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Friday, July 27, 2012

Girl Stuff.....

And a little bit of boy stuff.
Whenever dear Husband says lets go via Bathurst (so he can do some laps around Mt Panorama) I just smile and say sure that would be great, knowing all the while I get to visit my favourite Patchwork shop.
This frosty morning I got deposited on the footpath outside this marvellous shop, smiling as Husband sped off towards the sprirtual home of his Hero Peter Brock. I knew that lots of gorgeousness awaited just beyond the door of this charming Heritage building. Sorry about the photo but I couldn't wait to get inside.
And I was not disappointed. It is full to the brim with gorgeous fabrics, notions, books, patterns and beautiful examples of  talented owner and designer Anni Downs work to salivate over. Not to mention her own lovely fabric ranges that I just had to have a snippet of to bring home. Every time I visit it just makes me want to run straight home and start stitching....a very inspirational place. Anni has always been one of my favourite designers and I know a lot of you feel the same. I was very fortunate today as Anni was in the shop and I got to have a lovely chat with her. She is such a lovely lady and very encouraging with her kind words.
Of course I left with a little brown paper bag full of goodies to play with when I get home. Yum!
If you go through Bathurst treat yourself and pay a visit to "THE HOME PATCH".                                    Now for the "Boy Stuff". I didn't get out of a couple of laps of the Mountain as a certain somebody needed a photographer to record his visit to his Hero's statue.....
We even got to do a lap in reverse (yawn) which was exciting!!
After each of us getting to do a 'favourite' thing we decided it was time to go and do some more research into the best BLT in this country. Our test case today was a very high scorer but Uralla is still champ.
I have been managing a little stitching and now have 2 'frosty fellows' and a bunny stitched.
Although poor little 'Miss Merry Mistlemouse' has been complaining very loudly from my stitching bag that "she is never going to get her turn at being stitched". I keep assuring her she is Next! Better get stitching.
Good Night all, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Very exciting here the temp. is going up from -2 this morning to 3 degrees tomorrow morning....woohoo!
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Such a gorgeous project you are stitching.

  2. Ohh I was in Bathurst allday today, wish I read your blog last night!! Im lucky that Annis is my local haunt, safe journey home x

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Its been so good reading about your trip as you go along, love all your photos.


  4. Oh I love that little mouse - very cute. Anni's is a very inspirational shop, I'm so glad you got to visit.

  5. Oh dear the sacrifices you have to make to keep hub happy. Would love to go to the Home patch! I may not want to leave. Lots of lovely goodies and your stitchery is looking great.
    Keep stitching!

  6. What a lovely day you've had Michelle - loved all those yummy purchases you made at Anni's shop. And your stitching just looks like "my cup of tea". Enjoy the last leg of your trip

  7. Bathurst is such a cold place! But I am pleased you had your fabric shop fix with all that gorgeous goodness. Your stitching is looking great.
    I had to video our drive around Mt Panorama!!!!

  8. Life seems so different on your side of the planet. Lovely stitching. Weather is so cold. It reached 100 here yesterday. Fortunately my sewing room is in the basement which stays nice and cool.
    Thanks for checking out my blog. So glad I could bring you a laugh

  9. I hope one day I get to visit The Home Patch. That was nice of you to let Gary head to Bathurst! I love your little mouse! It's so cute.

  10. Well I am suitably jealous as I haven't made it to Anni's shop yet. I can imagine all the goodies you have in that bag. It is interesting driving around the racetrack although I don't think it would be so good at the speeds the V8's do it in. Hugs..

  11. Some day Michelle I am going to get over the ditch and visit Anni's shop. I love her patterns. As for the snowmen they are so cute, especially with the wee rabbit. Happy stitching, Michelle

  12. Envious that you went to the Home Patch! I will get there one day I am sure!. Cute projects you are stitching.

  13. Glad you found something to occupy your time so hubby could enjoy his ME !
    You certainly are having a wonderful get away! :)

  14. great buys there Michelle,wish i was closer to Anni's shop.xx

  15. If I went to Bathurst I would have to do the Mt Panorama as well as Anni's. Enjoy your few days "on the beach" or close to it.

  16. Well you were both lucky today to something you each wanted to do. Michelle you did say a "small brown paper bag", ummm I don't know about that, all of that goodness surely couldn't have fit into a "small" brown paper bag. Some gorgeous fabric there.

  17. Lucky you, your stitching projects look beautiful.


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