....ohh and pencils and paper


A dedicated page to share my drawings and art. Mainly worked in coloured pencils. I hope you enjoy your visit.
                 "I Spy with My Little Eye " Kookaburra and Eastern Skink. My own reference photos and imagination.
Crested Pigeon
Kookaburra Carnarvon Gorge Queensland
Marjor Mitchell Cockatoo
Osprey reference photo Kev Webb
Kingfishers reference photo Diane Smith
Mum & Bub Koalas
"Lady Mitchell" from Lightning Ridge (NSW)
End of Day (Willy-Wagtail Bowna Victoria)
"Hello" Giraffe Australia Zoo Queensland
Charlotte's Rose
Pretty in Pink
Raindrops on Roses
Lavender Blue
Silvereye in the Cherry Blossom reference Pixabay
African Wild Dog reference photo Diane Smith
"Nap Time" sleeping koala reference photo Susan Palmer
Mr & Mrs Regal reference Pixabay
Cape Barren Goose reference photo Greg Carter
Eastern Spinebill in Grevillea reference Pixabay
Sunny Wattle
New Zealand Christmas Bush
Scarlett Honeyeater in New Zealand Christmas Bush Pixabay
"Precarious Real Estate" Koala
Pretty faced Wallaby Scratchboard
Willy Wagtail Scratchboard
Baby Cheetah Scratchboard Teacher reference
Loten's Purple Sunbird reference Pixabay
Our Beloved Boy "Doc"
Beautiful "Ella"
"Pretty Boy Blue" Male Blue Fairy Wren NSW
Yellow Breasted Robin Minyon Falls NSW
"Backyard Gossip" Willy Wagtails
"Riding High" Mother Brushtail Possum and joey
"Mum Poss" our resident female Brushtail Possum
Blue Faced Honeyeater in Grevillea reference Pixabay
"There's No Place Like Home" Tasmanian Devil in Den
"The Lookout" Meerkat Dubbo Zoo
Little Friarbird in Grevillea reference photo Anthony Barge
"The View From The Top" koala


  1. It is a treat looking through your beautiful paintings and drawings Michelle.

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  3. wow you have enough now for an exibition,love them all my clever talented friend xx

  4. Oh wow these are just .....words can not express. Thank you for sharing. Xx

  5. Oh my goodness, what a gifted artist you are! Each work of art is stunning!


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