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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Quick Post

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and you celebrated in your own unique way. I had a lovely day with my family and it was filled with children's excited voices, paper being torn, festive food and loads of fun in the pool. The grandies love the pool and we have a group of little is a collection of little photos from the day.
We had a pair of crazy Darth Vadas running around along with two little Peppa pigs LOL! Loads of trick diving and jumping too! Boxing day was spent relaxing big time after the initial clean up of the abode.
My final FHFS gift which was under my tree was extraordinary..
My very generous swap partner Keryn tells me these were collected on a trip she had to Paris...yep that's Paris France...oh my! First was this lovely canvas bag with two of my favourite fabric type words on the front...
Inside the bag was something so very special and made my heart flutter... a beautiful piece of Antique French linen...
More excitement as it has the letter "M" embroidered on it!
Gorgeous! It appears to be a small coverlet or an slip for a very large continental cushion as it has sweet little buttons on the back piece.. this photo does not do it justice.
As someone who will probably never leave these shores and has always harboured little dreams about France, I am so thrilled with my beautiful very precious gift. Thank you Keryn. You truly have the kindest heart and have really made my spirit soar. I shall always treasure it. xxx
Ok off for another day of R&R...I love this photo of my boys having fun (please excuse the old drowned lady also present in the photo).

Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. I am sure the boys couldn't see a drowned old lady - but a happy laughing nana.
    Lovely French goodies for you.

  2. What a lovely time to have everyone around and enjoying the pool!
    Your gift from Keryn is stunning. What a thoughtful and wonderful gift.

  3. Fun times in the pool, Michelle!
    What a fantastic gift from Paris - wonderful to have a piece of antique French linen. Gorgeous. xx

  4. Looks like a fun *wet* Christmas Day at your place this year, Michelle! What a beautiful piece of linen.......the embroidery and the crochet edging are exquisite.

  5. Looks like a perfect Christmas Day, wonderful to have little people to share the excitement with. I adore your gifts, the FG bag is gorgeous, lucky you.

  6. Hi Michelle lots of lovely fun pics,thankyou for sharing and boy how special is your lovely piece of linen,i know you will treasure it ,Keryn sure does have the kindest heart,Namaste my friend.xx

  7. Lovely photos of the family, Michelle. What a beautiful gift Keryn has given you.

  8. What great photos from Christmas Day Michelle. So glad you had a great day. Your final gift from Keryn IS the most beautiful piece. How exquisite and know that you will treasure it. She is so very thoughtful and generous (as you are)

  9. Certainly appears as though you had a wonderful Christmas!! I am always envious of those who have little ones to make it more magical and fun! Happy New Year.

  10. Lovely, thoughtful gifts.
    Best wishes to you all for the New Year.

  11. What a lovely post Michelle....sounds like a beaut Christmas with those Darth Vaders running around lol! How special is Keryn's gift....beautiful! Wishing you a fantastic 2015 Michelle, it's been lovely getting to know you xo


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