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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Spring Days at Last

 Good morning friends. Well it appears that I have missed August altogether. I don't know exactly what I have been doing, only that I have been busy doing it. There have been a lot of ups and downs.....more of those firsts without my husband....which folks don't seem to get easier. I am very happy to have warmer days and throw open my windows for the soft favourite time of year.

This happened!  I still cannot believe that number on the cake......I certainly don't feel older!  I was very spoilt by my wonderful family and friends.

I've had Grandies singing and dancing and was so lovely to have the opportunity to go and watch them xx

Every year my Art teachers students are able to join her and another teacher and students for an exhibition. I received a lovely surprise when one of my pieces was awarded a Highly Commended. I loved drawing this piece and it was extra special as friend Michael gifted me his fabulous photograph for reference....thanks Michael x

A celebration was in order by way of a delicious pancakes brunch with youngest GD and DD.
Stitching wise, I have been all over the shop. Doing a bit of this and then jumping to something else.....currently working away on Owl and Hare.
I have once again opted out of the pieced blocks...whimpy I know but the truth is that I cannot be bothered forcing myself to do things that I don't want to do at present. I will show you my options in another post.
I am however very pleased with my slow stitching project. I have a little collection of BEATRIX POTTER cards and postcards and a from UK friend Sue and my dear friend Bev from her trip to the Lake District. If you read my blog regularly you will know that I am a huge fan of Beatrix Potters art....her Botanical art was so underated. I do wonder if it had been recognised would we have had Peter Rabbit ?? So I decided to make a designated folder to hold my treasures.....I  drew and stitched a little Peter Rabbit for the front and back.

The inside.....
Everything fits in beautifully and I am so happy to have them out of a box. It was so satisfying to use lots of treasured bits to make the folder....I enjoyed it a great deal.
In the garden I have orchids blooming......the most amount of spikes I have had from this one so far....I also have a cream one but sadly no flowers yet.

And my pink bottlebrush is covered in gorgeous gold tipped brushes!

First time flowering for this dusty pink Crucifix orchid. 

My King Orchid this year only threw 2 spikes of flowers but I am always thrilled to see it. Their teeny tiny delicate little orchid flowers are amazing!
And my lovely Honey Gem Grevillea that was struck by lightning a couple of years back has finally sprouted (doesn't look that aesthetically pleasing...but I don't care) and has several blooms on it.....yay Honey Gem comeback. The resident hooligan Rainbow Lorikeets are loving it once again.
I find Grevillea flowers so intriguing!
Oh almost forgot. I shouted myself a lovely, totally frivolous and outrageously expensive gift for my in exchange rate and postage. A little box of vintage snippets from UK business The Dollshouse Vintage.....I had salivated for a very long time over Debs gorgeous vintage finds. I thought if not now? When? came beautifully packaged and even smelt beautiful. 

I can see a whole snippet roll dedicated to these treasures. 
Well folks I think thats about it. I hope wherever you are you're well. Also a big thank you to those who leave me comments that I am unable to reply to.....I appreciate you all taking the time to read and comment.....and to my blogging friends who tolerate my infrequent posts.....thank you xxx
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx