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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Strawberry Fields

My issue of Country Threads Magazine arrived and I was very thrilled to see "Strawberry Fields" gracing the front cover...sorry the actual quilt is a bit crinkly. I had it folded away. Definitely no airs and graces around here. I really enjoyed creating this quilt as of course I am a big fan of lovely ripe red strawberries and we have a prime strawberry growing area not too far from where I live. I wanted it to remind you of a lovely picnic on a sunny day...
Also in this issue is a wonderful profile on our very own (well bloggy friends are our own) Deb Davison from Frog is a great read. Our Deb is an amazing lady. Deb also has a lovely quilt featured called "Sunday Morning". Get yourself a copy, grab a cuppa and get to know Deb a little better.
Now as if that wasn't enough excitement when I got to the "You've got mail" section I found that 2 lovely ladies namely Illene from Retdairyqueen and Joy P. (no blog) had sent in piccies of their finished projects that they had made using my designs with lovely letters too. Thank you so much ladies you are very kind and I appreciated your lovely words so much.
Ok head out of the clouds now....I have done a little bit of sewing on the machine this morning amongst the pile of patterns I have been folding and putting in their little bags...always makes me happy :)
I finished the little journal cover for my cupcake recipes using the Cupcake Angel from my stitchery booklet
"Stitchery Keepsakes" I used the journal pattern from the Moda Bakeshop. Love that pattern!!!
Don't you just love spots???? I do. I think she is very happy with her new spotty cover. Just have to fill her pages with yummy cupcake recipes...have to wait awhile though for the new Mummy, DD with the nice handwriting to give me hand. Much more important things happening first.
Lastly but not least I can tell you that "Seasons Stitchery Mini Quilts" is now in pattern form. There are 6 designs, the 4 seasons plus Easter and Christmas as well as an extra Winter drawing for those of you who don't like "Frosties". Each quilt will fit the 12 inch x 14 inch mini table topper stand.
The cost is $16.50 Aus with free postage within Australia. I only accept Paypal for payment for overseas customers. If you wish to purchase a copy please email me.
Well folks I think that's me done for today. Back to my pattern folding.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, May 27, 2013

Still Sniffily

Not sure if 'sniffily' is  a word but it is a fact. Shares in the tissue company would see me very wealthy at the rate I am going through them. Mr R. has also succumbed but of course he has SEVERE 'man flu' poor little treasure. I feel so sorry for him. Not a lot of sewing has been happening but I have finished stitching Block 1 of my new design and no guesses as to what it will be about.
I also put together a cushion using my "Tea & Frienship" design. I have kept it very sweet and simple with just a little bit of lace as I wanted to showcase the stitchery and the lovely delicate fabric. I am quite pleased with the result...more pattern writing coming up.
I have had several enquiries for a pattern for "My Country Garden" quilt that appeared in Country Threads Magazine a few issues back from overseas folks who are unable to access the magazine. Just wanted you to know I have done up a pattern for it now and you can email me if you wish to purchase a copy.
Thanks for all your enquiries and I hope this makes you happy and I am so glad you all loved it so much.
That's it for me now. I have to dash to the post office as a few things have slipped in the last few days.
Take care all,
Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, May 24, 2013

Our Latest Little Blessing

Our newest Granddaughter Erin Rose arrived at 8.30 am yesterday morning safe and well.
She is quite a girl weighing 9lb 4ozs. She has the thickest, blackest head of hair just as her Mum had when she was born. I thought I would sneak a piccie in of her poor Mum the day before this event. She is not a big girl and we were amazed at how she just kept on growing. We don't know how she fitted in.
We are so delighted that they are both well and that we have been blessed with two new Granddaughters in 4 weeks. A new little girlfriend ready made for sweet little Charlotte.
Her little pink quilt was delivered with the help of her very pleased and proud big brother (even had a shirt to mark the occassion) LOL.
I haven't had a cuddle yet :( as I still have this wretched cold so I have to be content with loving her from a distance for a bit.
So no sewing here at the moment.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Little Under the Weather

These won't be far away from me today as I am feeling a little below par with a cold and I will cheerfully admit to being a sook and not very good at not feeling up to much. At least you can still stitch with a cold...we are lost causes aren't we!
I am nearly finished my 12 hexies and I love them.
I have found stitching them down with applique really relaxing.
I am a city slicker and live in the 'burbs and have definite "tree envy" of those friends of mine who live in more rural know who you are!! Anyway my dear friend Helen lives way up a mountain in the Hinterland around Beechmont (simply gorgeous old growth forests) and she blessed and gifted us with these lovely organically grown pumpkins at Yoga on Monday...s
Aren't they beauties. I am going to share some and I can feel some Pumpkin soup and lovely roasted pumpkin in the making with the rest. Yum! Thanks lovely Helen xx
Yesterday I went along with to Under 8's day at my eldest Grandson's school.
They had a blast what fun. He here his on the obstacle course coming through the tunnel.
The teachers did a fantastic job. They are really special people and it is such a shame they are under so much pressure all the time with all manner of things that takes them away from what they do best and that is to teach our kids. I take my hat off to them I really do.
Well that is it from me I am off to my trusty brown chair and my cup of lemon and ginger tea.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quick Post

