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Friday, October 14, 2016

River Deep, Mountain High

Good afternoon folks. Another wonderful day of exploring. Up into the Alpine Natiinal Park. We travelled down through Bright....a nice little town! Beautiful park...Centenary Park. So much fast flowing water through it.
The sun was shining and not to cool...poser on the bridge!
Very bad selfie people lol!
Gorgeous trees!

We then headed towards Tawonga Gap....magnificent views of Mt Bogong. Very excited to see snow on its peak.
The travel director was very smitten....
We were advised to go on up towards Bogong Village (home to the Snowy Mountain scheme workers way back when) to view Fainter's director missed the sign.....but we did see their tail end which was still something to see.

Beautiful wattle here.....glorious!
It was then decided not unanimously I might add to see if we could reach Falls Creek as they had had snow......

As you can see we made it.....neither of us have seen snow...albeit dirty snow but still snow...some folks are easily impressed!

Was a wee bit cool but we can say that we have seen a couple of snowy peaks now!
As the road was closed past Falls Creek

we headed back down to Mt Beauty for lunch....thats it way down there!
Isn't this a cool sculpture....loved it.
We completed our scenic circle through the town of there's an Aussie name to conjure with! So wanted some raspberry jam but it eluded me. Great day and we experienced much more than we anticipated when we set out this morning.
We live in a country of amazing and beautiful landscapes. Travelling for a bit now so you get a rest from the piccies.....maybe.....
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. God morning Michelle,

    Is this a lovely Few, i likes this Area too
    I am a Mountain Girl

    I wish you a lovely Holiday

    Kind regards Marika

  2. Loving your trip and all the pics...... It's so exciting seeing snow......

  3. A beautiful part of the world Michelle and Bright is a favourite of ours. Did you find the Christmas shop. How amazing there was still snow. Great piccies

  4. Hi my lovely friend ,what beautiful places you are visiting ,loving the pics ,and glad you got to see some snow,safe travels xx

  5. Thanks for taking us along on your travels through your beautiful country, I am enjoying it so much .

  6. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing ♥

  7. Thank you for sharing your travels. Such beautiful views. Good to see y'all.

  8. It's lovely travelling with you. Photos are fantastic. Enjoy and keep the photos coming.

  9. So many beautiful places visited thanks for sharing your adventures.x

  10. Keep those picture coming Michelle. Even the bad selfies. :) lol. Love seeing where you've been. I haven't been in that area since i was about 6 or 7. Hugs,xx

  11. The views are stunning. It is such a pretty area and everything is so green at the moment.

  12. Oh your photos are just stunning. You look like you are having fun. Keep up the photos and continue to enjoy our beautiful country. Stay safe xx

  13. Oh your photos are just stunning. You look like you are having fun. Keep up the photos and continue to enjoy our beautiful country. Stay safe xx

  14. How exciting to see snow for the first time! Mind you, I see it every year and it still excites me. xx

  15. Magnificent to get to the snow, dirty or not snow is snow. Lovely lovely views and I love travelling along with you cyberly

  16. Beautiful photos Michelle, is always a treat to see snow! Such wonderful scenery around there. Safe travels and enjoy.


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