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Friday, December 19, 2014

New Little Tree & FHFS Day 6

Good Morning everyone.....sooo much cooler here today after yesterday's storm.
Remember I said a couple of posts ago that I needed a bigger tree for my Blogging friends ornies? Well whilst I was visiting Ann her lovely hubby (maybe bribed with choccies...not admitting anything) gave me one of the wooden trees that he makes for Ann. I love them and already have one which is filled with my wooden hand painted ornaments. It was unfinished but that was absolutely fine with me. So yesterday I set to work.
and although I could not buy any spray gloss finish anywhere and decided I would do that before I pack it away, it came up a treat.
It is now beautifully dressed with my blogging friends gifts and looks wonderful!
Thank you so much Mr. H. you're a champion! What do you think?
Once again I received a beautiful hand made card from my friend Ann. I treasure these and have them all.
Ann's gift was so neat...3 special glass cylinders with a recess for a candle in the top. You can decorate inside the cylinders to suit the occassion. I have decorated only two because I could make them match.
Aren't they lovely! The candles are cinnamon and even without lighting them the scent is delicious. I am saving the other one to pop all my crystals in...well you know I am a card carrying that should not come as any surprise to you.
Day 6:
Being a Jim Shore fan my heart more than skipped a beat when I opened Day 6.....Oh My Goodness!
It is handcrafted and features a scene of Santa and his sleigh skimming over the rooftops. A very special gift indeed. Thank you so much knew I would adore it! I shall always treasure it.
The postie bought me some lovely mail too but I shall share it tomorrow.
I cannot believe another week as flown by and Friday is with us. I am joining Wendy  and my other on line friends for our last..
for the year. I am going to be working on some applique on my FG Dresden Plates quilt. This is my summer, just for me project.
Have a lovely weekend all.
Love this ladies artwork...beautiful!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. L*O*V*E the new tree! It's perfect!

  2. Wow!! your new trees is lovely, so are the decorations!! Your Jim Shore pressie is beautiful too!! blogging swappers are the best!

  3. What a fabulous ernie tree!!! ... You know, of course, that you'll need a matching one in a couple of years ;) ... And that card - WOW!!! She definitely has an eye for detail!!!

  4. I adore the new tree Michelle, I am really enjoying you opening & sharing all your gifts with us :-) Envious, but enjoying it !!!!

  5. I never thought much about ginger bread men but over the last few years these hand made ones are appealing to me so much I may need to make one next year..........

  6. What a great tree idea.....and I love the glass cylinders! Haven't seen that particular Jim Shore ornie, isn't it just gorgeous?

  7. Gorgeous new tree - wonderful to have all those bloggy friend ornies, great that they all fit together - for now!! And such beautiful gifts too - lucky you - the Cardinal is extra special!

  8. Your tree is perfect and such a special way to display these lovely ornaments.

  9. Love the tree - does he sell them ? and why doesn't he??
    Love the cylinders too - very clever and keep things away from prying paws! got to go look for them. Your home must be looking wonderful.

  10. the tree is a great idea... looks perfect all done up... lovely candle idea too.. never seen those... and your Jim Shore is wonderful too..... I can see your smile from here with all those lovelyies...

  11. Hi MIchelle boy it's all happening at your place,lol,love the stand and the card that Ann made you its gorgeous,oh wow Keryn sure does some great surprises,I am so glad you are enjoying the FHFS advent swap,enjoy your evening my friend.xx

  12. Your new tree looks amazing Michelle. What a gorgeous gift from Keryn. Just "you" I would say

  13. You are so everything. X

  14. Beaut tree .....super special gift from our K xx

  15. Love the tree & the Jim Shore ornie. Just fabulous. Hugs,xx

  16. What a perfect tree for handmade decorations. Lucky girl! ♥

  17. so much gorgeous christmas decorating going on at your place. Your new tree is fantastic and looks perfect with your hand made decorations.

  18. Your new tree is wonderful, Michelle.

  19. Lovely tree, looks great with the gifted ornaments.
    Have a Merry Christams.

  20. That tree is perfect for your collection of ornaments and such lovely gifts for you to enjoy.


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