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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Age 2 years
Age 8 years
This little girl is going to be a whole lot older very shortly so to celebrate  gaining another year of wisdom to put in the "wise old woman" book she has decided to gather up her stitching, better half, double choc "Tim Tams"  some little dollars for a nice cappucino somewhere, my camera  and take a little blogging break.  OH DEAR! Is that a 'telling' slip that I put Hubby after the stitching? I did put him before the "Tim Tams" though so that ought to count for something! *tee hee*
I also wanted to express how blessed I feel to have another Birthday to celebrate and to say thanks to Family and Friends for their love and means so much!
Happy Stitching and,
Be kind to yourself and one another,
Blessings Michelle

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

I love making cloth dolls although I haven't had time for a wee while. My favourite doll designer would have to be "Debbie Magee" (another very talented Aussie designer) I have so many of Debbie's patterns and have made loads as gifts for friends. My very favourite design that I made for myself is called "Keepsakes" and lives in my bedroom....I love her little cap and she has a gorgeous tulle petticoat under her lacy skirt. Her little pocket book has "keepsakes" embroidered on the front. She is so sweet....I love her to bits.
Before Debbie bought out her unique patterns she used to sell her amazing creations at a Gold Coast market. I am lucky enough to have two of this gorgeous creations I bought on holiday down there. One is a doll with a sweet recycled velvet totebag and lovely teadyed lacy dress. A very pert velvet hat is worn upon her auburn curls (she has no name on her tag so I don't know what she is called) and the other is a sweet trio of country dollies. I love that I have these dolls made by Debbie herself. I am afraid I never got taken over by the minimalist bug and I love to have these handmade things around me....Am I alone? Is anyone else out there like me? Who else thinks these cloth dolls are real treasures??Do other people get strange looks when newcomers visit your home when the spy your dolls?
Anyway I just love them and so my sweet dolls are my treasure this week.
What are you 'treasuring today' visit MELODY and share it with us all.

My "Keepsakes" doll
Debbie's gorgeous creation
Her pedigree hidden under her skirt tied on to her leg.
My little bevy of beauties.
A favourite quote of mine and one I try really hard to live by (note I said TRY).
"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can,
at all the places you can, at all the times that you can and
to all the people (and beings) you can, as long as ever you can...."
John Wesley.
Have a great day,
Blessings Michelle

Friday, July 22, 2011

Favourite things Friday.

Well thank goodness it is still Friday so I have sneaked in on time for FTF. My favourite thing this Friday is the wonderful women I know. Some new friends like MAREE  from on my verandah who I was lucky enough to have a lovely coffee and catchup chat with this morning..... she is very naughty and gave me a beautiful Birthday surprise....I felt very spoilt. There was some beautiful smellies, gorgeous red/white fabric and matching cosmo thread (thinking, thinking) and a very cute teddy card.....oh! so lovely!

My Birthday goodies from Maree
The "OLD" gang
Lauren opening her 'Baky things'
The other friends are from my old life when I got paid a real wage LOL! and before the lure of designing became to strong to ignore. I used to work for many years for a well known pathology company. I grew so much doing this job. I met so many courageous people day after day who taught me some very important life lessons such as how precious your health is and each and every moment of every day is, don't sweat the small stuff and tell Family and Friends how important they are...what you love about them and how special they are. During this time I also made life long friends with a special group of women whose dedication to their jobs and patients is so special indeed. They were a joy to watch in action and their caring natures and crazy sense of humour made my day on many occassions.
One of these special girls has taken a teaching position passing on her knowledge and skills to any excuse for a Mocha and a slab of cheesecake we had a celebration for Lauren with hugs and pressies. Lauren is also a fabulous cook so we bought her 'cooking, baky type' things which obviously they didn't send me out to buy. It could have been ugly! She was so thrilled. Those students will be so lucky to have her and so will we in turn if we have to have a blood test and they were trained by Lauren.
It was so lovely catching up with these girls this arvo and Maree this morning....not to mention the goodies consumed.
If you want to see other Favourite Things today visit SHAY at quilting in my pjamas

