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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Fun Morning

Today I was finally able to meet my long time blogging friend Shay from Quilting in my Pyjamas who came all the way from South OZ and Marg from Sunshine? Paradise? 
What a fun date these two girls were....loved spending time with them.
Shay's blog had me at "Quilting" and then in the same sentence "Pyjamas" my favourite stitching uniform and then after that her fabulous way with words and sense of humour...oh and did I mention she just happens to make gorgeous quilts too! Now Marg got a dressing down for not blogging as often as "I" would like so that I could keep up with the gorgeous quilts that she beautiful! Must do better Marg!!!
Shay and yours truly...
and Marg and yours truly...
Thanks girls for a wonderful catch up...loved it! Have fun you two!
Oh! This little bloke hitched a ride in Shay's luggage all the way from South OZ....
Isn't he just the cutest!!! Last time I saw him he was in "Gingie" corner making friends! Thank you Shay, he is just perfect.
Being in good company definitely is one of life's treasures!
Namaste and blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle how wonderful to meet these 2 lovely ladies and i sure do like your new gingie.xx

  2. Oh how great was that, wonderful to be able to meet up with bloggie friends. Love your new gingie xx

  3. It is wonderful to meet up with blogging friends, so glad I got to meet you in person too.

  4. A lovely way to catch up and meet.

  5. It's so lovely to meet up with special blogging friends. How great to finally meet these two. Your new gingie looks very much at home

  6. What a fun day you had, Michelle. Meeting fellow bloggers is the best. Loving the gingie, and your dress looks Fab! xx

  7. wonderful Michelle....great to catch up with friends and a lovely new gingie...

  8. Glad that your new gingie is making friends. He is very cute.

  9. What gorgeous friends you have wonder as you are so lovely

    Love the little Gingie...

  10. Well I'm home again ( its rather cold here this morning too ) and just wanted to say - it was absolutely fabulous meeting you Michelle. You're definitely a kindred spirit and even lovelier than I had imagined. Im so glad I finally had the chance to meet you!


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