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Saturday, December 19, 2015


Our last for 2015.
Thank you Wendy for being our lovely hostess over there at Sugarlane Quilts.
After facing the mad hordes and a looooong lovely lunch with friends yesterday at our local Mall I was not very organised to stitch. But it didn't take long to get back into the swing of things. I'm now on to the second Blessings block (you are going to get mighty bored with my progress folks) I spent quite a while removing papers, basting and then basting the ring down onto the background.
I did get the inner circle appliqued down....
Looks crinkly I  know but will press out just fine. I got one scallop appliqued but I just could not stay awake.
There are so many little components to these blocks it doesn't feel repetitive. I may feel differently by the time I get to number 9! I hope everyone else enjoyed their stitching or handwork over at Wendy's too.
I have a very cute new Frosty ornament for my tree from my lovely friend Cheryl. We both have a huge fancy for these cuties.
I  just love cute! Thank you  Cheryl for indulging my love of chilly folk xxx
On the subject of Snowmen. I am often chided by well meaning friends and would love a $$$$ for every time I have heard....."but their not Australian. ..we don't have snow here at Christmas". Well frankly I  don't care....Pizzas not Australian either but I  love it! Besides you surely could not be in any doubt that I love my country and all that it means to be Australian but you know I also love a lot of things from other countries and cultures. It's what brings us together.
So here's to all my Snowman collecting friends out there! Long live Frosty!
Have a lovely weekend,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Loving your Blessing quilt progress. Yes Snowmen rock!! I live in the 'winterless North' of NZ. I have a cute collection of snowmen.

  2. I agree with you... love them all actually!
    Very productive night too. xox

  3. Pleased you are enjoying making the Blessings blocks...
    Oh snowmen are gorgeous and my DD always says that we don't have snow sew must remember about the Pizzas ....LOL

  4. I wonder if all us snowie lovers secretly want it to snow one day for Christmas? I love them even though it has reached 42 here today.

  5. Perhaps the love of snowmen in Australia is wishful thinking, because our Christmases can be so hot?

  6. Hi Michelle I love the snowmen and I don't care whether it's Aussie or not,they are very cute and I think of Xmas when I see them even though we don't get snow here at Xmas,love your progress on your blessing block,oh I love the snowman Cheryl made you xx

  7. I love anything Xmas. We have all grown up with our Christmas ornaments covered in snow, helps to keep us cool. Enjoy your Xmas Michelle. Hugs....

  8. Love the block that you worked on...great fabrics too! I love snowmen too and sleighs and snow all those other Northern Hemisphere Xmas icons :-)

  9. Nice work Michelle and I love your comments about snowmen. xx

  10. We can start our own club - Sonwman anonymous..we will need a big room to hold our meeting..x

  11. Dear Michelle,
    lovely applique and snowman ornament. We just talked about our parces arriving in Australia and worried about the chocolate melting in them. Some have wrapped the chocolate and some did not. Hope there won't be a mess imn some parcels.

  12. A nice achievement after a busy day.

  13. Wonderful progress on your block....doesn't matter what other people say, if you enjoy the snowmen that is the main thing.

  14. Your blocks will never be boring Michelle - they are all so pretty...

  15. how lovely is that block.... long life Frosty... (even I made one in a bucket!)

  16. Oh yes you are so right about Pizza Michelle.....Snowmen are cool!

  17. Blessings is beautiful - Im sure no-one will get bored with it! Frosties are OK as far as I'm concerned too, it's all part of the tradition amnd magic!


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