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody

It's Thursday and time for the teddies to have their picnic and I hope they can find a sunny spot out of the wind. Today "Tilly" wants to come and as she sits on top of the teapot she will keep nice and warm today. I don't know who made "Tilly" I bought her at a Country craft show in a little town called Gatton here in South East Queensland. She didn't have any makers tags on her. I think she is so cute and she is only a tiny thing too. I also have a favourite plate to share which I am sure all you fellow 'arctophiles' who are stitchers out there would have or have seen. It's from Franklin Mint and it's called "Friends are Fur-ever" and the artist is
Sue Willis. I love this little plate with the teddies busy sorting threads and stitching. What could be better, stitching with a friend.
Fur Friends
Visit MELODY'S  lovely blog to see who else has braved the weather to come on the picnic.

I was visiting MO of Rosepetals from Heaven gorgeous blog and found this beautiful graphic of ballet shoes and I just had to share it. My daughter danced from when she was 4 years old until she was 21 years old....even landing a season  (2 Weeks) with the "Queensland Ballet Company" in her final year at University. She was a beautiful dancer and I know all 'ballet' mums say that but she was absolutely lovely and it gave me such pleasure to watch her on stage.
So for all you 'old' ballet dancers out there and all the Mums who ever darned a pair of 'pointe' shoes this is for you.
Have a lovely day everyone and have a little dance. Go on! No body is watching! It's good for your soul.
Blessings Michelle

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quilting at Anne's

Our quilting group met today at Anne's and even though the 'Westerley Winds' chased us inside a lovely time was had by all. Anne has been off travelling on the Ghan and up through the Alice, Kakadu and on to Darwin so it was great to catch up. Gaye was wearing her neat ruffly (not sure if that's a word) scarf that she was knitting when we saw her last stitching's really cool you knit it with only 5 stitches and that's all I know because even that's too hard for me, but apparently you knitters out there think it's a breeze. I'll just take your word for it...anyway it looked lovely. Lovely homemade goodies for morning tea as well. Usually I am sticking my camera in the girls faces but this time as Anne's sister Juliet visited I was able to be in the piccie. (thanks Juliet) I am hanging on to friend Jackie to coerce her into being in this photo as she hates having her photo taken. Still had 3 girls missing one day I'll get us altogether.
Myself and my happy band of Stitchers
Denise, Kay and Gaye in her beautiful scarf.
My beautiful camelia from Denise's garden.
Denise also gave me an early Birthday present and with it this beautiful camelia from her garden. I love having friends who can grow beautiful flowers and who did get the 'cooking gene'.

Sorry! Away with the Faeries!

Sorry everyone it appears I have led you up the garden path and gone off with the Faeries.... the competition I posted about yesterday is in "Handmade" Issue 29 No 5 not 3.....must have been the headache. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
A little saying  I love to be going on with :
" A friend sings your song when you forget the words and music" ( I don't know the author but thank you who ever you might be).
Blessings Michelle

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Today I woke up with the worst headache I have had for a very, very long time and was struggling to think of anything I treasured today other than some pain medication. But as I sat feeling sorry for myself my eyes fell upon my bookcase whose content I consider a great "Treasure"  As a child books were a very welcome escape and one which I took often. So I am sharing some of my all time favourites with you :
"A Fortunate life" by Albert B. Facey a truly inspirational book of an "ordinary life" sprinkled with humour.
I lost my first and very dog eared copy but on a visit to Longreach's Stockman's Hall of Fame  2 years ago I bought a brand new copy.
"Cross Stitch Series" by Diana, love, love these books! I am hanging out for the next book due for release in 2012. I think elsewhere it is called "Outlander" series. I am a sucker for a love story and Jamie & Clare's is one of the best I have read.
"Shenandoah Series" by Emilie Richards is a beautiful series...exciting and quilting pops up in there too.
"The Emancipist" by Veronica Sweeney is an Aussie epic about our Irish convict ancestors. This is one of my favourite stories....loved it from beginning to end.
"Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Read it 5 times...before they made the movie. You either love it or hate it...I love every line of this book.
"The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd a beautiful story  of kindness, courage and love...and the movie is pretty good too which is not often the case.
"A Man's got to have a Hobby" by William Mc Innes. How I loved this is set in Brisbane around the same era that I grew up in and I could relate to it so well. I knew a lot of the landmarks he described and I would read excerpts out to my husband and we would literally cry with laughter....Beautiful book!
What are your favourites??? Are any of these amongst them??
Well now that I have probably bored you all to bits ( I am using my headache as an excuse) I'll suggest you visit the lovely MELODY'S  to see what other treasures are to be found.

