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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

FHFS Day 3, Nice Mail and Something Different.

Good morning everyone. Today when I dived into my box of goodies this one jumped into my hands.
Inside beautiful threads and a length of gorgeous fabric that would make a perfect table runner.
That thread on the right is just so Christmasy....the photo doesn't do it justice. I am going to have to think of something extremely special for this gorgeous group. LOVE!!!! Thank you Keryn xxx
I also received lovely mail yesterday...
a lovely "gingie" card and great magnetic bookmark from fellow "gingie" love Joy....
Thank you Joy it will be perfect for my Summer reading xxx
I also received the sweetest teeny tiny Angel from Liz from Village Quilters and a beautiful Dresden Plate card...
Thank you so much Liz...she is lovely xx You are all so very kind.
A little purchase that I made a while ago and been languishing in my cupboard and so I decide yesterday to have a little play.....coloured pencils! I had some very inferior ones from years gone by and decided to buy some "Artist" quality ones (sounds very highbrow doesn't it lol) but they were lovely to use.
Now the subject I decided would be something festive and what better than one of my favourite things.
The blending and shading need a lot more work but I am sure there are ways and means when you explore deeper....anyway it all amounted to FUN!!!
I am off to do some making of applique templates as I am going to play with my Deux Rouinerres Dresden Plates border.....some little birdies involved!
Remember to hug those you love.
Michelle xxx


  1. Your gingie is adorable, as are all your swap gifts! You got a pretty nice partner!!

  2. Lovely gifts. What is the thread beside the cottage garden one ?. Love your drawing. Hugs, xx

  3. More cute gifts....! fabulous colouring, you have a real eye for it.

  4. Lovely little gifts Michele. The angel is so cute. Glad you are enjoying your new pencils and the result is wonderful

  5. More "pretties" Michelle for you to enjoy.
    LoVe the use of your new pencils... :)

  6. Love your gingie, lots of beautiful gifts :)

  7. Hello Michelle,

    Gosh that first Gingie looks so read. Lots of fun with your new pencils. Loved the quotes in today's post and on the book mark.

    Happy days.

  8. Gorgeous threads and fabric. That is very nice.
    I do enjoy seeing what results after your days of play with the pencils.

  9. Love the first ginge....your gifts are beautiful! You are very clever with the pencils!


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