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Saturday, December 6, 2014

December FNWF

I had all intentions of stitching up a storm last night over at Cheryll's with the rest of my blogging friends. However I had such a full on day of running around getting all the "domestic duties" that besiege us all that by the time I got home I was had much so I actually forgot I had a coffee date with my old work colleagues (feeling very bad and sucking up the teasing like a big girl at the moment) that not like me!

When I eventually got over my disappointment about my senior moment and not seeing the girls I did achieve one of my goals I had set myself for the evening which was...because I can't count, to make an extra gingie person!
So! Ta Da! whole nights effort....
I also christened my new Santa mug rug.....very festive having a cuppa out of my fav Frosty mug! Thanks again it!
Thank you so much to the very lovely Cheryll for encouraging us to stitch madly once a month with all our blogging friends. It is always good fun.
It is the time of year when poor old postie has a very full satchel but I so appreciated some lovely mail she bought yesterday. It came all the way from the UK. If you are a long time follower of my blog you will know I love the art and works of Beatrix Potter. So does a lovely lady who follows my blog, Sue who lives in the UK. Sue has spoilt me in the past with special Beatrix Potter cards and yesterday I was spoilt again....
A beautiful Christmas card...isn't it adorable! I never tire of looking at her beautiful illustrations.
Thank you so much Sue xxx
Sue also popped inside a postcard featuring another favourite...hexies!
 It is from the American Museum in Britain in Bath which has a collection of antique quilts. Sue recently made a visit there. The quilt on the postcard is a friendship quilt dating from 1848. Each of the 90 flowers has a signature on it. What a very fortunate person was the lady who received this quilt from her friends. Thank you so much Sue for thinking of me on your trip and ...yes! I do love my hexies!
I am off to write some Christmas cards...
I wish you all a wonderful weekend,

Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Your mind slip is very common at this time of year I think. At the very least it's acceptable on a Friday xox
    Nice ginger even if he was a little lonely... And a huge thank you for remembering to sew with me!

  2. We all have those moments Michelle.LOL.
    Cute Gingie and some nice post there..

  3. Lovely post MIchelle, I am always forgetting something and it's just so busy this time of the year with so much to do.xx

  4. Michelle, it's such a busy time of year you are allowed the occasional senior moment!

  5. We all have days like this. Your header is so pretty. Merry Christmas!

  6. Love your gingerbread man. What lovely cards Sue sent to you.

  7. Ah gotta love that old Grinch! How true.
    Love the log cabin quilt in the heading. mmmm senior moments aye? I'm not a 'senior' yet......but I have those moments too!

  8. It's hard to remember everything for everyone at this time of year, so maybe it wasn't a senior moment after all! Lovely christmas touches at your place, very cute mug rug.

  9. Love the that Jim I can see....ahhhh Jim.

  10. so much happening this time of year we do forget things... how annoying though when it was something you were looking forward to!!!

  11. Oh so jealous of your gorgeous Beatrix Potter love her so.
    We all have these senior moments more at this time of the year when there is so much going on...a big hug to you from me xo

  12. Sounds like you are in the middle of a whirlwind at the moment. Good luck!
    Lovely little gingie and the BP card is gorgeous.
    Love seeing all the Jim Shore goodies and pleased the little table topper was useful.
    I do hope everything slows down a little bit for you.

  13. Tis the time of year for things to be forgotten, we just get too busy!! Love your little gingie

  14. Your gingerbread person is sweet and I like your post. We all have lots on our mind this time of year, I am sure you will catch up with your friends soon.

  15. A very cute Gingie and at this time of the year I think we all forget things..

  16. I have lots of senior moments More than I care to mention actually
    Love your header xx

  17. Love your new header Michelle. too bad you missed your coffee date with your lovely friends. Love your very cute gingies though you've been making

  18. Love your new header Michelle. too bad you missed your coffee date with your lovely friends. Love your very cute gingies though you've been making


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