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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wilson's Promitory

Before I begin I finished my little Fairy Wren....cute little Mister!
He kept me company whilst it poured last night and this morning.....we have seen lots of these little birds a long the way on our quick and busy.
Ok! The very beautiful Wilson's Promitory.  It is the southern most point of the Australian mainland and is national park. There are many photos, if you don't like nature pics turn away now.....
On the way into Tidal River....
See those ominous clouds out there. us in the end lol! But we had a pretty good wander beforehand.....Tidal River is beautiful. Huge boulders and native vegetation...gorgeous crimson rosellas....elusive for my camera though!

We wandered over the footbridge and walked out along the hill track to view where the river meets the ocean.

Obligatory piccie on the bridge....
Definitely worth the walk....

I don't know what it is about weather beaten trees and ocean views but I am a fan!

There are several different landscapes around the river....

Did I happen to mention weather beaten trees?

Very special place....

We pushed our luck just a tad and the weather Gods decided....enough enjoyment for this pair. We attempted a little walk here....

Got a bit damp and then the horizontal rain and hail chased us home.
We have decided a few days stay is definitely in order in the future here....not enough time to do all we wanted.
If you live here in Aus and love yourself a big favour and go will just love it!

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Love following your travels and all the lovely photos. The little bird is gorgeous. Oh up to R well done.
    Travel safe and keep the updates coming..xx

  2. Love following your travels and all the lovely photos. The little bird is gorgeous. Oh up to R well done.
    Travel safe and keep the updates coming..xx

  3. I have been away for awhile, didn't realize you were away too. Have a great time and thanks for sharing. Guida

  4. It looks like just our sort of place! xx

  5. Loved your gorgeous photos Michelle. We love camping and walking at Wilson's Prom. And your beautiful wren is just gorgeous - a favourite bird of mine

  6. Gosh, I don't pop in for a few days and look where I find you. Safe travels and keep those photos coming. Beautiful little wren, always a joy to see them hopping around.

  7. I've never been there, but what a great place it is Michelle. Ocean views and sculptural trees win me every time too. Loving your trip, what a great route you have taken.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for taking us along. Loving that little wren, too. It looks so real! Beautifully done! XO

  9. Love the wren. Just beautiful. Fabulous photo's of a gorgeous area. Hugs,xx

  10. what a totally beautiful area...

  11. Sounds like a lovely trip so far (apart from the rain) That is certainly a very beautiful part of Australia.

  12. Great photos thank you Michelle, the Prom is always a beautiful place to go and visit.

  13. Hi my lovely friend,oh i love your wren and thankyou for sharing your beautiful pics with us Michelle.xx


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