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Monday, July 23, 2012

G'day Cockie Country (NSW)

NB: "Title refers to the fact that we call New South Welshmen Cockies because in State of Origin they are the Cockroaches and we are the Cane Toads"
We left by the back door this morning along the road less travelled up through the Yarra Ranges again. Gary remarked the other day when we drove this way how lovely it would be to experience the drive with the sun filtering through the trees. This morning he got his wish. It was truly magical with misty droplets falling from the tree ferns and the sun sending gorgeous rays of sunlight through the canopy.
Everyone thinks my husband is such a quiet man but those who know him very well will tell you he has a very warped sense of humour and many a beautiful moment viewing natures treasures has been shattered as I said yesterday by  these words.....
Now I admit it was funny the first 2,003 times but then it started to wear a little thin. I couldn't believe it as I plotted our course this morning to discover we were going to go through a town called "Bonnie Doon" which all Aussie fans of the movie "The Castle" will know features in the film. I thought to myself what a coincidence that we actually have a town by that name.......never dreaming it actually was the town in the movie and Lake Eildon was where the famous boat drive was. Well of course we ( I actually mean him) just HAD to do all the silly touristy stuff so I apologise but here we go.
All about the movie.....
Two idiots "feeling the serenity" down at the lake.
Wife doing as she is told and getting a photo by the lake.
I am the best scone sniffer outerer there ever was and I found these beauties in Bonnie Doon. Served to us by a lovely couple who run the local post office, bait shop, motel and cafe (glad they didn't get our order mixed up)
After all this frivolity and nonsense we headed out of town, across the bridge over Lake Eildon and it was pretty as was the rest of our drive to Glenrowan.
Glenrowan as most of you know is the place of bushranger Ned Kelly's last stand. We stopped here for our lunch and of course you just have to take a photo don't you. Well they did make Gary "stand & deliver" and hand over his cash for yet another T-shirt.
We didn't really think we would get as far as we did today as we really took our time but a decision had to be made and we decided on a park 30 kms outside Albury called Bowna beside Lake Hume and I mean beside Lake Hume!! We are the only ones here tonight besides the owners and little rabbits, wombats and beautiful birds. It is delightful! Very chilly but a sky full of stars. We wandered down to the lake to watch the sunset.
And of course you knew there wouldn't be just one photo.
I loved the reflections in the lake.
and one more......
It is so peaceful here and we are going to stay and extra day and do a little relaxing, reading and of course some stitching.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Fabulous post Michelle. Thanks for the laugh over "ah the serenity" & seeing Bonnie Doon. Hugs,

  2. What an amazing spot to sleep tonight. Hugs Melody. I don't know why but for some reason blogger has decided I'm Leanne on your blog

  3. Love your post. Did you and Gary sing "We're going to Bonnie Doon....." I am having visions of the two of you singing as you are driving along he he he.
    Have a family history link to Eildon, love it there. I thought you said there was a beanie shot this post?
    So sad you have left Victoria. Enjoy your rest day.

  4. love the castle and i didnt realize that there was a real Bonnie Doon,lol,thankyou for sharing all your wonderful pics,love the sunset ones Michelle,enjoy and relax tomorrow.xx

  5. Bonnie Doon was utterly and completely dry for about 10 years as proved by the huge trees which grew in place of 30 meters plus of water! How funny that you didn't know it was real. The caravan park was beside the water, then beside the mud, then beside the dust, then beside the bush .. But the water is back it should be.

  6. Ps, thanks for the lovely pics and your considerable detour to our neck of the woods!

  7. Wonderful post and I think I would be staying and sitting by the lake just drinking in all that serenity , sorry just had to say that . Hugs Sheila

  8. Hello Michelle,

    Right oh, now you have me singing that song. I bet these photo's are going straight to the pool room.

    Happy travelling.

  9. Just beautiful scenery Michelle and those scones look pretty good as well. Glad you are having a great trip. Hugs Noela xxx

  10. Great post Michelle, I love the movie "The Castle". Ha ha of course there is a real Bonnnie Doon I remember reading about it on many occasions. Naturally it became more famous after "The Castle". Enjoy your rest/stitching day by Lake Hume. xx

  11. Loving all your adventures and pictures...making me want to go on a great adventure soon !!


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