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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Stroll in the Park

We deliberated for quite a while and then came to the decision that we really did want to go for a walk in these amazing ranges around where we are staying so we would stay one more day and sooooo.....
on went the trusty walking shoes (they were so pretty when I left home)  and off we went.

After arriving in the car park at Badger Weir our attention was drawn to all these beautiful birds. I tried to take the above photo and they landed on me (that is a tail feather over the camera)and they seemed to be sitting all over this little girl nearby. We walked over for a closer look and the little girl sweetly offered us some wild bird feed and this is what happened. Why do husbands always take these photos??
They came from everywhere. Once I realised what they were going to do it was just so lovely and they are so beautiful. And oh the colours of them. There seemed to be several different kinds of birds.
They were very well mannered and took their turns or just came in to check me out and say G'day!
The little girl insisted Gary take some too and he got to enjoy the same experience.
There were several birds that had green backs and wings but brilliant bright orange heads and they were wearing "high vis" gorgeous! As Gary and I are both animal lovers we were both enthralled and enchanted by these feathered friends. We know they only wanted the seed but that's ok. Now I ask you WHY??? would you want to see these beauties in cages.
It was hard to walk away but finally we did and set out on the 1.4km Lyrebird track around to Badger Weir. The track meandered along side the overflow creek which tumbled over rocks and around  huge Tree ferns on the edges of the stream. There was moss and lichen on fallen trees and rocks and I am sure a haven for bush faeries.....
We wandered amongst huge majestic Mountain Ash and Stringy bark trees and as my family regard me as a tree hugging hippie type I just couldn't resist giving this beauty a special hug. It went back in depth twice as far as what you can see in this photo.
Some of them were monsters (in a good way) I took so many photos of these gorgeous trees and I am sure they will appear in other posts many moons from now.
We finally arrived at the "weir" which was interesting but I would have to say we were more enamoured with the natural wonders around us.
We made our way back to the picnic area (which is so lovely and pretty) via "Stringy Bark" track and could here Whipbirds calling along the way. Tiny wee fairy wrens were popping on and off the track in front of us as we walked along. It was quite magical apart from the comedian with me who kept uttering
"Feel the Serenity" (aussie movie joke) and received a punch on the arm for his trouble. The track was barely visible in some parts.

 Soon we were back in the car park area near the little bridge where we began our walk over this gorgeous scene.
As we were leaving the car park another "treasure" was spotted by Gary and had to be included in this post.
Well what else would you expect from a dyed in the wool "Holden" enthusiast.
A lovely way to finish our time in the Yarra Valley and as the song says tomorrow we are "On the Road Again, Can't Wait to Get Back on The Road Again". Not sure where we will be, just heading North towards Albury and then on to Wagga Wagga.
So take care all,
Blessings Michelle xxx


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  3. So glad you had this delightful day before the long drive home. Enjoy a safe and happy trip home. Big hugs to you both.

  4. Gorgeous birds, such beautiful colours.

  5. Loving the serenity!
    Only punch him if he says 'you should have a shop darl, you could sell that!'
    Not sure if you want to know this but there is a Holden museum at Echuca (a few hours I think from Albury) if you are going that way...
    We stopped there when we went on our road trip. I am not a car fanatic but enjoyed seeing the cars and the guy was very friendly.
    Love the photo of the bird on your head. Beats the beanies..

  6. Lovely photos ,those large trees are amazing and the birds wow what a neat experience that must have been , their colors are incredible.Looked like a lovely adventure:-)hugs Sheila

  7. Lovely walk in the forest.... and great set of pictures

  8. what a magical post Michelle,such awesome pics,what a lovely day you both had.xx

  9. How lovely having the birds coming to visit you. We must take the boys up there. They would love it. It is such a pretty area. Have a very safe trip home and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  10. Another Lovely post Michelle, so glad you were able to stay the extra day. Wishing you both safe travelling and a happy home coming. Hugs Rosalie.

  11. Sounds and looks like you both had fun... safe travelling

  12. Sounds and looks like you both had fun... safe travelling

  13. More great photos. Love the birds, and I just love "that" photo of you he he... People pay a lot of money to have that "Currumbin" Bird experience. What beautiful settings for you to be in too. Looks like Rock and Roll Georges car (only in better nick!).. Safe travels Michelle xx


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