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Friday, December 12, 2014

Wet Friday

It's a wet old day here in old Brisbane town today and I for one am loving feeling cool and comfortable!!! My only prayer is that my fellow Aussies in the bush that really need it are getting the same precious gift.
Yesterday I received some beautiful blooms from DD. Such a gorgeous colour and they have a beautiful perfume as well...
They were quite tight buds but have all now started opening right up.
Gorgeous!!!! Speaking of which a cute little reindeer dropped into visit me as well...
Miss Erin was not relinquishing them for anything!
Love a new ornament for my tree which was beautifully made by my friend Lorel. I don't even want to know how it was made, I am leaving it as a mystery to ponder each year...

I have finally got around to getting a photo of my Christmas tree.
We need more tinsel....No 1 Grandson placed it on along with a couple of other little ornaments and he reminded me yesterday that I hadn't put it on yet. Apparently tinsel is pretty naff when it comes to elegant decorating but I have decided that it makes me happy and I am going to have it (thing is one should read the meterage on packet before purchasing it) also as one who does not buy new decorations each year I figure that little bit of tinsel is going to last me a verrrry long time!
Have a lovely day and I wish you a great weekend.

Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. This misty and rainy weather is just glorious. Your Christmas decorating is looking lovely and of course you must have tinsel on the tree regardless of what the style gurus say!

  2. Hi Michelle we are having a real hot day down here for us around the 30deg which is nice for a change,love the flowers your daughter bought and i also love your new ornament its very cleverly made,enjoy your cooler day my friend,oops nearly forgot thats one cute reindeer you have there,lol.xx

  3. Nothing wrong with a bit of tinsel! I especially like the really fat stuff. The cool day makes a nice change doesn't it.

  4. What a darling quilt in your heading for your blog. and love the Santa also.

  5. That reindeer is dam cute!! Roses look gorgeous and the colour is amazing! We have a wet day here in NZ also!

  6. What gorgeous roses, how lovely it is to be spoiled!Little Miss Erin will enjoy her Christmas. Now that is a very nifty decoration - like you, I wonder how it's done?

  7. Cute wee reindeer at your place! Those roses are so beautiful! We had lots of rain also!

  8. I am enjoying the cooler day today too and really hope our neighbours out west are getting some rain as well. Beautiful flowers.....lucky you!
    ps..thanks for popping over to my fb nice to have you there. Cxx

  9. Great to have the rain and to feel cooler.
    What a lovely visit from your reindeer!
    I have no idea how that decoration is made either, but it looks great.
    Get into it with the tinsel - be a devil!
    And enjoy those gorgeous roses. How thoughtful is your DD!

  10. Lot's of gorgeous at your place, flowers, Reindeer, ornaments and tree...

  11. Your tree looks beautiful. Love the pic of your visiting reindeer!

  12. That is the cutest little reindeer. Such beautiful flowers Michelle. Enjoy the rain and have a lovely weekend

  13. Isn't the rain great? It can rain all weekend, keep us cool, and I can sew - perfect. Love those orange roses, your tree is looking good, and tinsel is absolutely non-negotiable at Christmas.

  14. I too am loving the cooler weather plus we have Ben raining every day as well! Lovely buds there Michelle and nothing better gang a cute little visitor dropping n!

  15. Should read than and not gang...I'm over this spell check!

  16. I love tinsel, I love your decorations, I love the flowers and I love little Erin....

  17. We had several days of wet drizzly weather here, but back to sunshine this weekend...your reindeer is so cute!! Your tree is lovely with the decorations...have a great weekend.


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