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Thursday, October 27, 2016

More Exploring

As we arrived in Queenscliff quite early, we unhooked and sought a little sustenance at a very nice establishment called "The Rolling Pin"......this French Vanilla Slice was downright decadent ! I thought we were very good and shared it.
We then set off to explore Point Lonsdale....we seem to have a thing for lighthouses of late.
It was so deliciously warm I donned my shorts! More lovely Aussie coastline .
We wandered down on to the beach.....sandy toes yay!
Had a little read about the Australian saying "Buckley's and None"
A message from the traditional owners...
We finished with a stroll out along the jetty.

Very enjoyable!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Looks like I should have checked on your plans. I was in Ocean Grove for a few days and only came home today. Very pleased to see we have had some better weather for you to enjoy as you see the sights!

  2. Much better weather for exploring by the looks of it!! That is a great jetty, there is a geocache out there but it has eluded me so far!!

  3. Such a lovely area Michelle. Enjoy your exploring and shorts weather, woo hoo

  4. Glad the weather improved for you. The cake looks yummy. Such a lovely area to explore. Hugs, xx

  5. Good weather, lots of sights to see and yummy food to eat - sounds like a good holiday to me!

  6. What a yummy vanilla slice. This holiday just keeps on giving Michelle. Loving your adventures. Queenscliff is very nice as I recall.

  7. Nice photos! I love that French Vanilla Slice ♥

  8. That's a beautiful spot. My daughter was married right next to the pier on the left hand side. Standing on the sand. Very pretty. If you noticed a blue and white guest house just down the road. That was once owned by my brother. We had the reception there too.

  9. Gosh what a trip you are having!! Lovely photos, you sure are clocking up the miles and giving your new vehicle a good run (PS I blinded everyone by putting on shorts the other day - whew talk about white legs that haven't seen the sun for a while!!)

  10. Good morning my lovely friend ,lovely pics of a beautiful spot ,oh I am so excited see you soon Michelle xxxx

  11. Hi Michelle - have been enjoying following your travels & all your wonderful pics. Looks like you are having great weather too. Safe travels Michelle x x

  12. I think you will be the expert on where to go for Vanilla Slice after this trip...


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