Just a quick post as another busy day looms. We had a busy weekend and Mr R. had a lovely aftenoon tea with the family (noisy but lovely) How our new baby slept through all the chatter and play is amazing. Nana has extremely sore legs from being the "Star Wars" catching monster...don't ask!
Of course when you have soooo many candles on your cake you need a little help to blow them all out...
You may notice the motorbike at the side of the cake. It is a family joke and is sooo old and we stick it on just about everybody's cake regardless of how fancy it may be. Do you have family silliness like this one too?
Not a lot of stitching but I have finished the little Cupcake Angel from Stitchery Keepsakes Booklet. Just have to sew her up.
As I am trying to catch up a little on WIP's I have been stitching a few of my hexies down.
Only 3 more to go and then hopefully they will morph into something lovely.
I hope you all have a wonderful day...catch you later..
Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, May 17, 2013

Almost a Finish.

I have finished the stitching on the little rose stitchery that fell out of my sketch book a while ago already traced out....
Now to make it into a pretty little cushion using my "Highfields" rosy fabric.
For ages now I have been wanting to stitch the little Cupcake Angel out of my Stitchery Keepsakes Booklet which I had also traced out at the same time as the one above. So I have her in the hoop and have gotten to work on her hair.
I fancy making her into a journal cover that will be a pretty little recipe book just for cupcakes. Just need DD and her lovely handwriting to write out my fav recipes for me....mine is dreadful (I can draw just can't write lol). Watch this space.
As I told you in my previous post I have been doing a lot of instruction writing and you will be pleased to know that this little minis are now all written up along with 4 other new patterns ( you will have to wait for those)

I hope to have them printed next week...YAY!!! Two more patterns to write up. I think however I am going to do a Scarlett and "think about that tomorrow". My creativity has been in overdrive lately....definitely not complaining but not a lot of sleep happens when it comes a calling...and it is just that all the paperwork has caught up with me at once. I am hoping to get my Calendar Bears into the hoop next week now that they are all basted. So that will be nice and relaxing to hand quilt for awhile.
Well I wish you all a wonderful weekend no matter where you may find yourself. Dear Husband is having a birthday so if he is good we may have a cake. I may even bake....oh my goodness!!!
Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Show & Tell...

Well as I am tied to the computer today writing up pattern instructions...
and so nothing much to report on the stitching front I thought I would share some lovely Show & Tell from other clever friends.
Our very own Shez has stitched "B is for-" in lovely greens...don't you just love Hexies!
Love the Angels too by the way...
I am so glad so many of you have enjoyed this project as it still remains a favourite of mine. If you want to stitch it you will find it in Country Threads Magazine Vol 13 No 5. Thanks so much for sharing it Shez.
Next,  speedy stitcher Joy (no blog) our friend from Bundaberg has stitched an oldie but a goodie. It is a library bag I designed for Handmade Magazine...." Real Treasures are Found in Books" Look at how beautifully Joy has displayed it.
Thanks girls for brightening up my dull day of key banging.
Must fly as no matter how much I wish, the Instruction Writing Faeries are ignoring me so I best go and do it myself.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, May 13, 2013

Rainy Monday

Good morning all. It is a very drab and rainy day here in the South East today. I hope you all heard from or spent time with those you love yesterday. I was very spoilt...even got brekky in bed (thanks hubby) Yummy afternoon tea, lovely messages and the night off from cooking dinner...yay! Love a break from the domestics.
Not a lot of stitching but my little pile of squares is growing.

I did get the bears basted so they will be next in the quilting hoop. I also stitched a little more on this little design that I have had drawn out for ages.
The colours are quite muted as I want it to go with this fabric ( yes I am trying it the other way around)
and I fancy a cushion.
The photos are a bit blah as it is raining here and not very good light but you get the picture.
I must fly I have a date with my Yoga mat and the gorgeous Helen.
Enjoy your day.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, May 10, 2013

Crochet for Dummies

Happy Friday everyone. For a while now I have been watching all you clever ladies in blogland crocheting up a storm and somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind I remembered that I had once done a lot of crochet. So I popped off to the library and got this book.
While it was a little helpful (which doesn't say a lot for me given the title) I really wanted to start with the good old "Granny Squares". I bought some veeerry cheap yarn from the local bargain shop and looked online and was amazed at all the tutorials for them. I can't remember or tell you which one I actually followed but it got me started again and I have made these...
I am still a little unco with the changing colours but they are square and I am really enjoying doing them and feel quite chuffedabout it all. The yarn is actually a bit prettier than pictured. Hopefully if I get in enough practice I may lash out and buy some yummy yarn. I also couldn't find anywhere that could tell me what hook to use with what ply yarn. I really want to make the Granny square with the simple flower in the centre...bit ambitious do you think???? Well I think you have to have something to aim for.
On the sewing front I put a final border around the bears. I think it looks ok now. I was very limited as to what I could use because of the little scrappy borders. I am sure it will look nice when it is quilted.
I had also thought of a little applique for the border but I think it will detract from the stitcheries...
Enjoy your weekend and to all those wonderful women out there who are known as "Mum" by their children I hope your Mother's Day is as special as you are.

Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One of "those" Stitching Days

Do you ever have one of those days when you excitedly head for the sewing room ready to play with new fabric only to discover it just isn't right. That was my day and what was I playing with....well this. I had been hanging out for it to arrive.
I adore it but apart from a couple of strips...well the "Bears" just didn't like them. So does a girl panic??? Well yes a little but then she gets all righteous and drags out her container of 1 1/2 inch strips that she can now justify saving and cutting all those left over bits of fabric into and proceeds to whack them around the bears.....they now seem happy. Me? Hmmm! Still not sure. What do you think?
This little dilemma happens to me quite regularly you see because I stitch away with abandon choosing the colours that take my fancy at the time and then have to try and match fabric to them. Anyway this has taken up most of my day. Every single time I swear I will buy the fabric first and stitch accordingly....Nope!
My little Angel however has been a delight to stitch. She is for an upcoming issue of Country Threads Magazine. Here's a little sneaky for you...
 She was not without her issues though. When I first drew her I must have been channelling my very own 'bad hair' day as she just wasn't right. So my trusty eraser came out and she had a complete makeover (wish I could do that) and now she looks very serene and angelic...just as a little Angel should.

Here is a little treasure I bought yesterday that I promised to show you. I couldn't resist. Roses and china...yum! I can already see some pretty napkins in place and of course cupcakes on the plate.

That's it from me today. Brain strain!!! I am off stitching with some friends this evening. I think I shall take some red work to avoid future fabric disputes. This way I can stay out of trouble. ha ha !
Enjoy your evening,
Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tea for Two

Today my Daughter and I indulged our love of vintage and lovely tea and china before DD becomes really busy with her soon to arrive new baby. The venue for our indulgence was the gorgeous "Vintage Aura" on the corner of Birdwood and Logan Roads Greenslopes. We had a delicious Devonshire Tea on exquisite Royal Devonshire china. It just made everything taste better.
Dear Daughter and yours truly....

The sweet tables and chairs are set amongst all the treasures available within the shop.
We had a lovely morning tea and it was very nice to sit relax and spend some time together. I did buy some treasures to bring home which I will share in another post.
If you like a lovely 'vintage' feel gift shop and enjoy tea in nice china it is well worth a visit. I am definitely going for a return visit. I hope you did something you enjoy today too.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, May 5, 2013


I am a little late showing you what I got up to Friday night. I managed to finish the 2nd last block of my Christmas blocks between encouraging (shouting at) my team Brisbane Broncos and getting sustenance from a Tim Tam or four. Sadly we lost :( Moving on....
 I now have a nice little bundle of completed blocks.
I just have this little fellow left to finish...nearly there too.
and then I can definitely feel a little Christmas quilt coming on.
Big thanks to Cheryll  for once again being such a lovely hostess and gathering us all together.

Yesterday after some family obligations were fulfilled I planted a new Clivia. A gorgeous yellow one that my dear friend Gaye bought as a gift for me on a recent visit to Toowoomba. I have hankered after one for ages as I actually seem to be able to grow them although the rest are the common orange variety. So I hope I can get this little beauty to flower. I am going  to do my very best. I have the worm tea (wee) ready and I shall sing to it and give it a little Reiki even....Mr R. is also on notice not to go within a mile of it with anything sharp or he will suffer a terrible damage.
Here's hoping. Thank you little sweetie you.
This is what I have been playing with today.
I adore this piece of fabric and as there is only a small amount of it I thought it was time it "became" something pretty.
That is it from me. I am off to do a little hand stitching now and also make some Kumara and Pumpkin soup for dinner. Enjoy the little bit of weekend that is left.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, May 3, 2013


Happy Friday all. Remember these..
Well hopefully with only two more blocks to go I can get closer to finishing them tonight. I am joining all my other online stitching sister's over at Cheryll's for
I may even get a little done on these blocks too.
As you can see I have several WIP going on here and of course what does any self respecting stitcher do when she finds herself in this position....well of course she starts something new. A little bit of stitching has been done on the first Frosty block...
I am afraid I am just a lost cause but please don't try and save me....I am very happy about it.

Ages ago my lovely friend Kay gave me a piece of her gorgeous dark mauve Cooktown Orchid which I was thrilled about as I only have the very pale almost white one. Well it never seemed to thrive let alone flower so last year Kay gave me another snippet and last week it had it's first blooms...not only that the one I thought had not survived has popped up around the other side of the tree and bloomed also...just wonderful.
and this is the first one..
So I am very pleased I didn't manage to kill either of them. Our state emblem is so beautiful.
That's it from me. Enjoy your day and weekend. For those I am stitching with tonight I shall pop around sometime over the weekend to see what lovelies you stitched, or knitted or crocheted.
Blessings Michelle xxx