I have also got block 3 of  "Country Garden" finished so here is a peek of that as well.

For those of you who buy Handmade magazine they are having a giveaway competition with 10 sets of 3 of my patterns...."The Cupcake Series"  (pictured above)you just have to write in and say why you would like to win a set. It's in Issue 29 No 3. for any of you interested.
Blessings Michelle.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

FTF, & Colourful Friday

"Prairie Points"
"Flying Geese"
I know it is no longer Friday, Saturday in fact but I did find a couple of 'triangle items' for ROBYNS colourful Friday challenge which also included some Favourite things as well. My most favourite triangle is a very large "Toblerone" Choccy and I had to have napkins with choccies on them folded guessed it 'triangles'. My next favourite triangle would have to be 'prairie points'....I love them!!! I also found some flying geese which surprised me some what because it means that at some stage I actually successfully did some piecing (who knew?).
"Home we go"
Now even though there are some favoutites amongst those my very Favourite thing for this Friday, 15th July is we picked up our campervan and bought it home......we had a ton of fun (not really) getting it up our driveaway and had to call on our son to come and help. We have had some changes to our home since our previous van and we now have to rethink our options for getting it on to our property. It hasn't dampened our enthusiasm however and we know we will find an easier solution eventually. So My FTF is our "Swannie" I love ya, how I love ya my dear old Swannie! I know I've lost the plot! Don't forget to visit SHAY  for other FTF's

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody and**** Happy Birthday Son****

Today's picnicers are tiny teds.Tyson is already in his beautiful blue striped pullover. I bought Tyson at the Melbourne Bear Show and he is a "Shaz" Bear. He came in his very own little see through bag and I just had to buy him and take him out. He is about 5 inches tall and has lead shot in him (sounds awful doesn't it. I hope it wasn't painful). He is bringing his favourite cup to hide in featuring the lovely 'Rose of England' teddy on it. The other is a brooch which has a 11/2 inch bear and a 2 inch golly hanging from it.....both were hand made and the brooch was a gift to me. They are just so gorgeous and I can't even begin to think how Chris went about making them. She is an extremely talented needlewoman and fellow bear lover. To see what other furry friends will be at the picnic visit MELODY 

Today is also my Son's Birthday. He is making me feel old as he is my baby. So *Happy Birthday L.* I hope you have a wonderful day. You will see from his photo he is quite the handsome fellow (biased I know)and has grown in to a wonderful man and his Dad and I are very proud of him.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Isn't it strange how some very simple domestic items that were part of your child hood can illicit such strong feelings. My Treasure this week are two such items. The first is a very ordinary green depression glass container which always contained my Grandmothers home grown and home cooked beetroot (delish) and the other is a little covered dish which the peas were served in. It's an Alfred Meakin piece "Marigold" series.
When I visited my Mum recently she asked me if I would like them.....the memories they bought back. Every meal we all had totgether had these two items on the table. I can still see her very clearly in my minds eye dishing up at the table with these two items. She had other pieces in that china but the covered dish is all we have left and it's funny because it's the one I remember.
If you look very carefully in the top left hand corner of the photo of my Nanna you will see the beetroot container on the shelf in my Nanna's kitchen. This photo was taken of her with my Daughter and Son when they were very young. I laughed when I saw this because the beetroot container was very rarely empty  must have been waiting for a new crop of beetroot....I love this little photo and can't believe those children are now parents themselves.
Visit MELODY for more wonderful Treasures today.

Monday, July 11, 2011

And the winners are!

