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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Easter Decorating

 I thought I would share with you my Easter decorations on this damp old day. My little white twig tree has some sweet hanging ornaments...

Oldies but this pair!

New Bunny on the block....couldn't resist last year....50% off.
Little groupings of bunnies. I love bunnies....sadly they are not native here and cause huge destruction to native habitats. So having a little collection of pretend ones makes me happy.

This girl is very old and a precious gift from a friend. LOVE her!
My Mum bought me these sweeties many years ago on a trip to the UK.
My little collection of bunny tins.
So there you are. Do you decorate a little spot for Easter? 
I hear the sports haters growling lol! BUT! My Grandson won his basketball Grand Final and Most Valued Player.....was a great game, great group of young blokes and I was nearly hoarse from cheering! 
We can all calm down now until the Winter comp starts lol!
Sewing has been a bit of needleturn. I find it so relaxing and even better there is no deadline....just as the mood takes me.
Another Sashiko block is done. Starting to find some rhythm stitching these finally.
I have started a new tale...I love this author. 
Kept up in my sketch book....feathers suffered in my time limit but I did enjoy this Pacific Black Duck and it is supposed to be a sketch.
Well it's coffee time for me. I would like to wish you all a safe and blessed Easter. Mine will be very quiet but that's just fine by me.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Friday, March 22, 2024

Owl and Hare

 Good morning friends on this cloudy old breezy day in my little corner of the world.

Yesterday I got the borders on Owl and Hare.

 The first border was a scrappy one and I chose a grey/white spot for the final one. I have used the grey spot throughout the quilt. So felt it might tie it all together. 

It's not a great photo because it's so overcast but.....the finished top. Happy dance here to have a flimsy top.

This week I hosted my friends for our regular stitching day. I figured it was close enough to Easter for a few little chocolate eggs. I love getting out the pretty cups. I don't save them for special because how much more special does it get than tea with friends!
We had a lovely day and some show and tell.
My friend Lorel, my partner in Owl and Hare had two lovely quilt tops to show us....first a Basket quilt with pretty Tilda fabrics and her almost completed Owl and Hare. Lorel is on the right. Her version is just gorgeous!

Sorry blogger has swapped the photos around.
I took part in a little Easter postcard swap at Sunday Stitchers which we exchanged last weekend at our meeting. There was only four of us that participated. Our completed postcard was then wrapped in some Easter fabric. I received mine from Cheryl....
Cheryl received mine. 

I really enjoyed making another postcard.
Still on Sunday Stitchers I completed my Seasons project for Autumn. I am slow stitching mine and making 3 mini quilts to utilise a triple mini quilt stand I have. The doiley on the 1st and 3rd minis I bought in a recent trip to an op shop with friends Fiona and had damage to I could cut it up guilt free.
Another Sashiko block is done. So I am ahead in my WIP project lol! At least for now.
My latest read is....
I quite enjoy this author, I've read several of her other titles. I am very spoilt by my dear friend Bev who knowing my difficulties with sleep these days keeps me supplied in lovely books.....if you have a few good friends you are truly blessed. Quality trumps quantity every time and mine are 100% quality. 
Enjoy your weekend folks. 
Something to ponder. Love this.....
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 

Saturday, March 16, 2024

March Progress

 Hello there. Here we are in the middle of March already.....I don't know about you, maybe you are organised and lead an ordered life but I always seem to have a myriad of things happening at once. Lately I have tried to make progress on WIPs.

All my Owl and Hare blocks are now together and I have begun the little scrappy border.

So good to be nearly there! Sunday Stitchers have a WIP challenge to help us get those projects closer to their finish. I chose to work on a Sashiko project I have had for so long. I made my monthly deadline for March....block 3 is complete....pleased about that!
We at Sunday Stitchers have also banded together to complete a stitchery quilt begun by our dear late friend Inca. I have my contribution ready to hand in on Sunday. They are actually really bright in real life. 

I've kept up with my weekly 60 minutes art challenge. 

Got thoroughly engrossed in this book as I did in his first....Boy Swallows Universe. 
His tales are dark, brutal, heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time. They have bought about many interesting conversations with others....seems to be either love or hate.
I have been also been trying to get back to my Nature Wanders...a few pics from my latest one. See if you can find the little Dusky Moorhen amongst the Lillies.

Water Dragons kept surprising me on the paths, sunbathing. I love their markings....most scurried away but the middle one was like.....NOPE....walk around me human lol! Such attitude!

Watching the ducks glide serenely across the pond is so calming. These two are Pacific Black ducks. So pretty.

So glad I went.....
Look at those reflections! Nearly missed this sweet Mama sitting on her paperbark nest. She might just end up on paper.

Hope you enjoyed my little wander and thanks for wading through another looong post. Before I go a big Nana brag...last night watched our youngest Grandson battle through to the grand final in basketball....heart stopping game. Don't know why I bothered getting a seat. Spent the whole game on my feet.....both sides were awesome! Mr. C dropped 6 baskets in the final quarter....was fantastic and his Grandad would have loved it!
Wishing you a weekend doing something you love.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx