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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Last Day on Phillip Island Part Two

After receiving very good advice from our friend Rhonda we headed off for lunch here.....
Hubby had been keen to try the pizzas here because Moto GP hero Valentino Rossi eats here and recommended it also.....bits of racing memorbillia around the walls....

These smiles are because it was the best Pizza ever....
Even took the leftovers with us . ..
Next day we headed up and around the bend to Sorrento to catch the vehicular ferry over to Queenscliff on the Bellarine peninsula ....

Quite a feat getting it into position ......

It was a bit breezy and choppy so I was not that pleased with the whole experience and stayed mostly outside watching the horizon....
We were surprised at the shortness of the journey and I for one was very glad about that.....

Another pretty spot to explore.....
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Love the meals there too. Are you heading home now. If you come through Mildura give me a shout. We could catch up for a cuppa

  2. What a great trip you are having! It's many years since we visited Queenscliff, but I do remember some lovely old buildings.

  3. Looks like the pizza was really nice ♥

  4. Quite an adventure and I love the photos. I tend to stay outside on ferry rides as well!

  5. oh I love a good Pizza - but don't know when to stop! I remember that ferry journey years ago - past lots of posh houses???

  6. You are really having the adventure. Nice camper!

  7. Good to see you had a fine day for the crossing, I tend to be outside watching the horizon too....much more comfortable and there are the odd things to watch as you go along.

  8. Glad you and your husband are having such a great time, thanks for the lovely photos. Guida

  9. What an amazing trip you are having - it all looks so beautiful. xx


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