....ohh and pencils and paper

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Little Blogging Break

Hello all. Just wanted to let you know that even though I am having a little break...because very limited wifi *sniff* I am going to  pop in from time to time.
Thought I would show you my view....

The weather has been lovely and I have been getting some quilting done and lots of art.

I am enjoying the peace and quiet.
Take care of yourselves. 
See you in a little bit.
Namaste and Blessings 
Michelle  xxx 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Love My Postie

Boy another lovely birthday gift arrived with the postman today.

From one of the nicest girls I know, my dear friend  Shez....inside that pretty bag

The sweetest tin and them! Plus lots of lovely stitching goodies. I love the card too....I am such a pushover for a lovely card. Thank you my dear friend for spoiling me so much xx
Well my Grandmother Flower Garden quilt is all basted and ready to go. So at stitching group today apart from enjoying delicious homemade soup and orange, mandarin cake and lovely company(thanks Kay) I worked on my BIG flowery hexies and its growing....slowly.

I hope that you have enjoyed your hump day too.
Well must fly as I have to go out this evening. ...more stitching! Oh it's a hard knock life lol! Good news is that Mr R. is cooking (our favourite chinese takeaway ) yay!
Namaste and Blessings 
Michelle  xxx

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

More Hexies and Lovely Mail

I have received some lovely mail already this week. Firstly from lovely Sue all the way from the UK. A beautiful card featuring a quilt from the 1700s that Sue was lucky enough to see in the flesh so to speak....

Also a lovely birthday  pressie from my dear friend Cheryl from Cheryl's Stitchings. 
She knows me so well....gorgeous feathered friends....a lovely notepad  and drawer smelly. I pop them amongst my fabrics! Beautiful handmade card too....VIOLETS sigh!

Thank you  Cheryl and Sue. Your kindness made my day.
Sewing wise I am so pleased to finally be basting my Grandmother 's Flower Garden quilt together ready for quilting. ...

Its only taken me nearly 10 years lol! As you can tell by the be fair I did want it to be scrappy and vintage looking. I have even had the backing put by for it.

Well I must get on....more basting to do!
Namaste and Blessings 
Michelle xxx 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

FNWF.....all Hexied Out

Last night saw me cosied down in my favourite chair and stitching along with my other blogging friends for
I worked away at my big hexies. I basted enough for several flowers.
and stitched another on to ones already together.
I didn't quite get another flower together before I toddled off to my lovely bed....
I thought after putting a couple together that I need a little more variety and I know I have some bits and bobs in the same kind of style so today I will hunt them out and see what they look like.
Thanks Cheryll for having us at your place once again.....I'll be popping in over the weekend to see what gorgeousness you all produced.
Speaking of hexies......I finished some more of tiny ones for Roma's quilt on Thursday...
I had lovely company while I stitched them. My lovely friend from up on the mountain....Fiona from Bubzrugz came for a visit....
Such a nice way to spend the day.....chatting and stitching, the odd cuppa thrown in. However....there I was boasting to Fiona that I had finished all my little hexie flowers for the next round, when she went home and I laid them all out...
I have only done enough for two sides.....I do not know why I thought I had done enough?????
Luckily I enjoy them because I have a whole lot more to do. I tell you who ever designed this pattern was a "nong" lol!
A little bit of art before I go...I finally finished my giraffe...Mr Inquisitive! I definitely got to learn a lot on this piece....but I love last. It took a while.
I fancy some feathered friends for my next project.
Enjoy your weekend
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Using Some Favourites

A very long time a go my friend Ann bought me back these beautiful fabrics from the US. It is a range called "Dominique" by Moda...
It is just gorgeous and right up my street so to speak...beautiful vintage style fabrics. I loved it so much and didn't want to split it up....I wanted it used all in the same project. Nothing ever came to mind that I liked or that suited the fact that there were a few the same just a different colourway.
Well I decided enough time has gone by and the time to be precious with them had passed and I am going to make them into large hexie flowers.
I also decided that I am not going to put a background around them. I am going to link them all like a carpet of lovely blooms.....first one done!
Thank you everyone for your fantastic support of my book "A Holly Cottage Christmas" you are all wonderful xx

Have a great day.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Monday, August 3, 2015

Tea and Cakes at City Hall

One of my fondest childhood memories was on a very special occassion I would accompany my Grandmother for a very special morning tea or lunch at a quaint Tea and Cake shop called The Shingle Inn. I always had a chocolate malted milk (in a huge glass) and a butterfly cake. It was a Brisbane icon. I in turn took my own daughter as a special treat. Several years ago due to redevelopement in the City precinct it was closed. We were so sad to see it go. Thankfully all the furniture, fittings and accompaniments were saved. So when it was decided to recreate it in it's original form within the refurbished City Hall I was thrilled....and accepted my daughter's invitation for a little birthday celebration on Saturday with joy.
 It was delightful. So many memories came flooding back. I was truly spoilt with High Tea.
We also took a tour up the clock tower...something I always wanted to do.
Right up there where those columns are.....loved the view.
DD giving me I- phone photo taking instructions...think I failed and took about 20 in one go lol!
We toured the Museum which was great...especially seeing all the old photographs of the city and surrounds...apparently the display changes periodically. We couldn't view the domed roof as unfortunately there was a function time! I bought a little gift for myself as a memento...very sweet earrings and a book the spotty bag that they came in.

There was only one thing left to do and that was to give one of the big bronze lions which mark the entrance to City Hall a pat....I remember being hoisted up there as a child...they seemed huge!
Just a little boring fact. Mr R. and I used to meet here when we were courting and both worked in the city. I can remember rushing to get there and not be late....ain't love grand! Such a lovely day.
Not a lot of stitching has been going on but I have been very diligent with my hand quilting.
Not long until I can quilt the final border which will probably end up a large meandering design because I will be getting over it by then.
Happy Monday everyone.
Namaste and Blesssings,
Michelle xxx

Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Quick Post of Show & Tell

I just popped into to show you a lovely quilt made by Michelle from All Things Rusty and Fabric Michelle purchased my "Gingerbread Kisses" stitchery pattern..
Michelle stitched all the designs in the pattern into one lovely quilt......
She then turned my Christmas project from last year in Country Threads Magazine sideways and used it as the top of her it! So clever.....Michelle is a "gingie" fan like myself and I loved seeing this.
Thank you so much Michelle for letting me share your very cute quilt.
Must fly....getting ready for a little bit of "pretty teacup" action.
.....ooh and cake!
Enjoy your weekend,
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx