....ohh and pencils and paper

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sharing the love amongst all my projects of late......BECAUSE my wish list is greater than my ability to work on them all lol!
Soooooo.....I added 4 baskets to my "Basket Case Antidote" pile.
Earlier on, when the plague first came to town I joined in a little creative sew a long on Instagram. A lovely lady called Sarah Edgar gave us the inspiration to create a little sampler and to SEW A LITTLE HAPPINESS EVERYDAY...this was the name of the can check out the hastag if you are on Instagram.
I really loved working on this. I had it nearly finished with just my intial to go.....and then I quilted the segments with embroidery thread I had used throughout the project.
That done I searched my stash for a binding and this blue stripe was chosen.
The idea was to stitch a little something pressure....just whatever took your fancy. I used some orphan designs I found in my doodling folder and little bits of treasured fabrics I couldn't throw away. I also had some leftover charm squares.

I wasn't sure about the grey background but its all that I had big enough. But I think its come together ok.

I have hung it in my sewing cave and I love it! I wish the grey would photograph better but for some reason it doesn't it....much prettier in real life :)

Applecores had also gotten some attention as I have a little GD checking my progress lol! So I have to have something to show!

So thats what I have been up too.....not exciting but enjoyable.....makes me wonder if we will ever go back to exciting?
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Nature's Journey and Sewing Day

I spent sometime this week getting  a peeper border and borders 2 and 3 onto Nature's Journey. I procrastinated long and hard over the colour of border 2. I was concerned the cool colours of the centre would clash with the warm colour of border 2....but it looks ok.

I have glued 46 little squares ready to applique as diamonds on the seam between 2 and 3.
That's my next pin and stitch them on. I have also stitched 2 more little stitcheries for Heartstrings. They are such sweet little designs.

Today I went to catch up with friends for our sewing day.....feel so blessed to still be able to do so. We had a lovely day and delicious fare to keep up our energy.
Sandra our hostess had 2 of her beautiful quilt tops to show us.

Gorgeous work and fabrics!
This one is made with soft pretty beautiful!
My photo doesn't do it justice! I don't know about you but I never tire of seeing lovely quilts!
Friend Kay is making a set of the 12 Days of Christmas for her Grandies and she had some of her finishes....they are just beautiful!
And the Pear and the Partridge....lucky Grandies....they will be such treasured keepsakes.
We also had a very tall and  handsome visitor join us for sewing......he was a gorgeous boy and was spoilt silly with lots and lots of pats! Perfect ambassador for International Dogs Day! Mr G. You were such a gentleman xxx
We were also given first dibs on some no longer needed treasures headed for the charity shop.....I feel in love with these canisters....I have a thing for houses etc. So they jumped into my bag and came home with me......LOVE them!

This made my morning today. NANA SPAM....our youngest Granddaughter all ready for book week....her choice....her favourite......Koala Lou by Aussie author Mem Fox...a great book.
Take care friends,
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, August 23, 2020

FNSI August

I cannot  believe that August is over half way through. WENDY gathered us together once again.
My evening consisted of little finishes.  Firstly the blanket stitch on my latest Nature's Journey blocks.
And then I did some work on Heartstrings.  Stitched 2 Dresdens together.
Which now makes four.....only 5 to go :)
I then stitched the 4 little hexie flowers needed for the centre to see what they look like......I had prepped all the hexies earlier.
I am quite pleased at how they all look together. Sometimes when you choose fabrics you are never quite sure until you see some progress.
So all in all a nice creative evening ....thank you Wendy.
Its been a bit wild and windy here over the weekend so today I have curled up in my favourite chair and devoured a wonderful book.
I think I have found a new author to enjoy......not at all what I expected! A tale that shows just how far women have come and the choices we take for granted!
I hope you have all managed to enjoy your weekend.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, August 21, 2020


Progress is being made on my Nature's Journey and I am enjoying working on it.
A pair of pears....
Success removing glue basted  star papers....woohoo!
Lots of littlies and the blocks are growing.
Art group started back in a social distance kind of way.

We had a new member who didn't get the concept!
Hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this week........

Time does fly when you are having fun!
Yesterday my Kooka friend bought a friend to the verandah....he was very flighty so the photo had to be through the screen.....

Ok must fly.....some hunting and gathering required.
Take care, stay safe and well friends.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Misery Guts.....

That's how I  have been feeling over the last 2 weeks....worry over adult children's health (thankfully ok) and the strange times we find ourselves in had left me stressed and feeling yukko! But when I really thought about it there were lots of little gems sprinkled amongst the angst.
So this post is about things that made me smile.....
Waking up under my lovely, cosy clamshell quilt each morning.
With a view of the drawings by a dear friend of my beautiful Granddaughters from my bed.
When friends share a great book......
And family gift you another on your wish list.
Delighting in stitching litlle hearts and bugs....
A sweet 6 pointed star worked out well.
 Making progress on a new quilt.
A pretty box to store my bits and bobs.
The discovery of a little flower spike on an orchid....and joy that I haven't killed it!
A visit from my friendly Kookaburra.......chortling away.
So folks these things made me focus on the simple things worth giving thanks for of late.
Take care.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx