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Saturday, July 31, 2021

HELP.....Where has my reading list GONE?


Hi there. My reading list seems to have gone MISSING. Anyone one else having or had this issue? Sent several complaints to Blogger and Google to no avail! As usual!

To read your blogs I have to individually go into your blogs....there is no feed of recent posts.......very frustrating! 

Any advice or info gratefully received. 

Michelle xxxx

Sunday, July 25, 2021

July Round Up

 Hello out there. I do hope all my southern friends are safe and well in the current lockdown situation. We are still masking up here in Brisbane which although I am very happy to comply makes hospital visits difficult. My husband ended up in hospital for 2 weeks and he was not allowed visitors which was difficult to manage when you are anxious and worried.....understand the caution but still difficult. And so many folks in this situation. 

I have kept up with my tags.....

The halfway mark was reached and we had to make ourselves a medal....I chose EPP....bee themed fabrics for our "tag making sewing bee"

Anne invited us to make a tag using favourite techniques from the challenge and send it to her (she is planning a little exhibition for them all) So far over 400 from all over the world have arrived....mine included.
I decided to make another medal to send to Anne using a hexie. I embroidered seed stitch over it as I enjoyed learning it. I also stitched on a piece of needle tatting that was new to me also.
I added a little bee suprise under the medal to tie it in with mine.....
This weeks tag was another multi layered project......make a brooch.....take and share a photo of you wearing it and WHERE you are in the world and then attach it to your No.30 tag......WELL....I am the Queen of terrible selfies....the Westerlies blowing didn't help lol!
But after a myriad of attempts...I decided enough was enough.....I  am what I am! Yours truly with said brooch!

My Brooch Tag....I chose green....I LOVE green and I upcycled a little Angel pin who had lost her backing pin....I  did enjoy planning and stitching on this one.
Apart from tags I have kept up with hand quilting while the cold weather is here. Something soothing about rows of little stitches making hills and valleys  across your quilt.

And more hexie flowers for my Heartstrings border.....which means I shall have to make up my mind how they will end up.

Only a little sketching.....trying to keep my practice up. Some of my nature table specimens for my sketchbook.
Nothing much happening in my Garden of Neglect but this pot of succulents and owl made me smile.
Take care everyone, 
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx