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Thursday, October 13, 2016

B is for Beautiful Beechworth

We had a lovely day today exploring Beechworth in Victoria. Warning! There are a LOT of photos.....Loads of history here, particularly about notorious bushranger Ned Kelly.
We visited the historic Court House where Ned appeared many times.
Of course you can't help get in the swing of things once inside....sorry excuse the pun!
This is definitely a likely suspect! Some one blabbed...

We then had a bit of a meander up the quaint paved main street..........

and popped into Beechworth Honey.....real, proper Aussie honey....came out with treats and their amazing lip balm!
On a previous trip to this State I developed a bit of a taste for Beechworth Bakery lemon slice.....this is the Orginal bakery....woohoo!
Very happy to indulge once again. ..oh and of course a pie!
After lunch off to Gaol....well just for a visit.
We visited 2 historic where we taste tested cordials...flavours from yester year....still made today and delicious.

The other. ...Bridge Road Brewers....we bought home samples of both.
We finished our day with a short drive to Woolshed Falls. Quite wonderful after all the rain.
You can view it from a platform or walk down to right beside the falls....magic!
Just had to get closer...
This was a surprising treat from nature....loved it!
Ok.....must away, very weary and more exploring tomorrow! Did I mention this place is freezing! Well to this sun lizard from Queensland it is!
Night folks!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hope hubby got off on good behaviour?
    Your getting closer to Melbourne.....are you coming this way?
    Love the Beechworth cordial factory have a funny story about that will have to tell you one day.

  2. Hi my lovely friend,you have done heaps today and you have lots of lovely pics ,i love the last one of you by the waterfall,safe journey for tomorrow my friend xx

  3. What an excellent road trip you are having Michelle. Beechworth looks so attractive, and is making the most of its connection to our famous Ned. Like the look of that lemon slice - Yum! Keep having fun..xx

  4. Glad you are enjoying yourself... it is a lovely place

  5. Beautiful snippets! Glad you enjoyed yourself ♥

  6. Great to see your photos - looks like you are having a wonderful time :-)

  7. Great trip, lots of history to see, and enjoying your photos.

  8. Lovely seeing bits of Aussie history. That lemon slice looks yummy. Hugs,xx

  9. what a busy day... so much to see and do. Now its G the jailbird not gnome????

  10. So pleased you enjoyed Beechworth again. It is a lovely town. Yes, we are still trying to warm up for you, although I am having trouble thawing out this morning!

  11. Wonderful photos, thank you for sharing! Nice day today should be a bit warmer for you, but next week is not looking so good!

  12. Thank you for this lovely Photos,
    Yau are in a Prison, i come to help :)

    Kind regards Marika

  13. Lots of tasty tastings - my sort of trip. Enjoyed your pictures - lots to see. xx


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