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Saturday, December 5, 2015

FNWF and Other Bits

Our last visit with Cheryll for the year. It is a very nice thing to know others are stitching along with you all over the country and in other countries as well. What did I get up to? Well...
I had finished off the stitcheries on my Tiny Teacup Teddies earlier in the week....
 I had long ago selected some gorgeous fabric called "Aviary" by 3 Sisters for Moda for the frame around the hexie stitcheries. It is a shame that you only get to see a smidge but it is so pretty and my little bears deserve "pretty" after waiting for so long to be finished. 

I had started them but worked until the wee hours last night until they were all framed....
I have chosen the cream in the same range to be the plainish centre for the table mat. I was really happy that I got them all done and that I can now stitch them all together. Before I began to stitch last night I finished off a little ornie for a friend....she doesn't blog so I can show you....she loves white and gold Angels and has a dedicated tree. I always love to add to it each year if I can...
Speaking of friends I recieved some very cute mail from my lovely friend Liz Village Quilters. Liz knows I have a thing for very cute gingies....
Thank you so much Liz, he is adorable....and I might add he is very happy with his other friends on my Blogging Friends tree....
Blogging friend Christine from Macdonald's Patch is completely responsible for my Blogging Friend's tree as I asked her permission to completely STEAL her idea and being the generous soul she is she said that is how I now enjoy this tree of friendship every year...thanks Christine x
One of my favourite magazines to curl up with is Australian Country Style and I have enjoyed it for many years. Helps soothe the "country" in the soul of this surbanite. I always look forward to the December issue to see what gorgeous photos and Christmas decorating with a very Aussie flavour they have on offer. I just had to share the cover this year.....gorgeous!
That's little Honey adopted by a loving family after her Mother was hit by a car. They are hoping to release her when she is older....just makes me happy to look at it. How about you?
I thought I would leave you with a few more of my decos....a view from a favourite chair.
I wish you all a lovely weekend. I have a few little odd jobs need doing and then I am off for a visit to see what everyone got up too stitching wise last night. Thank you Cheryll for hosting us even when you were sailing the seven seas and tripping here and there. I hope we didn't leave to many crumbs and threads under the mats for you to find xxx
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Loving the ballerina bears one of my granddaughters would love those. Your blogging friends Christmas tree show how much you are loved! Lovely Christmas Vignette's of your home.

  2. Your teddies are just beautiful, Michelle. Your blogging friends tree is looking lovely. I've just put mine up and really think I need to get a bigger one! LOL! It's looking very Christmassy at your place. xx

  3. Your bears are beautiful the backing fabric too. The blogging tree is a great idea..can see that one spreading!! Your Christmas decorations are looking wonderful!

  4. Hello Michelle,

    Christmas is certainly alive and well in your home, such a great idea with the blogging tree, the ornaments have so many memories.

    Happy stitching.

  5. You did a wonderful job with your bears love the fabric on the back. Your tree and house look wonderful.

  6. Love your hexie dancing bears. Great idea having that blog friends deco tree. Love all your homey Christmas decos too.

  7. Lovely work on your teddies. Looking forward to send the end result.
    All the little decorations are lovely and your home looks very festive.

  8. Michelle, you are way ahead of me......not one Chrissie thing has yet made an appearance in this house, we are still recovering from our Big Trip!

  9. Beautiful stitched bears and your home is looking very Christmassy now... Enjoy!

  10. Oh I love your Tiny Teddies. Can't wait to see them finished.
    Your home looks amazing.
    I put my Christmas stuff up last weekend. Every year I say I have too much...but during the year I still buy more. Just love Christmas. X

  11. Your teacup teddies are going to look gorgeous with all that lovely fabric and I love the idea of the friendship tree. I was stitching along merrily last night - trouble is that it was not until I was lying in bed this morning that I realised I had not signed up!! xx

  12. So glad the gingie is now okay. He looks lovely with his bow.

  13. So many beautiful pics on your blog today Michelle, love your teddies.

  14. Gorgeous hexie bears :) Just love the white and gold angel! Such a lovely view from a fave chair :)

  15. Oh Michelle! Country Style is my favourite magazine too! I agree that cover is adorable.. the stuff inside is pretty good too. Love the teddies xx

  16. Dear Michelle,
    wonderful Teacup Teddies, the frames look perfect and so does your Christmas decoration. Love the blogger friendship tree, very nice decorative tree stand.

  17. What a lovely post! Love seeing your beautiful and festive. Great idea for the friendship tree and love seeing all those special ornaments!

  18. i do love those teacup teddies... looking forward to seeing how you finish that all off... the blogger decoration tree is lovely.... I love my handmade ones..

  19. Love your teacup teddies and the beautiful fabric around them.The angel is gorgeous as well.Hugs Shirley

    1. What a lovely post Michelle. Your tiny teacup teddies are just gorgeous and love your blogger tree with all its wonderful decorations. Love drooling over your gorgeous xmas decorating of your home

  20. Hey, you did a great job team up the 3 sisters fabric with your embroidery. They look amazing.

  21. I want a set of teacup teddies!! will you be selling the pattern?.....and I also want a blogger friendship tree!!!

  22. Das wird sicher ein wunderschönes Tischset, das sind ja so schöne Stoffe !
    Und der Engel ist auch zauberhaft, ein schönes Geschenk. Die Weihnachtsdekoration gefällt mir sehr.
    Liebe Grüße


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