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Thursday, June 30, 2011

FTF, Floral & Colourful Friday

Well I am posting early again as I am being given short shrift again tomorrow as hubby is working from home *smiling* It would be ok if he didn't get up with the chooks and start so early. Anyway......
All of the above are rolled up into the one theme this Friday. I am sharing a very favourite quilt of mine that I made in 2006. It was a BOM by very talented Aussie designer Leanne Beasley ( I am a huge fan of her work). As I had made her previous BOM in pinks and greens I decided I would make "Journey of a Quilter" in my most favourite colour theme...Green and Burgundy. This quilt is one of  my most favourite things. It spoke to me from the minute I saw it and I knew I just had to stitch it. I loved every minute of stitching and quilting it. And  while I was stitching it I was constantly reminded that I feel so blessed that I stumbled upon a local quilt show and was smitten enough to begin the 'Journey' of being a stitcher and quilter.It has taken me to places I never dreamed I would go and given me so confidence in myself, I have stitched things I would never have believed I could of, enhanced my creativity, allowed me to share with  and admire other stitchers and most important of all....I met the most wonderful, supportive,giving and caring women I have ever been blessed to know. My quilting group friends  are favourites all on their own. I love the central panel and the sentiments expressed in this quilt and it has certainly rung true for me. Since beginning my designing work I have met the most wonderful and encouraging people....'Stitchers' are indeed amazing people. Leanne's work has truly inspired me and I love that she's an Aussie. Our Aussie designers are truly unique (I know I'm a tad biased) and something to be very proud of. So there it is my FTF.
I think I have covered everything....A favourite thing, lovely flowers stitched on my quilt and it's red and green. So you can visit Shay for FTF at and Bronwyn for Floral Friday at and last but not least Robyn for Colourful Fridays at I must really learn how to link with a single word....still out of my expertise at the moment. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and I will catch up with you all later in the day.
"All you will ever need is within you"
Blessings Michelle

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody

Today I have The Raggedies who would love to come on the picnic. Andy has his hobby horse to share so everyone can takes turns. I told Sheila (of Sheila's quilt world) about my Raggedies and she expresssed an interest in seeing here they are. I bought the pattern and the fabric to make them at a gorgeous patchwork shop in Cobram in Victoria while on holidays. I don't know if it's still there but they had beautiful country quilts and dolls and gifts and I was totally smitten with this shop. I remember I bought loads of fabric there too.
Raggedy Ann was a big part of our life as my daughter had one and wouldn't go anywhere without her. She still has her after 32 years. Her husband bought her a limited edtion anniversary Raggedy Ann but I think the original is still the most beloved.
Visit Melody at http://thehouseonthesideofthehill/ to see who else has their picnic rug.

Today is the last day to buy "Shades of Audrey" at the special price of $12.00 AUS
I will have some Christmas in July specials for you once we are into July.
Make some time to do something nice for yourself today,
Happy Sttiching,

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Well it's Tuesday again and today my treasure is two beautiful little spode sweets dishes (in cranberry & white of course) given to me by my Goddaughter Sheridan. I am sharing them today because tomorrow this lovely young lady is having her 18th Birthday. Sheridan's existence is a complete miracle and I can't believe it was 18 years ago that her Mum and I peered into her crib at the hospital with tears in our eyes that she was here. I am also sharing a photo...not a very good one of Sheridan and myself at her big sisters wedding.
So Happy 18th Birthday Sheridan and lots of love.
Visit Melody for more Treasures today at

"Be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else" - Judy Garland.
Blessings and have a great day,
Michelle xx

Monday, June 27, 2011

Block 2 finished and Down in the Man Cave

I have finished stitching Block 2 of "My Country Garden". I am enjoying these blocks so much. I'm already thinking about border fabrics etc.....and still so far to go. I think I am a lost cause.
Just a quick reminder that this is the last week to buy "Shades of Audrey" wall hanging  (photo on my sidebar) for $12.00 AUS Friday it returns to $14.50.

Lastly I just wanted to share this photo of my Grandson with my Son (his Uncle) on one of my husbands (note I said one of) motorbikes. When Grampy and Uncle Lucas disappeared downstairs into the dreadful "Man Cave" he was after them like a shot and as you can see by the grin on his face he's in danger already of becoming a full fledged member. The must be hardwired this way.
Have a great Monday and remember to -
Treat yourself as your very best friend
Blessings Michelle xx

Friday, June 24, 2011

Favourite things Friday and Floral Friday.

Well I have had a challenging little morning having discovered a tick on my body no doubt a visitor from the weekend.  And yes  I have had many showers since then so don't know why it went unnoticed. I had been feeling a little off this week but didn't pay it too much mind until the reason became obvious today. Thankfully it fell out of it's own accord but huge doses of metho were administered to the spot. YA Gotta Love the Aussie bush! Soooo! My FTF is very simple today ( I'm too shaken up to think about anything else) it's a comforting cup of lemon and ginger tea from my very favourite "Peony" cup that I use for every hot drink I have. It is so pretty but seems to have the right shape or something to make the perfect cup of tea or coffee. I would take it with me where ever I went if I didn't think people would call the "strange" police. So if I am blogging away or answering emails you can be sure I will be sipping or supping something from this sweet cup. To see more FTF's visit Shay at

Now I also have several floral photos from my sojourn to Springbrook....a lovely pink azalea, rosy pink camelia, I think a type of begonia, yellow daisy and an orange something or other (hoping Bronwyn will know what it is). The gardens are very much informal but these lovely shrubs were everywhere.
Visit Bornwyn for my floral fancies at
I think this is some sort of begonia??
What is this ????

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A BIG THANK YOU to Tarnyia

Well this afternoon the postie bought me a lovely parcel and it had come all the way form W.A. Tarnyia and I agreed we would make each other totes so we could have an 'all the time' memory of our swap in Cherylls Santa Sack swap. at Gone Sttichin'.
Sooooooooooo!! My lovely tote arrived along with 2 mystery parcels inside (this is going to be harder than I thought and some squeezing did take place) along with a gorgeous post card featuring "White Everlasting Daisies" from Western Australia. So thank you so much Tarnyia. I love my tote and am very excited to see the pressies pile up in the bag (a real little gimme pig aren't I).

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody & Santa Sack Swap

Webster & Winnie are all set for the picnic today and even though the sun is shining I think Winnie will need a coat. These are two bears I made  when I had Ann by my side to assist in the tantrum throwing bear making that was my way back then....and are from the designers "Teddy Bits". It was the first time I had attempted the plucked nose and was quite pleased with myself eventually. I think they are so cute together. I love" Websters" overalls. To see who else has braved the cold for todays picnic visit Melody at
Santa Sack Swap:
Well yesterday I posted off my Swap parcel to the lovely Tarnyia away across in W.A so keep your eyes peeled Tarnyia......BUT Guess who forgot to take a photo of it and the momentus occassion.
I worry about myself sometimes really I do. Anyway I hope you like it Tarnyia and remember no peeking and only minimal squeezing as they could very well be booby trapped.
Blessings Michelle

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lovely stitching day.

Sandra's yum "Caramel Meringue" cake
Clip Clop aka "Willie"
Ann's Cards
I've had a lovely day stitching with my friends at Sandra's Sandra is a devine cook and today we were treated to "Caramel Meringue" cake which I have provided a photo of for your enjoyment (no wait that was me).....YUM! My lovely friend Kay was completing little "Clip Clop" by Leanne Cornford in Handmade Vol 29 No 2 which for reasons known only to our group we have renamed  protective "Willie". Kay is making this dear little horsey person for her youngest little granddaughter and I think we all enjoyed the finishing process as much as Kay did. LOL! A great time was had by all....such special ladies to me!!
I have also tried to photograph Anns article in "Australian Cardmaking" Vol 17 no 5.  page 82. If you love making cards it's well worth a look. They are such pretty cards. I am so very proud of my clever friend and I'm sure this only the beginning. She is a very talented lady. Well done my friend!!!

Springbrook stitching

I started a new litttle quilt called "My Country Garden" which has a little more embroidery in it as I had been wanting to do a bit more for a while. I figured if I can't grow a cottage garden I'll just stitch one. I worked on the first block on retreat and I am quite pleased with it. I am really enjoying it and look forward to stitching each block and choosing colours etc. I designed these stitcheries in 2009 and sometimes it just takes me that long to get to a project. I shall keep you posted as I progress.
Have a great day everyone I'm off to my quilting group after first getting a big peek at my friend Ann's published projects in one of the Card Magazines.....Hopefully I can take a photo to show you.
Blessings and Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

My treasure today is actually a part of a wall in my dining room that has a selection of things I treasure on it.
Firstly there are 3 cross stitches of teacups that I worked a long time ago which still give me pleasure, 2 small rosey plates the top one being a 21st gift from family friends visiting from England at the time (both have since passed away). The sweet little tag on the plate holder was painted by my friend Tracey...I do love a pretty tag. My doll "Patty" who was featured in Handmade and loves cupcakes and was my first and only attempt so far in designing a doll and lastly a painted wooden cut out of teacups which I painted at Traceys and is one of her lovely designs. I don't know what it is about this little group but it makes me happy when I look at it. What are you treasuring today visit Melody's Tuesdays Treasures at and share your special treasure.

