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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Down a Country Road Part One

Well we had a fab day at the zoo at Dubbo. My camera man acquitted himself well. We both got some lovely photos....but didn't bring my internety remote thingy so can't show you.....sigh* I can show you a beautiful book I bought myself...

I am now taking my tablet to take some piccies to share with you (hope you don't hate holiday pics lol!)
We dropped by a little Sunday market in Dubbo and bought some delicious marmalade and a set of chimes for my kitchen. Old spoons....very kitsch but I love them!
Se travelled down through Wellington, Molong, Orange and on to Cowra...bit of a Cooks tour because of flooding and road closures.
Today we went off to the Japanese Gardens in peaceful. Its not called the Peace Precinct for nothing......a few piccies!

Yours truly...bit windswept. It was quite a deal cooler than this old Queenslander is used to!
Loved the wisteria.

Loved the little family that greeted us as we wandered....7 children!
There are large gums which are quite sculptural in parts of the garden.
I love the lake area....the Koi rush to the bridge hoping for a treat along with the ducks.
Well I'm hoping you aren't too bored. We also popped into the Cultural centre and I couldn't stay away from the pots.....
No one does ceramics like the Japanese.
I have always loved a raw fired pot....

Oh and of course gorgeous fabric...
And yes you read it right there is a Part 2 to this day!  See you in the next episode!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I have those chimes..... They are great and great price to......
    Cowra gardens are Beatiful....... Heaps colder here today to....

  2. Beautiful pictures Michelle. Thank you for sharing your adventure. It is good to see you my dear.

  3. Beautiful pictures Michelle. Thank you for sharing your adventure. It is good to see you my dear.

  4. Gorgeous photo's. Looking forward to seeing more of your adventure. Hugs,xx

  5. Part 1 was better than Part 2 which I read first! The gardens look lovely. Sounds like a lovely trip

  6. those gardens are so lovely.... I want to visit Cowra now...

  7. I am getting itchy feet seeing all the places you are visiting. Hope it warms up for you. Still cold here.

  8. Thank you for sharing your travels, that is a beautiful place, love the ceramics too.

  9. Lovely photos and looks so peaceful. Oh yes looking forward to going to thid place on our travels. The Japanese lady looks similar to mine - mine is much bigger though.


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