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Sunday, July 29, 2012

On the Down Hill Run

I have been likened to a horse who can smell the home paddock and just wants to head for home....not sure I appreciate the analogy although it is partly true that I am looking forward to HOME. I really enjoyed the drive from Bathurst up through Mudgee and on to Scone. Once again the landscape changed and there was something different to enjoy. Beautiful rolling hills and plains with wattle trees beginning to bloom everywhere.
As we had had a very early start we stayed in Tamworth last night and set out this morning for one of our favourite little towns on the New England Highway. Oh! It is so nice to see blue skies and the sun too. I had a bit of a drive this morning to give Gary a break and I must say it was much more relaxing driving in the outback with the road trains than with the lunatics who decided that today was their day out. Phew! Once we arrived in Uralla we headed straight for the home of Australia's best BLT.....
Which is housed in this gorgeous old shop building in the main street.
Despite many strange glances I was determined to take a photo to show you that we were not remiss in our assessment in giving their BLT top marks. Heaven!!!
  The coffee was very nice too and so pretty in it's red cup and saucer.
Feeling pretty good after our lovely and much anticipated lunch we (Gary) made the decision to cut across to the coast  along the "Waterfall Way". It is a pretty drive but we didn't realise it would be a bit hairy with the camper especially as the road was not in as good condition as the last time we drove it. I was decidedly seedy from the many kms of winding road and Gary was pretty weary from all that concentration.  The scenery is really pretty though.
   As you get closer to Grafton you pass the Nymboida  River and  Russell Crowe owns an historical hotel there with a museum of "Interesting Things" on the property, we had visited before so didn't go in this time but it is a lovely place to break your journey and have a coffee or a drink and the museum is full of interesting things!~!
This photo of me is on a previous visit at the back of the Inn over looking the river as I was not looking in any condition for a photo after that drive. Many famous people have stood in this spot for a photo.
    It is a truly lovely spot and it was great to enjoy it again after such a harrowing journey.
  Loads of people use the rapids  in this river for canoeing.
 We are cosied up for the night here in the town of Grafton and my husband has decided that I need some time by the ocean to complete this road trip so we will find somewhere to park ourselves for a couple of days before heading home.
Blessings Michelle xx                                                                                                                     


  1. how nice Michelle,its fantastic to get away but its even better to come home,enjoy your last few days on the road,take care.xx

  2. it's been a fantastic trip ....

  3. I have certainly enjoyed your journey , so nice to see photos of all the interesting places in Australia. Hugs Sheila

  4. Australia is a place I've always wanted to visit... alas, so far away... perhaps one day... loved seeing all the pics... and I know what you mean about coming home... I'm a homebody! Thanks for stopping in and visiting my blog, it is nice to hear from someone who cares too. Hugs.

  5. So gorgeous - and home is in the air - but enjoy that beach, my dear! No better place in the world than a beach, except home.

  6. Im like you - once Im near to home I just want to be home ! Ive enjoyed sharing your trip around our great country. A couple of days by the beach sounds like a great way to top it all off!

  7. WOOHOO nearly home, what a wonderful journey Michelle. That is the biggest BLT I have every seen, yes LOOOOVVE the red cup and saucer....

  8. That BLT looked enormous! Glad you are nearly home safely. The coffee cup I can relate to... DD2 and I had breakfast yesterday and I got a duck swimming on my coffee so cute.


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