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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Beautiful Friends.

I am blessed to know some truly beautiful of whom came yesterday to have a cuppa and a chat and to check out my Christmas decorating (bag was checked at the door on the way out for any treasures lol!) my friend Monica is also a lover of Christmas goodies and she surprised me with this gorgeous table runner that she has so beautiful stitched....oh my goodness!
There is English piecing in the centres and embroidery around each one.
Monica is a beautiful stitcher and I was so thrilled....thank you lovely lady xx
The postie also bought me lovely mail from two other beautiful ladies....
As a designer I rarely get time to stitch anything other than my own that does not mean that I don't love and appreciate some of the gorgeous designs by other designers because I so do!!! I was doing a very happy little dance when I opened the sweetest parcel from my friend Noela 
I just love her and I have from the moment I saw all you ladies out there stitching these ornies. Thanks so much Noela you are very naughty but soooo nice! She is so very happy on my new tree xx
My other lovely mail was from my dear friend Cheryl ....a beautiful handmade card and delicious smelling drawer sachet.
I am popping the sachet in with my fabrics to make them smell nice. Thank you Cheryl xx
Days 9 & 10 from the gorgeous Keryn.. a beautiful Flour sack Tea towel and super cute "Frosty" mug.
Some piccies of my favourite  4 little people enjoying the Season.
Loving the Christmas lights with my big Brother xx
and who doesn't love cold juicy watermelon!
My Brother and I sure do!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. You must have been a very good girl this year! Merry Christmas.

  2. Nothing like cold watermelon in summer! Have a wonderful Christmas, Michelle.

  3. Beautiful! Lovely gifts and cute grand kids!

  4. The table runner is amazing!! Love the grand kids photos...I remember eating watermelon on a hot summer day....was the best!! The Christmas lights look wonderful.

  5. There are so many lovely gifts.
    Look at all the fun those little people are having!!

  6. Oh those cute little grandkids with the watermelon - adorable, Michelle.
    Thank you for a feast of Christmas goodies, and is it possible there is something I recognize about a couple of those stockings in the header :) xxx

  7. Hi MIchelle,boy that table topper is gorgeous your friend sure is a lovely stitcher and love the card Cheryl sent you and how cute are the pics of your grandies,enjoy your night my friend.xx

  8. What lovely mail there the surprise visit!

  9. Michelle that table runner is so beautiful - what a lovely friend, as is the gorgeous decoration from Noela. Great photos of the grandies

  10. Your friends sent you some lovely gifts. I love to see what people have been stitching.


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