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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Geelong and Bellarine Railway

I really have tried to limit the photos in my posts to no avail I am once again there are lots! Just warning you! I have always wanted to see the painted bollards at Cunningham Pier by the bay in Geelong .
They didn't disappoint and we enjoyed this spot immensley.
Some of the bollards....I promise I won't bore you with them all! There is quite a lot of them. But they are such good fun....loved them .

 We wandered out on to the pier after a very nice lunch. Finally some great fish and chips in Victoria  (sorry but used to the best in Queensland....utter bias I know but true)
I just loved this sculptural installment  of little cheeky gnomes amongst rocks, pebbles and little water bubblers.....

Don't know who that last little gnome is lol! It was great to see art in a public place for all to enjoy.
Have to say thumbs up Geelong! Really loved this spot.
We then managed to get lost and stumbled upon L'il Different Patchwork shop's street! How about that girls! So a donation was made and I exited with a few more pieces I am collecting for a new project......very happy Stitcher...
Today we went on a little train journey . ...

We boarded at...
And rode to....
It was very relaxing and lovely scenery as we clicked and clacked along by the bay....
Hubby was a very happy train buff as they used a steam of his loves. It was really quite small and was made in Kilmarnock Scotland....still ticked all the boxes though.

Drysdale station has views across Lake Lorne recreation area....very pretty.

All Aboard! Turn the engine.....For the return journey.

Such a lot of  work keeping these old trains in good order but someone appreciated it.
After arrrivng back in Queenscliff we sampled the delights once again of the Rolling Pin bakery for lunch.....had a wander around the streets. I really wanted piccies of these two old buildings that I had been admiring each time we passed them during our stay....

See those ominous clouds in the photo.....well sunshine turned to gale force winds lol!
So bye Queenscliff, it's been lovely. We are off inland.....going to miss the very beautiful Victorian coastline despite the weather.

I shall leave you with these pretties....
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. So glad you had time to explore Queenscliff and Geelong. Both lovely spots.

  2. Hi my lovely friend,awesome pics and we went on that train too for my sister's 50th birthday and they had Blue's bands playing we swapped carriages at each stop and got to hear a different band,awesome fun,safe travels Michelle xx

  3. Love those old buildings, brings back memories! Gorgeous steam train too.....and isn't that Geelong art wonderful?

  4. Love those vintage train rides - if it wasn't for the volunteers who do such wonderful work they would all be long gone.

  5. WE spent quite a bit of time at Geelong when we lived in Victoria.. I love those spots you visited...

  6. I love the effort they have gone to in Geelong with the bollards and the artwork. We try to stop and look as often as possible.

  7. Love all the photos Michelle! Those painted bollards and the sculptures are wonderful. I think that little railway just went on our 'to do'list. Love Queenscliff; went there years ago and lunch in a beautiful hotel there...starched white tablecloths and all!

  8. Great photos again. Love Geelong. The fabric looks delicious.. Enjoy my Friend.

  9. You find such amazing things Michelle! I love those bollards - what a great idea and I love train journeys. xx

  10. Love all your photos, its like being there without all the travel. Thanks heaps, Guida.

  11. The bollards are just amazing. I hadn't seen the little gnomes before. glad Mr R enjoyed his train ride


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