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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I'm on the Nice List

I belong to a lovely group of friends and at this time of year we have a very special Christmas swap....boy I must have been a better girl than I thought...or else Santa didn't get to hear about any naughty stuff lol! Look at my beautiful parcel.
We get to open one a day until Christmas. ..aren't the Angels beautiful.  I have popped number 12 under the tree....
Day 1 was a strand of twinkly lights and some more of those adorable Angels with a message to add the parcel Angels to the twinkly lights as I  open each parcel.

Day 2....the sweetest little bag and lovely bracelet which I am going to wear to lunch tomorrow.  Big hugs and thanks to my Christmas elf  and friend Melody xxx
I love Christmas post! Even as a child, having extended family living distances away in the country it was exciting to receive greetings and cards from them at Christmas.
There was usually a newsy letter (no emails or texts ) telling us all their doings. To this day I still love to receive a  card in the mail.
So when my friend Christine sent me a lovely card and the sweetest Angel ornie I was thrilled.
Thank you so much know already where it is hanging lol!
Today was my last art class for the year.....huge sad face :( Almost got this cutie finished.

I have loved every second......don't want to wish my life away but hurry up January.  I am off to hang up my pretty Angels to cheer up.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. It always pays to be on the Nice List!

  2. I think you should be on the nicest list. So glad your pressies got there on time

  3. Merry Christmas Michelle, you have been a good girl, Your gifts are beautiful, I love your koala painting. You are a very talented lady.

  4. Lol! You're definitely on the Nice list...lovely gifts :-)

  5. yep, definitely on the Nice List , Michelle... lovely gifts there

  6. I can't believe you would ever be on the naughty list!

  7. That Mel sure does put a beautiful parcel together and you would definitely be on the nice list.

  8. Dear Michelle,
    wonderful Angels, what a nice present and the painting is just gorgeous.

  9. Love that's beautiful!

  10. Hi Michelle,oh what fun those parcels will be and I love the Angel ornament that Christine sent ,it's beautiful . Wow your koala is awesome,well done my friend xx

  11. Yes you must have been a very good girl. You sure got some lovely gifts. Merry Christmas

  12. well I always knew you would be on the nice list!

  13. Of course you are on the nice list! I love Mel's idea of adding the angels to the lights. Glad you like your little decoration. Angels must be your theme this year! xx

  14. Naughty stuff always gets forgotten by Santa when you are e NiCe person.
    EnJoY opening your gifts. Ho Ho Ho

  15. Hello Michelle,

    Your home is bursting with Christmas goodness. Just love that Koala Michelle, looking forward to seeing what you do next year.

    Happy days.

  16. How could you be on any other list than the nice one. Love the angels and you know what I think about your art work... spectacular

    1. Those parcels are just gorgeous and such cute little angels. You will miss your drawing over the xmas break, but I'm sure you will be having a play at home

  17. Santa knows how good you are . Sweet little angels and what fun to have a gift to open each day until Christmas . Love your art work , you are so clever . Hugs

  18. I am sure you deserve all the nice things you receive! Your Koala is looking lovely. xx

  19. Gorgeous gifts, Michelle. Love the idea of adding he angels to the string of lights.
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful artwork you have created throughout the year.


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