....ohh and pencils and paper

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Not much sewing today

Well what happens when one's sewing room is a disgrace and you drop something into the mire and have to retrieve it from an awkward spot that requires you turning yourself inside out?? You hurt yourself don't you. Yes I have hurt my shoulder, arm and lower back. So not a lot of anything much happening here today. I can at least still hold a pencil which has saved me going completely crazy looking at the things I wanted to stitch.
I did however get some sweet mail from Bunny Hill. 2 gorgeous little patterns from the very talented Ann Sutton. They are so cute.
OOhhh! I do love a Scotty dog!
I do hope it's better by Friday so I can visit with Cheryll and everyone at Friday Night With Friends Stitch a long.
If you want to join in click HERE.
Well that's it from me. I am going to take my sorry self out of here.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesdays Treasure with Melody

I find it amazing how things get shared and then catch on in Blogland. I had been watching with interest and I have to say a certain amount of  "gee I would love one of those" the gorgeous little quilts being made for the wrought iron Table topper quilt stands. And yes I do know they are old news and I have never said I was the sharpest knife in the draw and it does take me a while to process things. So after getting the heads up from my friend Shez. I hopped over to Michelle's gorgeous blog and store Raspberry Rabbits and purchased not one but 2 different sizes.
To say my imagination has gone into overdrive is an understatement....I just adore them and the possiblities are endless. So of course I got out the pencils and started drawing and then started stitching and am working on this...
And there are several more to come. I am having so much fun. So my treasure today is my lovely new stands and their possiblities. Pop over and visit Melody our lovely hostess for more treasure.
The "mandatory red work" I must have in my basket at the moment are these little blocks.

Well that's it for me today. Short and sweet....I know a miracle! But I did want to add that I hope and pray that all our friends on the East Coast of the USA are well and out of harms way.
While listening to the radio the other day I heard a lovely quote from a lady who rang in. I am sorry I can't credit it her for it as I didn't catch her name....
"Everyone stumbles on this journey we call life. That's why it is better to hold someone's hand along the way"

Blessings Michelle xx

Monday, October 29, 2012

It's in the Bag

G'day all. I have been trying to do this post for ever this morning but there were gremlins somewhere in the system. I trust you all had a great weekend. Mine was very nice and relaxing although I could do with this wind buzzing off so I could have my sinsuses back in one piece.
I did a little bit of everyone else "Secret stuff" but I did make my Mum a simple tote bag to store her 'reading' quilt in during the summer months.
I also got some very nice post today. Some more little pieces of the "Sentiments" range to add to my stash I have a few ideas forming around this yummy fabric and actually did do a little drawing for it.
I was also very chuffed to see my "Christmas with the Gingies" quilt on the cover of this month's Country Threads Magazine.
There are few Queenslanders in this issue with very sweet designs...Jenny from Elephantz and I adore Cath Walkers gorgeous reindeer dollies....ooh so cute!
Well that is it from me except to say thank you to all you lovely people who emailed and ordered my new patterns. Bless your little threaded needles :) If you haven't seen them check out my sidebar.

I'm off to perform some more Domestic Goddess duties.....tell me why we need clean clothes again????
Blessings Michelle xx

Friday, October 26, 2012

A bit of R&R now.

Because over the last few weeks I have been as busy as one of these.....
I have been doing a lot of this today....
and plan on doing a bit more over the weekend along with a little Secret Sewing.
If you would like to see my 3 new Chrissy designs see my previous post or check my side bar.
This little bunch of flowers is for my best friend Ann. I am holding you in my heart with a hug.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend indulging in what ever makes your heart sing.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Over the Teacups, New Patterns & Post

Yesterday I set all these out ready.....
Did a spot of baking.....Pear Butter cake and my favourite type of baking "One Bowl Slice"
Made some pikelets and then throughly enjoyed the company of my stitching sisters who came to my home for stitching. We caught up on all the gos. from those who have been off travelling. Sandra showed us this lovely quilt she is now hand quilting. That's Sandra peeking over the top.
A little close up of the fabrics. It was made from a layer cake and the photo doesn't do it justice. It is so soft and pretty and took about patience sewing all those strips on it. Isn't it pretty. Sandra has the most exquisite taste in everything she does.
The postie dropped off another Santa Sack delivery this morning.....I am getting really worried about those Elves down Cheryll's way as this time the parcel was 'early' I am sure they have had toooo many rum balls
But the parcels are sooo cute....
Thank you Cheryll for spoiling me.
Ok! I now have them all in their shiny little bags and ready for sale.... we have -
" A Christmas Tail"  with Miss Mistletoe. A small quilt, santa sack and bonus tree ornament design.$16.50 Aus P&H included within Australia.
"Merry Mistletoe" small quilt and gift bag $16.50 Aus.
You will remember last post I was cutting out stars well they have become this new little design.
"6 Mini Christmas Stars" there are 6 different little mini stitcheries included in the pattern. This is perfect for those quick gifts or as an extra on a Christmas parcel.....perfect for all you swap girls or just to hang as an ornament on your Christmas tree. $12.00 Aus.
Overseas customers will have to add postage and I only accept Paypal as payment for overseas orders.
If you wish to order any of these new Christmas designs please email me.
Well folks now you know what I have been up to lately. Oh I should add "Merry Mistletoe" is the design I have been stitching along with my private on line group. I have made it into a pattern as so many of you had enquired about it.
Well that's it from me for today.
Blessings Michelle xx

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesdays Treasure with Melody

I guess because I have been finishing off my Mum's reading quilt for her Birthday she has been on my mind and the treasure I want to share today is a Teapot, Creamer and Sugar Bowl that my Mum painted for me when she was Porcelain painting.
I love the roses on this set....
And I also loved the elaborate design of them. I have had them for a lot of years now and as Mum no longer paints they are a real treasure to me. I love them.
Speaking of my Mum's quilt...I put the last stitch in it this afternoon and I think she will love to curl up under it with her favourite book. Mum is a voracious reader. I cannot keep up with her. The finished quilt.
Even though I don't usually stitch in these types of fabric. I have enjoyed it and some of them are exquisite in design. It has been a lovely peaceful process being all hand stitched which always allows for much reflection.
If you would like to visit our lovely hostess MELODY at The House on the side of the Hill you will find others sharing their treasures.
Besides finishing my Mum's quilt I have this little pile on my table.....
Hhhmmm!! What about these which are also on my table....
Enjoy your evening,
Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, October 22, 2012

Miss "M" is Best Pleased! Plus Giveaway Winner.

Yes "Miss Mistlemouse" is very pleased to show you a preview of "her pattern" all complete now. The human in this story has actually just got through typing instructions for it too....Yay~!
So here we have it..."A Christmas Tail"
As you can see there is a little quilt complete with puffy thingy's on the bottom...
And here is the Santa Sack "Miss M" just had to have.....wait there is one more thing. You have all inflated a certain wee grey lassies ego so much she also insisted on a tree ornament as well. And what else would it be but a *STAR* of course!
So that's it folks...I am sure some of you will be going thank goodness but for me I have been fascinated by the process of just 'where' this little mousey came from. I know better than to question. I just say thank you.
Hopefully it will be available next week in pattern form.
The winner of my little giveaway is....ta da!

"DE" from Re-de zines. Congratulations De! If you can email me your snail mail address I shall get it away to you. Thank you all for playing along.
Blessings Michelle xx

Friday, October 19, 2012

Lots of Suffolk Puffs

I have been madly making suffolk puffs and as they were a little bit smaller than I had thought I had to make more but thankfully I am now stitching them together.

So hopefully peace is just around the corner Miss Mistlemouse is very pleased.
I now have some photos to show you from the Quilt show yesterday as promised. I am always drawn to the appliqued quilts and these were lovely.....needleturned and mostly hand quilted.

I have always fancied making a black background appliqued quilt (the list just gets longer)

When I first started quilting the very talented Aussie designer and quiltmaker Robyn Ginn came to my quilting club to speak to us and show us her quilts.....and I have been a fan since then. I love Robyn's immense talent and her individuality. She is an extradorinary artist. She makes beautiful quilts which are often hand pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted. I was thrilled to see one of her quilts on display.

