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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

'Tis the Season to be Jolly

I am probably like many of you and enjoying celebrating the Season with dear friends, catching up, sharing a meal and exchanging gifts. I had a lovely Christmas lunch today with my stitching sisters. Lots of goodies and Secret Santas were exchanged with much joy and laughter.
I just had to share this sweet little "Frosty" I received as part of my gorgeous Secret Santa gift from my dear friend  Kay.
He snuggled right in with the 'chilly' gang that live on my dresser at Christmas time.
Isn't he adorable!   I was super spoilt and had such a lovely dinner for me tonight!! Catch and cook your own dinner!
I do love pretty Christmas cards....
Not a lot of stitching has been happening but I am verrrry slowly constructing another ring for the Blessings quilt.
Thank you to my beautiful friends for a wonderful day and another year of caring frienship and fun...we are so blessed!
Sending love to my dear friend Lorel and her family xxx
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle,oh i love your new snowman,isnt it so much fun this time of the year,enjoy your evening my friend,i have finished my Walter's and they will be on my blog tomorrow xx

  2. What a lovely snowman. He looks very comfortable along side his friends. I love this time of year...lots of visiting with friends and family!

  3. Your new snowman does look happy amongst his frosty friends on the dresser...
    Nice to spend time family and friends sew stitching isn't as important...

    1. Very cute little snowy - he looks right at home

  4. Gorgeous snowman, merry Christmas Michelle, hope you have a great 2016..xx

  5. That's a very cute aren't concerned that he will melt in our summer heat? *grin*

  6. I love your chilly corner!

  7. A cute snowman to add to your lovely collection , fits in so well :-)

  8. Love your snowman and all your lovely things displayed so nicely on your dresser.Looks like you are enjoying Christmas decorating.

  9. Another gorgeous snowman - your home really is full of good cheer! Spending time with family and friends is great - hope the rest of your festivities are just as fun!

  10. It is a bit hard to fit stitching in at the moment, so any little bit is good value.
    Lovely gifts, too.


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