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Monday, December 1, 2014

GOMA - Japanese Fashion Exhibition

I had such a very nice day today. Mr R. dropped into the Cultural precinct so I could catch up with my old friend Trish who also happens to have a lovely blog called Red Cardinal Now I mean "old" as in the fact that we have known each other for a very long time....we are both in our prime you see!
Trish was so generous and gifted me a complimentary ticket to "Future Beauty" an exhibition on Japanese Fashion and as we both love textiles we found it extremely interesting.....some pieces very intriguing!
We had lunch at the GOMA cafe overlooking our beautiful Brisbane River.
We did lots of chatting and catching up and had a giggle or two as well. I hope you appreciate the windswept look that I am sporting in the!
Trish and I have always loved little red birds and Trish so much she named her blog after one. I received this lovely gift from her.....
The sweetest little 'red bird' brooch which has been beautifully handmade and by the company ELK which contributes to UNICEF work for disadvantaged children.....don't you love a double gift! Plus a gorgeous Christmas card too.
I adore my little red birdie xxx Thanks Trish for a wonderful day!
While I waited for my Mister to collect me I had to snap our G20 artwork as a keepsake.
Well folks as it is 1st of December, it is officially "Jingle Time"....woohoo!
So get those bells a- jingling and that tree grinching will be tolerated!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Michelle, it was a lovely day and thank you for your Gorgeous Gifts! I too am sporting the windswept look - quite a breeze down by the river :)
    Love the pic of the Brisbane sign. xxx

  2. What a wonderful day and love the decorating..

  3. Lovely day with a lovely friend by the sounds Michelle. Your Christmas decorating is looking beautiful

  4. Looks like a fun day, I love the little red bird brooch!

  5. I can understand your love of little red birds - I love them too.

  6. Wow looks like a great day out, love the brooch Michelle:)

  7. Oh I love your blog...the brooch is gorgeous...of course it is a bird.

    Hope you got my msg I left on your phone.
    I felt so very special. Thank you so very much you are so generous.
    Enjoy the decorating...Have to get into mine soon. <3 <3

  8. Well I better get my bells a jingling Michelle....I'm starting to feel a little left behind with the decorating....I haven't done a thing yet!

  9. A wonderful day to spend with a friend...


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