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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Great Ocean Road.

This is one part of our journey I have really been looking forward to after visiting here 10 years ago. If you have been along here and will be bored by lots of photos and me waxing lyrical about it turn away now and don't say I didn't warn you. For those of you who choose to stay I hope you enjoy this favourite of mine.
We began at the "Bay of Islands" with a slight drizzle but their beauty was undiminished.
By the time we moved on to the "Bay of Martyrs" the weather had started to worsen and so a cuppa in the car and a quick pic was it for here. Although we did sit and enjoy the wildness of the ocean while we had our cuppa.
I have 2 favourites along this magnificent coastline the first being the "Grotto" and by the time we reached here it was wild and fairly coming down in sheets but I had not come all this way not to see it again and anyway anybody can see it with the sun out she says as she fought against the wind and rain to get there. But it was as beautiful as I remembered and I am so glad I made the effort soggy though it was. This is the top of the gorge at the top of the stairs that go down to the "Grotto".
 And at the bottom you get to see this. I just love the way you can see through to the ocean thundering in on the rocks. I think this place is awesome and the noise of the!
As you can see by the next photo I was like a drowned rat. But a very happy drowned rat.
I just had to show you that even Gary got out of the shorts. Couldn't give up the Queensland SOA cap though  even if it was pouring with rain.
Next it was off to Loch Ard Gorge named for the Shipwreck I mentioned in yesterday's post and where the gorgeous peacock came from. It is a truly wild place and it is my 2nd favourite spot. The young sailor clinging to an upturned lifeboat was washed between those huge rocks above on to this beach. What bravery to turn around and swim back out to rescue Miss Carmichael who he could hear calling for help.
Looking back at the gorge. Tom found a refuge for Miss Carmichael in a cave on this beach while he went for help.

On the other side of the gorge it is called "Razorback" and is equally as spectacular.
A feature of this incredible coastline is the huge pillars of limestone that were once part of the shoreline itself and have been ravaged by the ocean until only these sentinels of the sea remain.
The most famous of these sentinels are the "Twelve Apostles" which we were lucky enough to see with the sun gracing us with it's presence. We did notice that nature and the sea has changed the coastline sculpting it and taking back parts and creating new pieces since we were last here. It is ever changing.
The beautiful scenery continues as you wind your way through Otway National Park before moving on to more spectacular coastline vistas on the other side.
If you are living in Australia and you have not driven the Great Ocean Road put it on your "must see" list now. It is simply spectacular. We called it a day at a little village called Angelsea and set up in the semi dark. What a hoot. Caravan & Motorhomes on tour we ain't. LOL! For the moment it is fine and freezing. Tomorrow we shall continue along this amazing coastline and then try and navigate our way through Melbourne to another favourite of mine "The Dandenong Ranges".
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Wonderful photos. I'm getting really excited the closer you get. Hugs

  2. Thanks again for sharing all these fabulous photos. even though we have travelled over Australia many times we have not done the Great Ocean Road. something to look forward to...

  3. I am glad you made it - even though cold and wet.
    At least there was some sunshine today.

  4. what wonderful pics Michelle,i so wish i was meeting up with you all,but too far away for me to drive,take care.xx

  5. Simply gorgeous. Possibly even better in the dramatic weather.

  6. Michelle your pics are just stunning. I could never tire of watching the ocean. What a SPECTACULAR coastline, I love the Grotto. Young Tom was a very brave young man!

  7. Great photos Michelle. There's something about the coastline on a cold winter's day! I'm like Mel and getting excited the closer you get too!

  8. We live in an amazingly diverse country dont we? From shots of desert to spectacular cliffs and raging seas. The great ocean road really is one of the world's best drives.

  9. Just love the photos. I'm enjoying your trip with you.

  10. Incredible photos , wow loved the tour ,thanks Michelle:-)

  11. WOW absolutely spectacular photos and scenery Michelle, I feel like I am on your travels as well, LOL
    except for the freezing part :-)
    I am sooo looking forward to doing this in a few years time.

  12. I love the Great Ocean Road. We did this trip a couple of years ago and I would love to do it again (and again!!!) It was January when we went and we froze!!! I am just loving your photos ... brings back lots of wonderful memories xx


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