Well hello everyone who is not frozen solid....Happy Monday! I have the July Giveaway winners and I actually have 4 draws instead of 3. The winners are as follows:
1st draw....Michelle from 'All things rusty and fabric'
2nd draw....Wendy from'Charlottes Web'
3rd draw....Diane H. from 'Sideroad Stitcher'
4th draw....Shez from 'Enjoying life'
Congratulations to all of you. If you could email me your snail mail address so I can post your win to you. I hope you will enjoy your Christmas patterns.
Thanks so much everyone for joining in once again. Hmm! Hve to get thinking about August.
Happy Stitching,
Michelle xx

Saturday, July 9, 2011

High Tea with Shay & Lovely Deidre

Because I had a very  BIG! Yummy breakfast with  friends Helen & Deidre this morning I had ''High Tea" by myself. I thought about it long and hard and in the end I still had to choose "Old Country Roses" I went a bit OTT as I have a Quilt (made for me for my 50th Birthday by a friend) and the serviettes in the design...but hey why not. I got out my best gloves, pearls and hankie and I was all set. Sorry there was only one cupcake and I claimed it. You are very welcome to have a Chunky Choc cookie or a chocolate teddy if you wish. And NO! I did not bake!
An "Old Country Roses" Overdose  (I can never have too Much!)
High Tea attire
Put on your best pearls and visit SHAY tomorrow to see who was at her High Tea and got to drink out of her lovely Teacups and I'm sure she did some wonderful baking.
One of the lovely friends I had breakfast with this morning was Deidre who is a wonderful artist and a gorgeous lady to boot. Now anyone who knows me or has followed my blog will know one of the great loves of my life was a darling little black staffy who lived with us until we lost him 2years ago called "Doc" He was cheeky, naughty and his smile could melt your heart. Now staffies are not everyone's cup of tea but I know all you staffy lovers out there will attest to the fact that once you have loved one you are never quite the same. This morning Deidre gave me a beautiful gift....a pastel drawing of our gorgeous boy wearing his very best smile. Needless to say there were tears and hugs and I am so thrilled to have this heartfelt gift as a special reminder of "Doc". It means the ya D!
I often ponder how I got to be this blessed with such loving and thoughtful friends.
Our boy "The Doctor" alias "Doccy Boy"
Michelle xxx

Friday, July 8, 2011

Favourite things Friday and Floral Friday.

I can't believe Friday has rolled around again. Today I am sharing two favourites....the 1st and most important to me is my Mum had a health scare and has come up trumps. Thank you! Thank you!

The 2nd is my Journals. I used to believe to journal you had to be very organised with copperplate handwriting and an incredible memory to record all your doings in precise chronological order. Well!!!!! That was not me. However I took part in a workshop conducted by my lovely yoga sister Janeen (very talented lady) on creative journalling. What a revelation! I discovered I could have any kind of journal I chose. I could scribble, do my worst or best handwriting depending on hormones or the state of the household, cut out pictures I liked, record favourite or funny sayings, things that inspired me. I could rant and rave if the mood took me.....because as Janeen told us all...IT"S YOUR JOURNAL! And so my love of being a keeper of  Journals began. I have 4 Journals. One for my poetry (scribblings). One for recording my truest deepest feelings, special moments and inspiring bits and pieces. One which is purely pictorial it's called a Discovery Journal and it contains images that appeal to me, chosen without question and complied in this book. It's amazing how you start to see a certain taste for certain colours, styles etc emerge. It's truly insightful in getting to know yourself. The last one is for when I travel's fun to look back on and my Husband can never remember the finer details of the trip (now there's a surprise) except for Bathurst Panoramic racing track. The fact we went around it 6 times could be the key!!!! I have done a great deal of pondering on why I find it so necessary to record things and collect things and my conclusion is that it comes from losing my Father when I was 3 years old. In those days you didn't talk about sad or difficult things and so I never knew my Father or who he was as a person. I would have given anything to have had a letter or a diary to have read his words and thoughts so I think I am making sure my Family will be under no illusions as to who I was. The good, the bad and the ugly. You see we always keep parts of ourselves back from everyone and nobody is completely this is my way I guess of being remembered I am.
I encourage everybody to give yourself this gift to record your authentic self. I often go to my journals and read them when life knocks me off kilter. It helps me remember exactly who I am.
One thing that hinders people from journalling is that someone else will read it. I don't worry anymore because if you invade my privacy and read something you don't like....your fault. I don't journal everyday only when I feel I really want to. So A fresh new page and a lovely new pen set my little heart a fluttering.
To see other Favorites visit Shay our wonderful and witty hostess.
My floral offering this week is a beautiful free graphic from Home and Beautiful whose link you will find on my side bar.
I think they are from vintage postcards (which I love). These roses are exquiste and to think they would have been hand drawn and painted fills me with awe. Bronwyn hosts Floral Friday and is always an inspiring visit so drop by and say hello.
Have a great weekend and Happy Sttiching,
Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody & Queensland Win!

