....ohh and pencils and paper

Thursday, March 25, 2021

A Very Long Month

 Hello friends. To say this past month has been the most difficult in my life would be an understatement! Its been like being tied to a crazy roller-coaster with no way off!

My husband has a rare form of cancer which is difficult to treat. He decided he wanted to at least try. So we started down that path. A very bad infection then almost took his life 3 weeks ago. We were told to expect the worst. Horrible horrible news to contemplate let alone except.

To all our amazement he pulled through and has been able to come home in a palliative care arrangement. So as you can imagine a huge adjustment for us. But despite the challenges I am so grateful to have him home.

So it's just a day at a time now. Thank you to all who have sent such loving supportive messages. I could not have navigated my way through this without my beautiful family and close they say...."when the jar is shaken the cream rises to the top"

I have also never been so glad to be a needlewoman. My needle and thread have bought me comfort and kept me company through many a long hospital vigil.

Each week I looked forward to thinking about the #52tagchallenge instead of hospital rooms. So far I have managed to keep up.....tags 10, 11 and 12.

Having already prepped some blocks for Where You Love Is Home quilt, I worked on those as well.
When these were done the hexie borders from Heartstrings accompanied me!

So I am hoping to use my sewing as some down time for me and post my progress on my blog when time permits. Keeping it as cheerful a place as I can.
I hope you are all well and that my Aussie friends are not too waterlogged!
Until next time , 
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx