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Thursday, December 11, 2014


Yesterday was our Christmas breakup for my stitching group. Our gorgeous and generous friend Jacky was again our hostess and everything looked beautiful and very festive.
Jacky always decorates her tree with all her handmade ornaments and gifted ornaments from her friends for us to pop our pressies under.
Beautiful food...
and all low-cal of course! There are a myriad of lovely little gifties to bring home.
You may remember these...
Well I was making them for my dear friend Gaye. Here we are a couple of beauties amongst the blossoms lol!
Thank you Jacky for your friendship and hospitality again this year....beautiful girl xxx I love these ladies and we share so much together especially laughter.
BTW the beautiful handmade card at the beginning of my post was made by my friend lovely!
*** A little oops!*** Yesterday's post featured some gorgeous stitching by Jenny in NZ and she in fact DOES have a lovely blog (senior moment on my part) and you can pop by and visit her HERE. Her blog is called Romany Quilting. I am so sorry about that Jenny x
The other celebration yesterday was our youngest Grandson has now finished Kindy and is off to "BIG" school in the new year. They had a lovely little graduation for them and I am biased but he looked very handsome in his garb.
They sang "Roar" and he is getting right into the actions of the tiger...
He is a real character and he won an award for being "An Awesome Storyteller" and he definitely is! Nobody loves to spin a good yarn quite like our Cooper ( in the Aussie tradition of course) He cracks us up!
That's it from me....thanks if you hung in until the end....I just cannot seem to do a short post!
I will leave you with some of Jacky's beautiful Hydrangeas which is no mean feat in Queensland.
Namaste and blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle what a lovely post and your Cooper sounds quiet the charactor,well done mate and thankyou for sharing pics of your lovely day Michelle,namaste my friend.xx
    PS your word verication has come back on Michelle.xx

  2. a gorgeous post Michelle filled with lovely things. Your friends table setting is beautiful, as is the tree, the food, the gifts & the friendship. Just loved your little grandson doing his roar impression :-)

  3. Just wanted to let you know - I clicked on Publish without doing the word verification & it still "published" okay

  4. What a lovely party! Fiona has a link to fixing the verification that has sprung up on blogs again. My goodness, graduating from kindergarten - what next.

  5. Lovely post Michelle, its so good to enjoy time with great friends. Congrats to your grandson too, he looks so cute.

  6. That table looks fantastic...yummy food ..special friends ...perfect your darling GS looks very grown xx🎅

  7. Wonderful post Michelle. Am so glad you stuck to lo-cal food. Lol. Your GS was getting into the spirit of things by the looks. Hugs.....

  8. That looks like a wonderful get together with your friends!!
    And of course your grandson is gorgeous. Love the roar!

  9. What a beautiful festive table with some amazing food , looks so yummy my mouth is watering . Sounded like a wonderful time with friends . Handsome grandson you have there :-) Hugs Sheila

  10. What a lovely day you all had Michelle! Little Cooper May gave the makings of an Author there...who doesn't love a good story!

  11. your christmas feast and all the setting and decorations look amazing... iwonder where Cooper inherited his story genes from?

  12. Some much Christmassy goodness there, Michelle. Well done to Cooper.

  13. what a way to spend the day...friends,food,flowers...everything looks so perfect...and congrats to Cooper


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