Well all the Queensland Bears are very happy this morning! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MIGHTY QUEENSLAND MAROONS.....6 SERIES WIN IN A ROW....YOU LITTLE BEAUTY!!!!!
Well it was "State of Origin" footy night last night and Queensland defeated New South Wales for the 6TH YEAR IN A ROW***** So the bears have all things 'MAROON' to bring to the picnic today.
'Wally' (made by my Mum) has his maroon bow on and of course he chose "Queenie"  (made by me) as his honey bear who has beautiful burgundy (a more elegant form of maroon) mohair fur tipped with black and gorgeous burgundy suede paws. She has donned her Maroon rose for the occassion. Her little sister Magenta (also made by me) is keen to come as well. Tiny little 'Red Ted ' is happy on top of the cap where he can see everything and they all hoping "little brown bear" will hop out of their special mug without spilling any on their quilt. Wonder if there will be any "Blue" bears at the picnic today. You will recognise them as they will be please give them a hug and a hankie. TEE HEE. Visit MELODY to see who else is there.

I think I need a "cup of tea, a panadol and a good lie down" after all that.
Happy Stitching and a very 'Maroon day' to you all.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 Christmas in July Specials

"Holly & Berries" gift bags
"Circle of Friends" table centre
For the rest of July I have a little special running. You can buy "Holly & Berries" gift bags pattern for $7.oo AUS and "Circle of Friends" table centre for $8.oo AUS. Just email me.
Happy Sttiching,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

My treasure to share with you today is my little collection of trinket boxes gathered together over many years. Another of my weaknesses I'm afraid. I just love tiny things with lids. Several are from England bought back by my Nanna from her trips, one was painted by my Mum, a Royal Winton chintz one, Delft china is another, gifts from friends, a couple of artists pieces and my very favourite is my Nanna's silver and red enamel one. It was with her from girlhood and sat on her dressing table and she kept her earrings in it. The enamel is a little worn but I know it was her lovely hands that were responsible and that makes it all the more of a treasure to me. Now it sits on my dressing table with my earrings in it as well as a pair of her marquisite earrings.
What are you treasuring today, share it at Melody's and see what other treasures are there.
Don't forget July giveaway see previous post.

I really liked this little saying too:
True friends bend with you when the going gets tough, while the fake break.
Have a wonderful day,
Blessings Michelle

Monday, July 4, 2011

Teacup Challenge with Kris & Liz

Hey did someone mention "Teacups"?? Kris form tagalong teddies and Liz from teddlywinks have laid down a challenge to dust off our teacups and put them on show for all to for those who don't know me I love all things "Teacups, Teapots or Teaparty" so here are my offerings. I have grouped them as I was terrified it would be all to much for blogger. I hope you can see them ok.
Also a huge big hug and thanks to Kris for solving a little techno issue for me. I am very excited Kris so thank you. I have loved visiting everyone and drooling (I know ugly) over all your gorgeous teacups.
front teacup my "Nanna's" favourite, left one a gift from friend Lorel, right one I love because it's so pretty
My Mum bought the front one back from Derby in England for me and the one at the back on right is "Ridgway" china and belonged to my Nanna..had to have that one.
these 3 have beautiful names e.g 'enchanting' 'true love' & 'love story' and are 'Royal Stafford'

my Grandad's favourite on left. "Clarice Cliff" no less and part of my Cranberry/white teaset on the right

I have 6 teacups in this set and this design is my all time favourite. If I win lotto I'm onto the antique dealer for a whole dinner set.
A favourite each trio has a different rose with it's name underneath the cup. It belonged to my husband Grandad and was very special to him and is now very special to me.
21st birthday teaset from my parents
Blessings Michelle