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Friday, October 21, 2016

What a Difference a Day Makes

We left the beautiful Bunurong Marine park on a gorgeous sunny afternoon. .....
I stupidly risked life and limb to get yet another shot of the Eagles Nest and just one more before I left!
 Mr R. was keen to visit The Caves which has been designated as a dinosaur dig and is protected as such....
Unfortunately the land runoff from all the rain into the sea was a bit too violent to do much more than look!

Stiil a stunning coastline. ....

We arrived here....
For the other goal of our trip.....Father and Son to indulge their shared passion.....the Phillip Island Moto GP.
The rest of the family were less than impressed lol!
But you just can't keep a Queenslander down.....Miss C. getting into the action...ear protectors and all.
The sensible members of the family departed for warmer and drier accommodation after this.....
Really hoping we can explore more before we move on because I never realised what a pretty place Phillip Island is!
Ahhh another night with rain on the roof!!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Have enjoyed sharing your adventures...we haven't visited Phillip Is but I am sure we will one day...

  2. It has turned really cold here too.

  3. Just beautiful. Watching Martin Clunes Islands Of Australia last night & he was on Phillip Island with the fairy penguins. Would love to get there to see them. Hugs,xx

  4. We have certainly turned on the weather for you Always seems to rain for the Bikes
    Have fun any way
    Miss C looks so cute in her wet weather gear xx

  5. lovely coast line... hope the boys have enormous fun - and you keep nice and warm!

  6. More lovely pics but shame about the rain. My niece has been to Phillip Island several times and loves it there. xx

  7. I am so pleased you are enjoying the Island. It has so much to offer. I am just disappointed you have landed this horrid weather. I make regular visits to the Island to friends there - an easy trip for me.And we always take our visitors there. Hope you discover a few P/W shops in your travels.

  8. So nice to get out and see the world around us.

  9. Well at least you have had some fine weather, sad it wasn't when you are on the island, it is a beautiful place. Hope the boys enjoyed the bikes.


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