Monday, June 20, 2011

All Blissed Out.

Well my weekend away was wonderful and although we ended up with a smaller group than we thought it was  just lovely. I am very happy I managed to get up early each morning 6.30am for meditation and Yoga at 7.15am.  which was practised in a lovely room with an amazing circular window through which you could see the huge gum trees and birds. It was absolutely freezing up there but oh so beautiful. Katrina (with her little bump) guided all the yoga classes and meditations....what an amazing, caring and beautiful person she is...we all just love being with her. She even gave us a lovely gift each...a cute tote and a notebook featuring her gorgeous art work. Di who hosts these events looked after us so beautifully and we were fed and loved within an inch of our lives with extra treats lovingly supplied by Janeen.
It is such a beautiful pristine place and very strict enviromental and ecological practices ensure it's preserved that way. We saw lots of birds, wallabies and could hear the shy Whipbird's call constantly (which I just loved).
There is a creek and waterfall on the property and we walked to both. The waterfall has a 100metre drop straight down with views over the valley to Beechmont. I had to take the opportunity to take some pics there (I took lots of photos) and at the creek. I did get to do some stitching by the fire and will show you later.
I indulged myself and bought a new yoga mat featuring Katrina's lovely artwork. I chose the Lotus version as it is my favourite...I also have a shirt with this design. You can visit Katrina's website at and see all her lovely artwork.
Beautiful grounds at Retreat
Katrina & Helen & little E
Di, Helen & I in all our warm layers
Waterfall edge & view across the valley
Me at the waterfall crossing
Helen & Janeen at the waterfalls edge
Janeen & I at the edge of the waterfall (don't know what I am doing???)
Helen enjoying the peace down at the creek
The fast flowing creek (so pristine)
Katrina's gift to us all
my lovely new yoga mat
Beautiful circular window in meditation room.
Anyway I hope blogger lets me post all this photos and you don't get too bored. Have a great Monday everyone...Guess what? I'm off to Yoga class.....I think a certain someone may be asleep on her lovely new mat.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Favourite things Friday.

I hope to feel this....
and this
and this
after this weekend
Well I am posting early for Favourite Thing Friday today which all smart people know is Thrusday because tomorrow my very favourite thing will be going on my annual Yoga retreat up at the beautiful (and I'm sure freezing) Springbrook in the Gold Coast Hinterland. As you can see my "essentials" are packed. My Yoga mat and cushion and gear, can't leave home without the chocolate (a spiritual life is not all deprivation you know) and of course my trusty little sewing bag. In which resides a brand new design I have started to stitch and hope to progress a little further with in front of the lovely fire we have up there. I am really looking forward to the weekend... lots of Yoga and Meditation with the gorgeous Katrina from "Angel Sisters". Lots of yummy vegetarian food which is always delish and lots of lovely catching up and chats by the fire. Maybe even a walk in the beautiful lush grounds where we stay. So still have to pack all the warm clothes...
Have a great weekend and hop over to Shays tomorrow to see other FTF's at http;//

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody

The sweet bear all dressed and ready for todays picnic is known as "Boonah Bear" as this is where she was made by my friend Ann. Boonah is a little country town about 2 hours west of where I live. I used to go there with Ann and a quilting group for retreats. One Queens Birthday weekend we were very excited to being going for a long weekend of lots of sewing and we had planned on stitching this cute bear. I was struck down with a really bad dose of Bronchitis and couldn't get out of bed let alone go to Boonah. I was so disappointed. So I tucked myself up in bed and felt sorry for myself all weekend. Late Sunday afternoon there was a knock at my front door and in walked my best mate with this little girl telling me she had made one for me too because I'd had to stay home. Call me sentimental but I love this bear and my best mate. This is the type of friend she is. Now Boonah has her lovely stylish green hat on but she removed it for one of the shots to show what beautiful furry ears she has underneath. She is 27 inches tall and has lovely green felt slippers and a lovely floral dress with a lace collar. I wonder who she will get to chat with today....
In her favorite chair
I'm ready for my close up Mr De Mille!
My lovely ears without my stylish chapeau.
Pop over to Melodys at and see.