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Monday, July 2, 2012

"Our Big Rock"

Having seen so many photos and movies featuring Uluru I fully expected that I would be underwhelmed by one of our most famous natural wonders but nothing could be further from the truth. It is so surreal when you see it for the first time and the hugeness and majesty of the place takes your breath away. There is an energy about the area. It's imposing presence seems to be all around you. I was also surprised by all the crevices and caves as it looks so smooth from a distance. So I did what all other tourists do and had a piccie with  "the rock".
We did 2 of the smaller walks around the base and it was just beautiful. There were several caves that had aboriginal rock art still evident on the walls. These paintings were seen on the Kuniya walk at the Mutitjulu waterhole.
A lovely man took a photo of Gary & I there. Please excuse the strange woman in the hat hanging on to my husband. That is such a bad hat. LOL!
We then investigated the Mala walk which took us to the Kantju gorge which was so beautiful and peaceful. A large part of this walk could not be photographed as it was a sacred womens place. On one of the descriptive information signs there was this little piece that I thought was just lovely and I was allowed to photograph it.
Whilst I was enjoying my blogging friend Christine's (Mcdonald's Patch) outback adventure I admired a bench her family were sitting on and of course the moment I saw one I knew I had to have a sit down on one too.
I would love one of these in my garden some where. After a cuppa and a visit to the cultural centre where we watched a couple of talented indigenous artists at work and then we decided to head off to our little home on wheels. As we approached the signpost to Kata-Juta (the Olga's) I suggested to Gary a little drive out there just to have a look see not realising that it was 44 kms down the road. Anyway Gary loves an excursion even if it is 4.30pm in the afternoon. As they came into view we were just amazed. I imagined them to be something on the scale of the Devil's Marbles...boy was I way off. They were massive.
There is a reason my husband is called Gary that's G.....gee we could fit in a quick walk to that gorge(2.6kms) Michelle says no we couldn't and then....AR come on. No says Michelle!.....Y??? says Gary and stupidly Michelle gives in. We were the only ones walking into Walpa Gorge...everyone else was walking out and you could tell they were thinking "where are they going???"
It was the most beautiful place though and the colours of the cliff walls as the sun began to get low in the sky....bright orange and lush green trees and bushes growing in the gullies. So different from Uluru.
Dearest one remarked to me proudly "Looks like we are the last ones here" and I replied back to him "it won't be so cool if we find a couple of dingoes waiting by our car with a picnic rug and some cutlery just waiting for the last two chubbies to exit the park. Our walk back to the car was accompanied by a certain person amusing himself by making dingo howling noises which echoed off the walls of the gorge. Thank goodness no one else was there to hear him especially any curious dingoes. I was very happy to get to the car.
On a more serious note one of the things I found I love about out here is the light that comes just after the sun has set. It is absolutely beautiful....a layer of gorgeous blue with a layer of palest pink on top of that and then there is an eerie paler blue on top of that. Those of you who have been out this way will know what I mean. I have tried to capture it in a photo to show you but it doesn't do it justice. That is also a gorgeous full moon.
Well I don't know what is on the agenda for tomorrow. My erstwhile companion is making noises about walking around the base of Uluru which is only a mere 10.6kms even though he has a sore knee....but it is flat says he!!!!! I am sure I shall be shorter when I get home from all this walking.
A big thank you to everyone who has left me such lovely comments about our trip....I was very concerned it would bore you all to tears but you have been so very interested and kind.
Goodnight all,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. "it won't be so cool if we find a couple of dingoes waiting by our car with a picnic rug and some cutlery just waiting for the last two chubbies to exit the park"

    ROFL- Oh my goodness Michelle. I read this 10 minutes ago and Im still laughing ! Glad to see you survived to blog about the experience.

  2. It certainly is surreal when you first see "The Rock"! Glad to hear there weren't any dingoes waiting for you!

  3. Ohh the scenery is just gorgeous...making me want to do a big trip lol

  4. lol,lol,i love this amusing post Michelle,you should become a writer.Once again beautiful pics and thankyoufor sharing.xx

  5. Love your explanation of why Gary is called Gary. Had a chuckle, then got to the dingoes with the picnic rug. That really had me laughting. Well written, my Friend !!!
    Gorgeous pics again.

  6. Awesome photos Michelle, sounds like you are having fun. One day I will be doing this, looking forward to it.

  7. Wonderful photos Michelle. I think I have one of those hats too. Still, they provide good shade. Glad you are having such a lovely break. Hugs....


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