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Friday, October 28, 2016

A Very Special Day

I am making no excuses for this being a long post. The other special date to be kept on our trip was gift a quilt to our lovely friend Shez for a special birthday. It has been the best kept secret ever and definitely a work of heart by all concerned. There has been many fibs told, planning and subtefuge that would make ASIO proud!
These are a couple of the planning photos...

Clever friend Fiona from BubzRugz co-ordinated (wrangled ) us, friends made and sent gorgeous blocks and helped out. Fiona also worked her magic in quilting it.....
And then clandestinely handed it over to me for binding and delivery. Do we look guilty? Not a jot! Lol!

I couldn't help myself and had to draw and stitch a little birdie label...
And now the BEST BIT! Another friend Karen organised a lunch and sewing day for me *wink with Kiwikid Sue, Shez and happened (some borrowed here..thanks Sue)

A pretense of some show and tell ensued with Shez helping out....
Completely unaware it was for was priceless! Such a lovely moment and tissues all round!
Shez was overwhelmed and truly loved her beautiful  quilt. 

Loved every minute.....I also got to met Sue from Kiwikid in person.....luvverly girl!
Our beautiful hostess Karen fed and watered us PLUS video live streamed the handover all around the country and! Such a clever lady!
Icing on the cake? Beautiful stitching  of course.  This is Karen's Mum's gorgeous Dear Jane quilt.....all hand pieced....oooohhh yum!

Like Mother like Daughter.....some of Karen's lovely work too.
All keen to do  clamshells now! 

And then Karen showed me her stash of my favs.....French General fabrics ! Ahhhh!

There is another row behind and a case on the floor....boy I had trouble keeping my hands out of there I can tell you lol!
Today was one of those rare days when friends and stitching collide with such joy that the ripples are wide reaching and  make you proud to be a needlewoman.
Happy special birthday Shez xxx
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. What a truly wonderful day , a huge Thankyou to all my gorgeous friends,my quilt will be treasured and loved ,it has all meant so much to me ,I will help you do show and tell any day my friend,lol.
    I had so much fun today and it was awesome to be able to give you a hug,I do miss you Brissy girls .
    Wasn't Karen's show and tell wonderful those quilts were amazing ,thankyou so much Michelle and looking forward to catching up with you again next week ,more hugs to come xx

  2. What a lovely surprise for your friend......well done on keeping the secret!

  3. What a wonderful quilt, gift, and post! Love your last line about being "proud to be a needle woman"!

  4. A fabulous day Michelle.....just loved it! Can just imagine what it would be like in person!

  5. It was so wonderful to watch the expression on Shez's face when her beautiful quilt was handed over. Love Karen's show & tell. Hugs, xx

  6. Woohooo! We don't have to keep the secret any longer. LOvely photos. I have no idea how to get the live streaming unfortunately. Sue is such a lovely gal.Must pop on over to Shez' blog now. Thanks for sharing these pics.

  7. It was fabulous to watch Shez open her special quilt.Thank you Michelle for delivering it and Karen for streaming it..
    Oh how did you stop yourself Michelle from not tucking some of that lovely FG stash into that pillowslip that was empty..
    Beautiful show and tell.

  8. What a wonderfully gift!! The quilt is beautiful! Thanks for sharing all these quilts with us.

  9. Absolutely fabulous Michelle!! Great post - how special to see Shez with her quilt. Looks like a fantastic day all round!!

  10. So sad I wasn't there but looks like you had a wonderful time. Surprise giving of quilts is always the best. I did that to a friend of mine for her and hubby30 anniversary. She was very unsuspecting and after paul( hubby) said read the label was the first moment that she realised she could take it home. It was in French general fabrics too! Enjoy the rest of the holiday and safe travels home.

  11. It all worked so well - you being able to take it personally, Karen filming it and of course Fiona for starting and coordinating - not to mention her lovely quilting.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  12. Brilliant - well done to all who contributed. What a great occasion. xx

  13. I've enjoyed every minute of this. All the secrecy, the planning, the video and now this lovely post. Thanks Michelle.

  14. What a gorgeous quilt! How could not love such a gorgeous loving gift!! Well done girls! A day to remember!!

  15. the quilt worked out so pretty.... it's lovely seeing it there. such fun at Karen's too - it's always so inspiring seeing other peoples quilts...

  16. Thank you, Michelle for being the carrier of the quilt. It looks like you pulled off the surprise beautifully!


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