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Friday, July 28, 2023

July Roundup

 Hello friends. This will be a photo heavy post so warning given......proceed at your own risk lol! Recently my dear friends visited the Monet in Paris experience with me as an early birthday celebration.....I loved it and the company was wonderful. 

The entry ceilings bedecked with blooms to set the scene.....Bev and I attempted a selfie with much hilarity. 
Inside the artwork of the Impressionists was projected on to large screens, accompanied by beautiful music....many classics from ballet scores...delightful!

Whilst being  enthralled by beautiful art, the floor had projections of swathes of flowers moving across the room and animated dragonflies and butterflies flitting everywhere. They were too quick for a fact I actually didn't want to miss anything so didn't take a lot of photos. Below is my blurry photo of the floor. 
It was so beautiful!  We took the opportunity to assemble on the bridge over Monets waterlillies for some photos.

We finished with a lovely coffee and a light lunch....I had a croissant....of course!

Such a lovely day.....with special ladies.....these girls and we're still girls lol! have been walking beside me for over 30 years....truly blessed xx

Sunday Stitchers meeting was also attended earlier this month and it was my turn to receive my birthday challenge gift from the lovely Lynda.....a sweet angel design from Rosie Quinlan.....always a big fan of Rosie and miss her beautiful designs.....I now have to put my thinking cap on and make a project using it by next birthday.

Lots of stitching has house resembles a craft supplies tip but as it is only me now....the care factor is very low!
I have made the BOM deadline for Owl and Hare.....changed up a couple of the pieced blocks to stars as I still have a sore shoulder.....
Gossip in the Garden also received some attention....
I have also started two new slow stitching of my own....which is still percolating in my head so just a sneaky of that one.
The other is another SAL at Roxy Creations.....this time a wall hanging themed as a TREASURE HUNT. There are 2 prompts a month for 6 months. 
First prompt....monogram Second prompt....treasured lace.
I chose a gifted monogrammed damask hand towel as my base. I  could never bear to wipe my hands on it! So prompt one was a bit of a cheat. The treasured lace was more what to leave out lol! So here is my effort so far.....some pieces  are just tacked on waiting for more prompts....hope I have enough room!

Ok! Hello are you still with me lol! I think I am all caught up. 
Thank you for visiting and to those I have been unable to reply to previous comments...thank you for your lovely words.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx