some ladders involved.Which also meant it was the same to come back down again. I hoped against hope that my silence would indicate my lack of enthusiasm for the idea....ah NO! So with heart in mouth off we set to walk the 3.2 kms out to the bluff and up these steps of which these are but a tiny few...
The view was certainly worth it after I recovered my breath.

I was cheering "Yay" we did it but I didn't count on the journey back down which was so much more dicey.
I had my cranky face on and was not favourably inclined to photos at this point and didn't know what he had to smile about when we could plummet to our death at any minute.
As you have gathered we made it down in one piece and appreciated the 6.4 km around trip a few hours later when everything stopped hurting.
I promised you some of the furry and feathered friends we got up close and personal with. This kookaburra really wanted to join us for lunch...
He watched us every day from his nearby perch behind our van and allowed us to get quite close.
Currawongs serenaded us night and day and were very cheeky around mealtimes too.
These funny little Apostle birds kept us amused too.
We did see the elusive platypus many times but they are so quick and shy. We feel grateful we got some photos at all.
We had resident "pretty face" or whiptail wallabies very near our camp. Can you see the little Joey peeking out from her pouch?
We also saw lots of laid back Grey kangaroos just hanging out and relaxing.
they also did not seem at all nervous about our presence.
Every now and then a white cockatoo would make it's presence known with a loud screech.
Not long after we spotted a lone pelican just cruising along down the creek.
Everywhere we went butterflies danced along in front of us, landing and fluttering and taking off again...just beautiful.
As wildlife lovers we were just blown away by all we saw and encountered. Even as we drove along the road out to come home these crazy feathered folk ran across our path.
Phew! I think that is it folks and I promise next time some stitching. Thanks for hanging in there.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx