....ohh and pencils and paper

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Block 6 Finished!

I know I have said it before but I feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz " I don't think we're in Kansas any more Toto" That's just how I feel " I don't think I am in Sunny Queensland anymore"
Hubby was surprised to find me curled up in my chair on Friday afternoon with this ablaze....
In April mind you! I was freezing. They even said it was some kind of record for the coldest April day for so many years. Still I was soon nice and toasty and apart from venturing out to vote in our local election and getting soaked I have spent a lot of time here and I managed to finish stitching Baltimore Block no 6 so it wasn't all bad.
I have started Block 7 so I am over the halfway mark...woohoo! I didn't photograph it as four stalks and one leaf do not an exciting photo make. But hopefully I shall have some progress to show you tomorrow. It is really helping to keep me going being able to show you my progress. Thank you all for your lovely comment and encouragement to keep at it.
Well time for coffee and a biccie. The big game hunter I am married too has just come upstairs after seeing a very nasty toad into the next world as we didn't want our doggie neighbour to chase it and get sick.
On that note I shall leave you all in peace and get back to Block 7
Blessings Michelle x

Friday, April 27, 2012

Favourite Things Friday with Shay

Friday is with us again which means I get to tell you about a Favourite and link up with the lovely SHAY at Quilting in my Pyjamas.
My Favourite today would have to be the nice little collection of fabrics I am slowly gathering for some sort of tribute quilt to William Morris. Trouble is I cannot decide what I want to do yet.

I keep pouring over my book of William Morris designs and oh there are so many and so little time.
I have done the "Michelle" fabric thing and flung them around my neck and caressed them and oohed & ahhed over them. What's that you say 'You don't do that when you get new fabrics' Whoops!
I am very happy that after dancing around the fact I wanted do a quilt like this I finally started the fabric building and didn't miss the boat as I usually do when it comes to ranges of fabrics.
So enjoying looking at these lovely fabrics and dreaming and planning is my 'favourite' today.
I thought I would finish today with a little quote from one of my favourite books...."Little Book of Moments of Pleasure" by Paul Wilson.
"Hurt Your Face" go on "LAUGH so hard you hurt your face"
I wish you a wonderful weekend filled with things that make you happy.
Blessings Michelle x

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I am making Progress Baltimore Style

Good Morning all!
Little friend I encountered on a walk at Springbrook Queenland sometime ago.
It is such a beautiful morning here. Lovely blue skies, sun shining and light cool breeze. Perfect!
I am so pleased to say I have finished block 5 of my Baltimore.
And now I am working on block 6 and if I allow myself some excitement that will mean after this block I am half way there.....worth focusing on I think. I am glad I chose this block next because it looks simple enough
but has lots of little pieces and if I had done it later it may have done me in. I am however enjoying stitching them and it has gone a long way reminding me just how much I love needleturn applique.
There is one of these rose & ribbon groups in each corner. It will be pretty when it's done. 

Seeing as how I was a very good little 'domestic goddess' this morning and took all my cranberry & white china off my dresser along with lots of other china that lives here and washed it all and put it back all sparkly  and new I am going to now take myself off to my chair and do a little more on the rose & ribbon block with a nice cuppa and a Tim Tam of course...they are so great for the creative juices (my story and I am sticking to it)
Wishing you a wonderful day,
Blessings Michelle xx

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday's Treasures with Melody

Well after I got over the shock of the new interface and having to sign up for a new browser I finally made it here to post. Thank goodness I had a lovely coffee and catch up with the gorgeous JOY from Joypatch and MAREE from On my Verandah first. You all know how I love something new techno wise.
Anyway to move on to the best bit about Tuesday's which is Tuesday's Treasures with MELODY. My little treasure today is a sweet little jam dish and spoon that belonged to my Great Grandmother and it was still in it's box when I received it with it's sticker in tact. I think it is the sweetest thing and I love that it is so old and that my Nan remembered it being in their china cabinet when she was a girl.
I usually make sure I use everything as it was meant to be used but I still can't bring myself to take it's little sticker off and use it. What's your treasure today? I am popping over to Melody's to link up and see what treasures she has in store.
Blessings Michelle xx

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Weekend that Was

As there was so much sport on this weekend I decided to take the Goanna by the pointy sharp end and continue on with my 'discovered' old applique blocks. I tried to ignore them but I just can't do it. I really did enjoy the stitching I did on this block. The challenge for me has been some of the fabric I really liked back then but ...hhmm not as much now. I have to use them as they are mostly the greens for the stems and other key fabrics which are featured in the other blocks. At least it will have that 'olde' look about it. lol. I have introduced some newer fabrics and I do think it will be ok in the end.
 This block and my booty of lovely picture books from my visit to the library kept me entertained quite nicely. Do you ever do that? Just take out a whole host of yummy coffee table books and pour over them. I have quite a little pile of novels waiting to be read at the moment but I just really felt like a trip to book heaven and something gorgeous to look at. Maybe it is a leftover from childhood. I love beauitful photography (shame I don't know how it's done!!!)
Enjoy your brand new week everyone. If I can actually see through this very foggy morning I am venturing out to my Yoga class.
Blessings Michelle xx

Friday, April 20, 2012

Favourite things Friday

Why do I always want to  begin with "where has this week gone". So I shan't! But it is time for FTF with the gorgeous SHAY over at Quilting in my Pyjamas.
You are going to be very bored with my favourite but it is so true for me. I am also giving you right up front a 'schmaltz' warning so if you are not used to my soppy ways turn away now or read on at your own peril. I used to read and hear about people who said they loved the work they did and I used to think ...yeah! Sure! Lucky you! A few years later due to the alignment of all the planets, a host of guardian Angels and what ever other cosmic thing you want to think of, I tripped and fell on to this path I am presently roaming along. Nobody was more surprised than me I can tell you and I almost kept looking behind me to see if it was really happening to me and not some person I was accidently standing in front of. It just never occurred to me to show my drawings or scritchings as they were known to me, to anyone....even my best friend. I can still recall the punch in the arm I recieved the first time I let her look at my bear drawings. I have to say I feel so blessed and fortunate because I adore what I do. I love every minute of it. Especially when I see my patterns all wrapped in their shiny little packets ready to be posted off like this.
And yes they really are going somewhere!! I also had orders and posted patterns to Germany & South Africa this week which I find so exciting. I also still get a huge thrill to see one of my 'babies' in print like my birdie friendly Angel in this months Country Threads Magazine. I never take it for granted because it is such a priviledge to work with needle and thread and a host of sharpened pencils and the fact that others choose to want to stitch them goes beyond words for me (and that is saying something)

So I feel I do understand when others say now "I really love what I do" and being able to do it is truly my favourite thing today and everyday.
As I had plans to be completely frivilous with my FTF this week I had chosen a little bag of gorgeousness that our wicked hostess got myself hooked on after sending me a little gift of same. Choccy Froggies & Snakes from Menz sweets company in S.A.

I am sure I will be getting a citizens award any day now from the Sth Aus government for raising the economy there through purchases of these delicious, addictive and very moorish sweets. We even have a secret supplier where we can buy them here in Brissy town now. The best bit is they are made in oz and are completely Australian owned. Why aren't they on the shelves in the big supermarkets I ask myself??? Don't worry I am getting down off the soap box. So please excuse me but I just had to share the 'frivilous fav' with you as well.
I wish you all a great weekend,
Blessings Michelle xx

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little bit of stitching!

Good morning to you all. I recieved this gorgeous book in the mail yesterday....I have loved William Morris designs since I did my pottery course all those year ago when we touched on design and have been lurking on the fringes wanting to do a quilt with the lovely fabrics that are around and so I finally gave in and bought this beautiful I have to decide what to make!! Every page is a delight.
I have been doing some more swap stitching and have a couple of sneaky peeks.
and  I am presently enjoying stitching this little number......seems like it is Christmas all year these days. No you don't need to remind me that I said I was over had to know that would only last a wee while after all "Christmas" is my thing!
Well I am off to get some food in this house and to audition a new Doctor. I am starting to get a complex every time I find a nice new lady doctor they decide they want to be in another it me do you think?
Hope you have a wonderful day,
Blesssings Michelle x

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Tuesday's well and truly here and it's time to share another Treasure and link up to MELODY'S lovely blog to see what everyone is sharing.
My treasure today is full of lovely memories of a gorgeous lady who was my first friendly face when I joined Beenleigh Quilters many, many moons ago. She was 70 something way back then and sadly passed away last year. We became steadfast friends and she was a real lady with a great sense of humour. I used to collect her every Tuesday and we would drive down together. Sometimes she would ask me to pop in for a cuppa too. On one such 'cuppa' occassion she had this little tray with bikkies for us to share. Much to my delight I discovered it was full of Tim Tams (and you know how I hate them). The wonderful thing about this little tray was that it neatley held a full tray of Tim Tams. I just loved it and always commented on 'my' Tim Tam tray. Many years later for my birthday she gave it to me telling me It's not worth much but I know you'll love it for your Tim Tams.....and I do when they last long enough to make it to the tray.
Now of course I do take them out of their packet when I serve them up to visitors...but if I had opened them to show you it would have been 'all over red rover' and that packet would have been history! I think it is so neat that it takes a whole tray and that Darling Win is there each time the Tim Tams come out. She was the sweetest of ladies.
Today I have been out zipping about doing some errands like finally getting my check up for my eyes ( wow maybe my stitching will be a lot better with new specs) but amongst it all I was able to meet MAREE for a  cuppa and a catch up and a bit of this....

Which is always a very nice way to spend some time.
I hope your day is being spent in away that makes you smile.
Michelle xx

Monday, April 16, 2012

Remember these?

Do you remember this little pile of hexie's?? Well let me introduce you to "Portabello Friendship" named thus because without the kindness of FIONA from Bubz Rugz I would have been a very frustrated and disappointed little stitcher.
And no, those hairy legs under the quilt are not mine!! I am so pleased with how it has turned out although I wish I had put the hexie border on first so that I may have had some chance at getting the hexies on evenly. I seriously worry about my maths and measuring skills.
I am hoping to get it sandwiched and basted so it can accompany me and get it's little self quilted on the half loop coming up soon.
I'm also trying to finish another little project that is for a friend a little further down the track.
I have had a quiet weekend due mostly to the fact that I have felt a bit below par but I am sure another quiet day today will see me right. This said I ventured into the world of the 'talking book' and I have to say I am enjoying being able to stitch and be read to at the same time.....could do without the attempts of accents though but apart from that this sceptic would have to give it a big thumbs up!!
As the weather refuses to oblige me again today I am pretending I am somewhere that is nice and sunny like this (Nymbodia River NSW) a truly glorious spot. By the way completely off the track many famous people have stood and had their photos taken here at the back of Russell Crowe's Inn (you can include that in your little book of useless facts)lol.
I hope you enjoy your day whatever the weather or whatever you do.
Blessings Michelle x

Friday, April 13, 2012

Favourite things Friday with Shay.

While thinking about FTF this week I have had trouble deciding what it was. I was going to mention the glorious Autumn weather but then it swiftly departed. I thought I might extoll the virtues of having a loo that flushes without leaking everywhere and beautiful hot water from a new system but then I thought..oh no tacky!! Then I thought the wonderful lunch we had at my Friend Bev's for stitching group where one of our members (the very lovely Lorna) who has moved away arrived for a surprise visit or maybe my Daughter dropping in for a chat, a hot bowl of homemade pumpkin and sweet potato soup or my Husband home again after being away for work (only 2 days mind...what can I say I am a sook). Maybe the pleasure of seeing all my orchids in flower once again.
Or being able to curl up in my favourite chair with a coffee in my favourite cup with a piece of chocolate slowly and deliciously melting in my mouth and do some stitching or absorb these gorgeous magazines

that my lovely friend Sandra is kind enough to save for me and share....or my eldest Grand boy telling me all about butterflies and bees and how next to "him" I am the 'boss' of everyone. LOL! All the lovely comments from my blogging friends. My old blue soft dressing gown out from the cupboard for these lovely cooler mornings. Yummy hot porridge with Aussie honey drizzled on top.
This week has had a myriad of small moments of  simple joys all as wonderful as the next but easily overlooked and sometimes I think we just let them all run together without acknowledging them as the little miracles that they truly are.
So my Favourite this Friday is so beautifully expressed by Mo of Rose Petals from Heaven and that is to..

I am off to link up with SHAY to see what 'favourites' she has in store for us this week.
I wish you all a great weekend.
"If you see special in the ordinary your life will be far from ordinary" - M.R.
Michelle xx

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Horns of a Dilemma! & Teddy Bears Picnic.

Do you sometimes wonder if you have some sort of severe memory loss when it comes to projects you have begun and forgotten about or is it just that I am becoming a woman "of a certain age". I don't mean UFO's because the fact that you know them as such kind of indicates you remember you have them. Today I was doing a whole lot of this.
Along with some tidying up and putting away. We have an ever growing pile of necessaries downstairs in containers for our trip and while I was adding to the stash I came upon a container and inside were these...
Four 16 1/2 inches squares of completed Baltimore style applique blocks with 8 more beneath them all marked out ready to go. I had completely forgotten I had started this quilt and I can't remember when I started these blocks! All the fabrics are there with it as well. I swear 'Loopy' is my alias. Now my dilemma I sew these four together add some borders and call it quits or do I embark on trying to finish the other 8 one of which is a big house and another is the bias basket full of blooms. I can tell you I am feeling pretty whimpy right about now but it would be so lovely finished. Arrgghh!
What's a girl to do??? See what happens when you do housework it's not good for you I tell you!
I almost forgot it is time for another picnic with all the other bears and dollies over at MELODY'S and boy am I in trouble because it was my little bear "Grumpy's" turn to go on the picnic and I nearly forgot. He is all ready with his warm rug, a crunchy apple and some cookies....he says everyone's over chocolate! I made Grumpy from mohair and I have no idea which pattern he was. No matter how I tried he refused to give up his grumpy little face when I was making him so "Grumpy" he is. I think he is very cute all the same. I hope we are not too late to the picnic.

See you for Friday Favs tomorrow.
Blessings Michelle xx

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Sewing

During 'watergate' at our place over Easter I found it much safer to stay out of the way and retreat to my chair and stitch while trying my best to ignore the profanities issuing from the tiniest room in the house ( if you know what I mean). I managed to get two borders on my Medallion quilt and have also very happily been able to incorporate some smaller hexies into the design so I stitched quite a few of those and begun a little stitchery that is headed somewhere....hmm?? later in the year.
Now after some advice from our Melody and other blogging friends about being able to read a book and sew at the same time I have finally got myself into gear and visited my favourite library and got these two audio books to have a try. This was the best I could find. I guess the extra goodies go quick at the library. I still don't think I could ever give up the feeling of a 'real' book in my hands completely though.
Anyway seeing as I have the house to myself tonight I thought I would give it a go.....the only trouble with having the house to myself is that it leaves me and all that chocolate alone together!!!
I do think I am in a lot of trouble.........
Blessings Michelle xx

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Good Morning everyone. I hope you all had a lovely Easter. Ours was spent repairing plumbing on a 40 year old house arrgghh.....but there were redeeming moments like this... very spoiled!!! Note SANDY'S lovely bag...FULL to the brim with eggs! I don't remember being that good!
and yes I am sharing.
My "Tuesday's Treasure"  today is the first piece of 'stitchery' I did called "Gardening Angel" I saw the work of "Kindred Spirits" in the form of their gorgeous book "Gatherings" and was smitten. I still have their book and I have done many pieces from their designs from this book. This first stitchery was one of them. I still have it in my entry and I love it still. I also love that it reminds me how far I have come along this stitching road. I also remember the fun I had collecting the little lace motifs and buttons and choosing the fabrics from Ruth Stonely's lovely store.
I also remember the horrified look of my new stitching friends when they looked inside my sewing tin and saw the tangled mess of embroidery threads.....I didn't know you could buy little cards to wind your thread onto. Some were quickly provided and I was tidied up post haste.....I have also never lived that down either!
What are you treasuring today. Why not visit MELODY'S lovely blog to see who's treasuring what today.
I am dedicating this little Aussie bush scene above to my cousin Glen who we learned over Easter sadly passed away last week. He was a very sweet man who loved his family and the Queensland bush town he came to call home. I admired him so much having overcome many personal obstacles to become a loving husband and father. He aslo had a wicked sense of humour that seems to be peculiar to our tiny branch of our small family tree and I can't help picturing him now with our beloved Uncle Bill having a big catch up yarn and a chuckle with his Mum shaking her head and  telling them to behave. Special people leave large spaces when they leave.
Blessings Michelle xx

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blogging Friends are so Lovely.

