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Friday, December 5, 2014

All Sorts!

Today I have some Show & Tell for you but first a bit of this and that.
My tree is all decorated and what does a bona fide arctophile have on her tree? Well lots of teddies of course...
These little sweeties are a collection of ornaments from Harrrods in London that my friend Ann aided and abetted my acquisition of.....I love them and it gives me great enjoyment to hang them on the tree each year.
The other idea which I have blatantly stolen (with permission) from Christine from MacDonald's Patch is her idea of a little "bloggy friends" tree.....but um! as the little boy on the ad says "We're gonna need a bigger boat (TREE)"..
These ornaments are so special as they were made with love and I treasure each and everyone of them. I love that my bloggy friends are part of my Christmas celebration.
Speaking of gorgeous bloggy postie delivered the sweetest little gift from my friend Teresa.
Ooohhh! I love him! A Santa mug rug! He is almost to cute to put my hot cuppa on but I am told he can take it. I adored this when I saw Teresa making them and now I have one of my very own. Big hugs and Thank you Teresa!
I promised some show and tell! A lovely lady by the name of Daniela (no blog) sent me a piccie of one of my favourites that she has so beautifully made....Walter!
It makes my heart very happy to know that there are little Walter's gracing your homes for Christmas. Thank you so much Daniela for sharing your Walter with us and Merry Christmas to you and your family xx
Now that my tree is decorated I have been a very good girl and put my FHFS parcels under the tree..
I'm allowed to start opening on the 14th December.....very difficult leaving them be!!!!
Believe it or not I have actually been working and can show you a little sneaky...
It's a simple little project but I think you are going to like it.....I love this fabric.
Ok folks enough from me. I have a full day of chores ahead...hunting and gathering...overdue library returns (ohwah!) and other Mister directed requests.
Enjoy your day,
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle what a lovely happy post ,i love seeing all the xmas decorations,and your FHFS parcels look so tempting,namaste my friend.xx

  2. Those little bears are just the cutest.

  3. Your bear ornaments are just gorgeous Michelle, as is that bloggy friends tree. What a great idea. I am hoping t do my tree this weekend. Your sneaky peeks keep us guessing :-)

  4. Oh - I love that fabric too, it's gorgeous! All those decorations must mean that it's Christmas already at your house, I'm guessing? *grin*

  5. Lots of gorgeous treasures there Michelle.. Love the bear ornaments from Harrods.

  6. Lots of lovely items here and such a festive start to the season! Won't you have fun opening all those gifts!

  7. Oh Dear you do need a BIGGER bloggy tree. Sew many gorgeous Ornies on there.
    Sew nice to see all the Christmas goodies.

  8. Your little bear ornaments are lovely Michelle. Yes, I do think you need a bigger tree. When I planned to buy my one I was going to get a smaller size than I ended up with. Thank goodness I got the bigger one as I have quite a collection from my blogging friends.

  9. You are having fun with all those gorgeous ornaments. What a lovely sight.

  10. You sure will need a bigger bloggy tree! I LOVE the Santa sitting next to the mini tree. You make me want to put my tree up now!

  11. What gorgeous precious things you have..x Monica

  12. Lovely Xmas decorations going up Michelle. Hugs.....

  13. Love your gorgeous bears Michelle and I have a handmade and bloggy friends ornament tree too - it's my favourite tree, but I will need to upsize soon too. Lovely Santa mug rug. Loving that sneaky peek

  14. Very nice! I haven't put up my tree, but it might happen this weekend. All your bears are so cute!!

  15. Loveliness all round, Michelle. I love the idea of a bloggy friends tree :-) Your enthusiasm sure is catching... I feel a bit of decorating coming on...!!!

  16. Lovely post Michelle...all 'feel goody'! We are doing our tree today!

  17. lovely post about the all sorts in your house...


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