I just had to take a close up of the medallion in the centre.

There was this gorgeous offering from the very talented Michelle Hill. Stunning!

More Applique. I loved this one. It was hand quilted so beautifully.

Some hexies....
More hexies...
Finally a small selection from the Red/White quilts on tour....

Well I guess it is no secret which quilts attracted me. This is only a small selection of the gorgeous quilts on display. The only thing that disappointed me was that I couldn't get a closer look at the quilts which were hung up high.
So that folks as they say is it. The Queensland Quilters Quilt show.
I wish everyone a great weekend. If you are going to the show, enjoy.
Blessings Michelle xx

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Brisbane Craft Show

I went to the Craft and Quilt Show today with my best mate Ann who travelled down from up the coast. It was a lovely day and we agreed it is so nice to go together. We were no sooner in the door when we ran into 2 friends Diane and Robyn. Much chatting before we set out....we do usually split up as I hit the patchwork and stitching stalls and Ann hits the card making and papercraft stalls.
I didn't need a thing but that doesn't ever mean a thing does it. I had been saving some money I received as Birthday gifts to take to the show and to my absolute delight I discovered that one of my favourite Aussie Bear Artists Lisa Dopking from MEGELLES had the most gorgeous stall there full to the brim of gorgeous 'furry people', patterns, fur and all manner of gorgeousness. Whilst I stood there falling in love with just about every single one of them a little sweet girl captured my heart and I just had to bring her home.
Isn't she adorable.....I am going to call her "Meg" and she will only have the pearl tipped pins in her pincushion. I got to have a lovely chat to Lisa and I am mulling over going back to do a few bear classes with her ( it is so cool that Lisa is a fellow Brisbaneite) If you want to visit her lovely blog just click HERE
So making sure little Meg could breathe in her bag we set out to explore the show. Along the way we met
fellow bloggers Helen - Helbel 19 and Lynda - Heavens to Bettsy. I bought lots of quilting and stitching supplies and a couple of pieces of fabric for my William Morris quilt (really need to get started)
I then went and visited the Queensland Quilters quilt show while Ann did a work shop. And what did my eye spy straight away but the very Michelle Hill quilt I am collecting fabric for.
Talk about some one trying to give me the message....
I wonder if sleep is really necessary for health and survival????
I enjoyed looking at the quilts and after skulking around with my camera I was told by a lovely lady that it was fine to take photos but by then I was out of time so there are a few photos that I will share next post. I was pleased to however see the red/white quilts on tour. What is it about red and white or cream....gorgeous!
I am going to put my weary feet up and have a cuppa and reflect on a great day spent with a lovely friend.
Blessings Michelle xx

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blissful Day

Some days when you go to your Yoga class you cannot silence that chatterbox in your mind or leave the busyness of your life or the criticisms of others outside the door. You still benefit from your practice, but sometimes in your practice you do leave it all at the door and listen to your body and give up all those expectations to do more be more and your mind rests and it is such a blissful experience. I know those fellow Yoginis out there know of what I speak.
I had such a bliss filled practice today and it was just what I needed. It really helped me feel centred once again. Afterwards I got to catch up with my beautiful friend and Yoga Teacher Helen for some lunch. Over which it occurred to me what a blessing it is to have friends who truly see who you are and there is no pretense. You can be yourself and just enjoy honest conversation and sharing. Bliss.
Helen has been overseas for a very special family occassion recently and she bought me home a sweet gift of this special pencil case and I absolutely adore it......does this sound like me?  I have new pencils to go in it too which I bought the other day. Oh so happy :) Cute nail file too.
In the sewing department I am trying to do ten things at once but really must get cracking on some more Secret Sewing or else I am going to be putting in some overtime. I did start this.....
The trouble is I keep changing my mind. If I could settle down and decide on one thing I would get further...anyone else like me??? Everytime I see the count down days on people's blog I turn into the rabbit from Alice in know "I'm Late! I'm Late! For a very important Date"
But for today I am not giving up my feelings of bliss I am going to enjoy it.
Blessings Michelle xxx