As you know I have been on a bit of a search for fabric for my Applique Medallion quilt that I have embarked upon in the Portabello Market range alas to no avail.......until now! My lovely blogging friend who lives up the "Mountain", Fiona of BubzRugz has been so wonderful and sent me some of her stash. So down here in City Slicker land I am doing the happy dance and it looks so nice together....
So thanks so much lovely friend.
We will be having a rather quiet Easter here at home and I can now do some more stitching on this quilt. I am at present embroidering some stamens on my make believe flowers.
The outcome of this little design hiccup means my hexies don't go very well with this quilt so I've decided why can't I have a seperate hexie that's what I am doing.

Finally I would like to wish you all a very Happy & Safe Easter wherever you are and however you chose to spend it.

This sweet bunny is from Mo at Rose Petals from Heaven isn't he so cute.
I hope the "BUNNY" finds your Easter Basket. Mine is ready.....Thanks Sandy!
Blessings to you all,
Michelle xx

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Good morning everyone. Tuesday has rolled around again which means "Treasures" are to be found here and over at the lovely MELODY'S blog
Being a girl who loves a theme and seeing as Easter is just down the street I am sharing as my 'treasure' today the lovely handmade "Sweet Hunny Bun". I have had her for many years and she was a gift. I fell in love with her when I saw her in one of the Bear magazines and a dear friend with big ears (not as big as Hunny) was listening and made her for me.
She has enormously long ears, a beautiful dress with vintage buttons and a quilted vest which has star buttons stitched on the tips. Matching quilted wings. All in homespun except for the little hearts appliqued on her ears, vest and dress which have matching vintage buttons stitched over the hearts.. She used to have a halo with a star too but a very naughty staffy boy that lived with us decided it was a good chew toy when he was a puppy so she has a halo in spirit only now. In her paw she carries a lovely wooden heart with a lovely saying on it and you know how soppy old me loves sweet words. I don't know who designed my sweet rabbit and I gave her her name but it was love at first thank you!
You will notice Hunny Bun is holding a beautiful bunny tin. This was part of my Easter gift from my friends Easter swap from the gorgeous Sandy N. from Sandys Patchwork Angel I was thoroughly spoiled and here are the rest of my lovely gifties....
I would love to tell you the yummy Lindt bunny is in tact but alas his demise was swift and I assure you completely painless. I am hoping if I leave out my gorgeous little Easter basket the "Other Bunny" may fill it to the brim with more choccies......I know I am just a little 'gimme Pig'.
Do you have something, someone or somewhere you treasure....pop over to Melody's and share it with us.
Blessings Michelle xx

Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Winner and Back to the Shop

If I was a follower of fashions and trends I'd have in my hot little hands now enough beauitful fabric to be able to happily finish the applique quilt I have embarked on.....but as I am not and love the 'random' coming together of different fabrics I have to hop in the car and go back to the shop and try and find something that looks as nice as the mocha "Portabello Markets Paisley" that I bought just for my applique urn and one tiny border. Apparently it's old stock and there is no more and I have spent half the weekend trying to sorce some more. How did I know it would look so lovely that nothing else would do *sigh*. I love how the applique has turned out and I actually got the setting corners right (ok I had help on how from my friend Cathy).
What do you think.....somehow the hexies that started all this are somehow going to feature in all this or I may have 2 completely different quilts yet.
Why do my works in progress look like I just unscrewed them from a ball. I am really enjoying doing this as I haven't indulged myself with some needleturn for a long while. Just in case you wondered I still have 3 corners to go.

Now for the WINNER of my manic Easter giveaway that you were all good enough to take part in.
TARNYIA from way across the Nullabor in WA. Congrats to you Tarnyia and I know from past experience it won't get there before Easter. Enjoy your goodies.
Have a wonderful Monday everyone. I am off to the quilt store with fingers crossed xxx and then writing instructions.....lots of instructions!!!!
Blessings Michelle xx